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Toronto, Canada

#1 Jun 19, 2011
Increasing numbers of people are aware of the terrible Genocide in Sri Lanka that culminated two years ago in the deaths of as many as 40,000 or more Tamil Hindu and Christians at the hands of government forces.

Channel 4s Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields

Killing Fields video evidence 'builds case for war
Tamil Genocide Explored in Sri Lanka's Killing Fields
Britain warns Sri Lanka to act on war crimes by year’s end
HRW urges halt to UK deportations to Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka rejects international investigation of war crimes
International Groups Examine Allegations of 'Summary Executions' in Sri Lanka
The UN accused Sri Lanka of killing civilians at home; will it now seek its help saving lives abroad
Channel 4 "Sri Lanka Killing Fields": is a trial at The Hague the answer?
Sri Lanka's Killing Fields: UK urges war crimes
Sri Lanka: Confronting the Killing Fields
Britain sets time frame for Sri Lanka to probe war crimes, warns it will support int'l action
Channel 4 Sri Lanka Killing Fields: Where was the International community ?
Sri Lanka must not continue to ignore allegations of war crimes
UK presses Sri Lanka over Channel 4's 'war crimes' film
Sri Lanka: Evidence that won't be buried
Foreign Office Minister responds to Channel 4 documentary –‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields'
UK says Sri Lanka must act on war atrocity claims
Britain presses Sri Lanka over 'war crimes' footage
Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields
War crimes: The world has seen the evidence. Now we must act

Tamil Genocide
Massacres of Tamils by Sri lanka State Terror from 1956

Toronto, Canada

#3 Jun 19, 2011
Channel 4's Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields
Sri Lanka’s Killing fields – UK Media exposes, Indian media shies
Atrocities in Sri Lanka
‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’– a project that can affect history - Jon Snow - Channel4
I don’t urge you to watch my TV show - War crimes film is 'horrific'- Dorothy Byrne - Channel4
Crimes against Humanity Video Released Ahead of Channel 4 Documentary Tonight, Tuesday 14 June 2011:
Tamil MP wants probe into alleged Sri Lankan war crimes 25
Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields – Channel 4 Broadcasts Devastating New Video Evidence of War Crimes
Sri Lanka: Denying the truth will not bury it

Toronto, Canada

#4 Jun 19, 2011
Military attack Jaffna political meeting
Sri Lanka Tamil party says military attacked its poll campaign
SL Army brutally attacks public meeting of politicians, journalists in Jaffna
SL Army brutally attacks public meeting of politicians, journalists in Jaffna
America request United Nation investigation regarding human rights violations in Sri Lanka
Accusation against Sri Lanka in the highest level – President will speak with Russia and Chinese leaders
Channel 4 Film Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields is a step towards International War Crime Investigation
UK film gives powerful evidence of Sri Lankan War Crimes: Tamil Canadians call for an emergency debate in Parliament
We need our Nuremberg
Channel 4 "Sri Lanka Killing Fields" could "push Sri Lanka back to war" says High Commission
Mhawamsa should include new editions

Toronto, Canada

#5 Jun 19, 2011
Britain Tables Motion On War Crimes
Why do governments kill journalists?
Sri Lanka committed genocide of Tamils: Arundhati Roy
KP a ‘Crown Witness’
Jaya’s tough Lanka talk worries Centre
Voice of Jayalalithaa may be a dawn of new hope for Sri Lankan Tamils
Dorothy Byrne: Why we decided that the footage had to be shown
Channel 4 to broadcast Sri Lanka's Killing
Work Out Political Solution with Tamils: India to Lanka
India to Lanka: Resolve ethnic issue
President going to Russia for thank-you talks
No police, land powers to PCs
India gives six months to the Rajapaksa administration
India pushes Sri Lanka on Tamil rights
India urges political solution for Lankan Tamils
‘India will help Sri Lanka reach political arrangement'
Gotabhaya grooms private army in the north
SL Intelligence intimidates Tamils to sell lands of Batticaloa coastal villages

Toronto, Canada

#6 Jun 19, 2011
Channel 4 to show its 'most horrific footage ever' of executions and sexual violence secretly filmed during Sri Lankan civil war
NSA calls on Jayalalithaa
Jaya hailed for raising plight of Lankan Tamils
Jayalalithaa blames Centre, DMK regime for backing Sri Lanka war
Call for Kachchativu retrieval


Anti Tamil Nadu protest organized by Major General Haturusinghe unsuccessful
Saying Jayalaitha could be brought over with money Thiru Nadesan misleads the President
International environment not conducive to the President – Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva
Prabagaran?'s rule is better than government?’s tyrannical rule - Mangala Samaraweera
Jaya charges Karunanidhi over SL Tamils

Assembly passes special resolution seeking economic sanctions on Sri Lanka
Tamil Nadu demands economic sanctions against Sri Lanka
Vaiko welcomes resolution seeking economic sanctions on Lanka
Human Rights Institute questions Sri Lanka's judicial independence
Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

Toronto, Canada

#7 Jun 19, 2011
Sri Lanka: Human Rights Council Should Ensure Accountability
A bad week for Rajapaksa
Sri Lanka: war crimes and confused Americans
Ban still awaiting Lanka’s response
Successful Hearing at EU agrees on a ground breaking resolution
EU Court of Justice takes up LTTE case
TN govt was voted for getting justice to Eezham Tamils: CPI member

A War Without Witnesses?
Massacre of Mullivaikal Video Watched by Diplomats, VIPs and CIVIL SOCIETY
Sri Lanka under renewed pressure over violations
The Indian Ocean: The Strategic Situation
US attaché clarification, a linguistic legerdemain, accuses Boyle
Tamil Lawyers’ Forum backs Ban panel report
Tamils protest at Lord's over allegations of war crimes in Sri Lanka
High-level Indian team to visit Lanka
India reiterates joint statement

Toronto, Canada

#8 Jun 19, 2011
2 years ago
Sri Lanka rejects West 'lectures'

UN screens Channel 4 Sri Lanka war crimes film
Lanka 'war crimes' film shown at UN
330,000 voters ‘missing’ in Jaffna, Ki'linochchi electoral list after 2009 war of genocide
Discrimination continues in teachers appointment in East
STF collects details of exiled Tamils from Batticaloa
UN Human Rights Council must Act Now
Pathetic life for Tamils in Sri Lanka, says Tamil Nadu government
The heavy guns stayed silent

European United Left upholds Tamil right to self-determination including secession
Vaiko speaks about Tamil developments at Brussels conference
U.S. case: Rajapakse ducks service, Court order sought for alternate service

Silence on Sri Lanka screams of duplicity
Review of a history of oppression: The Tamils of Sri Lanka
Hindu priest abused in Colombo state prison

UN Experts: Sri Lanka Tamil Genocide Video is Real
UN Expert Panel Report on Sri-Lankan War Crimes Shook the World From Its Slumber
Hague tribunal justice 'works'
Channel 4 footage heads to the UN
UN first to see "shocking" Sri Lanka doc
Sri Lanka: Managing India Helped Win War

Toronto, Canada

#9 Jun 19, 2011
UN premiere for Sri Lanka war crimes film
UN says Sri Lanka war crimes footage is 'authentic'
U.N. pressures Sri Lanka over alleged war atrocities
UN Expert Confirms Authenticity of Sri Lanka War Crimes Video
Lanka informed India of every step: Rajapaksa
Sri Lanka execution footage: UN calls for
War-crimes film, Heyns report, drown Colombo theatrics on terror
Australia should speak up against war crimes: Navi Pillay

Confronting the Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka
UN Commissioner's call for war-crimes probe jolts Colombo
UN envoy concludes Sri Lanka execution video authentic
Sri Lanka war atrocities video credible: U.N. envoy
UN Investigator Accuses Sri Lanka of Crimes Against Tamils
UN expert: Video proves Sri Lanka war crimes
Video proves Sri Lanka war crimes: UN expert
Is the war crimes video confirmed by UN as authentic “unrepresentative and irrelevant”?
UN urged to probe Lanka war crimes
UN expert: Video proves Sri Lanka war crimes
Video proves Sri Lanka war crimes - UN expert
Tamil Canadians welcome Canada's decision
SRI LANKA: Australia silent over war crimes against Tamils
Tamil police 'excluded' from Sri Lanka parade
UN urged to probe Lanka war crimes
Genocide recognition of Mu’l’livaaykkaal 2009 gains ground
Tamil independence, a universal issue going beyond state reformation in Sri Lanka
Amidst renewed SL militarisation, Batticaloa village observes 24th year of massacre
One step closer to justice

Toronto, Canada

#10 Jun 19, 2011
One farce too many
Child rape impunity no bar to UN peacekeeping deal with Sri Lanka
UN wrongs the World by inducting SL Military for ‘peacekeeping’
Tamil will always be Tamils; we don’t need Tamils to celebrate the war victory
Under war crimes pressure, Sri Lanka to begin new rights probe
A review of ‘The Cage: The Fight for Sri Lankan & The Last Days of the Tamil Tigers’
Political truth of Mu’l’livaaykkaal
India alone can’t be trusted, IC should be involved: TNLA
Sri Lanka and the International Community – Indian Role is Crucial
Sri Lanka: Confronting the Killing Fields
Korea should shun Sri Lanka
"Scrap emergency and PTA " - Friday Forum
UN rights chief slams 'racist' Australia
A robust debate on No Fire Zones (NFZs) and International Humanitarian Law: Artful dodging of war crimes in Sri Lanka?

SRI LANKA: Myths and Realities: Reflections on the Report of the UN Advisory Panel and Colombo’s Response
The continuing disinformation campaigns in Sri Lanka: Is mainstream media complicit?
Why Rajapakse brings Anti Brahmin angle in Rajiv assassination?
People in cloth sheds, Buddhist stupas built in Vanni
Occupying SL Navy confiscates lands for new HSZ in Ma’ndaitheevu
Amnesty urges NAM countries to act on Sri Lanka war crimes
State terrorism in Sri Lanka says UNP

Toronto, Canada

#11 Jun 19, 2011
Sri Lanka: Military Conference to Whitewash War Crimes
Sri Lanka: Confronting the killing fields
UN Sri Lanka Report Not Transmitted to Geneva, Ban Waits for What?
Sri Lanka anti-terror seminar faces boycott call
US Was Asked to Remove Sri Lanka UN Diplomat on Credible Evidence of Genocide and War Crimes Allegations
Will Sri Lanka's Tamils Get Some Measure of Justice from the United Nations?
Sri Lanka: Military Conference to Whitewash War Crimes
Maran called Karunanidhi's October 2008 resignation threat a diversionary ‘drama'
176372: DMK calls off threat to pull support from UPA over Sri Lanka violence
Uprooted Champoor Tamils show resolution to get back their land
Point Pedro to Mullaiththeevu coast encroached by Sinhala fishermen
Tamils threatened by Sinhalese to leave their lands in Poththuvil

Toronto, Canada

#12 Jun 19, 2011
Sri Lanka Tamil Genocide: Killing the Messenger
Japans tsunami and the parallels of Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka
Mullivaikal: The Moment Of Deep Sorrow And Courage
Lanka launches pre-emptive strike at UNHRC
Jewish Conservative MPs in UK voice against Tamil Genocide
Tamil genocide was planned by international powers: British academic
Foreigners Barred From Travelling North Sri Lanka
Tamil youth reported missing after SLA-arrest in Batticaloa
Tamils not benefited at all, even though war has come to an end in Sri lanka – Forces engaged in business.

The UN SG's Panel Report: Colombo Barks at Moon, Lunges at Tamils
Ban Ki Moon’s double standard in dealing with Sri Lanka on war crimes
Tamil university students get Sinhala summons for military course
Liberal, New Democrat officials commemorate May Genocide Remembrance
Accountability and justice in Sri Lanka: a new chapter at last?
Threats, Harassments and Restrictions on Former Detainees and Their Families in Vanni
Thousands of Tamils yet to be resettled
How Jaya's victory changes Indo-Lanka relations
Press USA, UK and France to talk to China, Russia: Vidar Helgesen
Massacre commemoration rally in front of UN headquarters
Tamils demand justice in Hague protest
International probe into Sri Lanka’s war crimes urged at British rally
Petition on Sri Lanka War Crimes Is Fake Carried Into Empty Building by UN Staffer, Nambiar Stonewalls
Tamil Canadians will gather in large numbers at Queens Park to demand action on a United Nations report indicting Sri Lanka of war crimes and crimes against humanity
Tamils remember 2009 Sri Lankan massacre of Tamil civilians - London
India asks Sri Lanka to probe rights
UN Panel Report on Accountability in Sri Lanka

Toronto, Canada

#13 Jun 19, 2011
Country of Eezham Tamils mourns silently on Mu’l’livaaykkaal Day
International probe into Sri Lanka’s war crimes urged at British rally
Calls for war-crimes probe escalate as Tamils commemorate massacre
Tamils demand justice in Hague protest
Will It Be Executed, Silenced Or Disappeared?
Tamils to hold vigil in Trafalgar Square
Tamils remember 2009 Sri Lankan massacre of Tamil civilians - London
Tamil Canadians will gather in large numbers at Queens Park to demand action on a United Nations report indicting Sri Lanka of war crimes and crimes against humanity
India asks Sri Lanka to probe rights
Sri Lanka urged to scrap emergency two years after war
Justice for Genocide: North American Tamils to Hold UN Rally
International diplomacy is not about the truth
India finally urges Sri Lanka to solve Tamil crisis
Sri Lanka needs to write a new story

Sri Lanka takes the wrong road to peace
Sri Lanka: Survivors appeal for justice two years on

Toronto, Canada

#14 Jun 19, 2011
Declare Lankan prez a war criminal, says Jayalalithaa
Summon Mahinda to international court- Jayalalitha
Make Rajapaksa stand trial for war crimes: Jaya
Jayalalitha’s victory speech focuses on Eezham Tamils
Impunity prevails despite end of war - AI
Exposed Core
During five months of mass killings in 2009 ...
UN Panel Report, Sri Lanka and India
Released ex-Tigers constantly harassed, mentally tortured
India Should Not Support Lankan Prez Rajapaksa: BJP

'Walk to the troops': SMS sent Tamils to their death
BEATEN and with nowhere left to run, they received the text message just before 9 o'clock on a Sunday morning. It came, through an intermediary, from the Sri Lankan foreign secretary, apparent instructions for a surrender:''Just walk across to the troops, slowly! With a white flag and comply with instructions carefully. The soldiers are nervous about suicide bombers.'' At dawn the next day, a group of nearly 20 - Tamil Tiger soldiers and civilians - scrambled from behind their defensive sand embankment, walking under white flags towards the Sri Lankan army's 58th Division.
Kohona admits to sending "Killer SMS"

European Parliament resolution on Sri Lanka: follow up of the Un Report
Tamils ignored in Administrative Service examinations
Sri Lanka should corporate towards war crime investigation – UN Security Council urge

Toronto, Canada

#16 Jun 19, 2011
Wikileaks: Sri Lanka 'rejected rebel surrender offer'
Nothing will happen by some welcoming UN report: Basil Rajapaksa
India regains bargaining power on SL
Brussels, 10 May 2011 Declaration by the High Representative, Catherine Ashton, on behalf of the European Union on the Report of the UN Secretary-General Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka
Despite government claims, civil society groups back UN report findings
Anti-UN war crime investigation protests continue
India's support important to tackle impasse over war crime report: Rajapaksa
As EU Notes UN Report, Sri Lanka Scoffs At Do Gooders, Navy's Idle Hands
Canadian Tamils urge International Criminal Court to 'take action' in Sri Lanka
Srilanka war crimes -Reconsidering May 2009 UN HRC resolution
‘Disseminate Lanka’s genocidal ambitions’
Canada MP to initiate All Party group on Lanka
Sinhalese stage anti-UN demonstration in Jaffna
SL minister intimidates resettled in Vanni to sign against UN report
Sinhalese continue to encroach paddy fields of Tamils, Muslims in Moothoor
Third instance of Australia accepting alleged SL war criminal as ambassador

Murder of Tamil is almost an official policy of government in the island for decades.

Toronto, Canada

#17 Jun 19, 2011
US urges S.Lanka to bring war criminals to justice
'UN report important for political solution'
US wants Sri Lanka to act first on wartime rights violations
Tamils to protest on University Avenue again
US urges Sri Lanka to address abuse allegations
UN war crimes report to be produced in White Flag case

Power devolution to minorities in Lanka
Rathika becomes the first Eezham Tamil MP in Canada
LLRC is not a credible domestic process of accountability
German Rights Group accuses Dias of war-crimes
Robert Blake visits Ki'linochchi, learns the plight of Vanni civilians
UN should do more on Sri Lanka
No freedom at 'Sunday Leader'
Tamil Nadu pressure over UN report
Sri Lanka needs truth, not a national forgetting
Notes on Possibilities after the UN Report: Including Nationalism and ‘The Geopolitics of Emotion’
Tamil war crimes report: Lanka monk threatens self immolation
Sri Lanka war-crime alleged over killing of TECH Director

Toronto, Canada

#18 Jun 19, 2011
Citing photographic evidence of war crimes committed in Sri Lanka by lankan army
Sri Lanka committed war crimes part 2 by aljazeera

Sri Lanka committed war crimes part 1 -by aljazeera
People & Power - Sri Lanka: War Crimes
United Nations report indicates Sri Lanka committed war crimes
Alleged war crimes during the Sri Lankan Civil War
Sri Lanka War Crime Photos – Crimes committed by soldier from the Sri Lankan Air Mobile Brigade @N08/sets/72157625216200628/
Evidence of war crimes committed by the Government of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Government Committed War Crimes: UN
Read more:
Sri Lankan military committed war crimes: U.N. panel

Toronto, Canada

#19 Jun 19, 2011
Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka Emerges Into Public View
UN human rights chief welcomes Sri Lanka report, urges further investigation into conduct of final stages of the war
UN Expert Panel Report, Wavering SG and Dithering Obstinate Sri-Lanka
Colombo, Tamil diaspora flayed in UN report
The United Nations and Divided Sri Lanka
US welcomes report while India studies
Statement by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, on the Release of the UN Panel of Experts' Report on Sri Lanka
Foreign Office welcomes UN Panel of Experts report on Sri Lanka
Emerging truth about UN failure in Sri Lanka
UN: Sri Lankan Bloodbath Much Worse Than Government Admits
India ready to engage Lanka on UN report
UN Expert Panel Report, Wavering SG and Dithering Obstinate Sri-Lanka
India Must Move UN to Bring Rajapaksa to Trial: Jayalalithaa
Those responsible for war crimes in Lanka must face action:DMK
Statement from the Liberal Party of Canada on the United Nations’ report on Sri Lanka
Canadian a witness to shelling in Sri Lanka civil war

Toronto, Canada

#20 Jun 19, 2011
Leading article: Sri Lankan war crimes must be prosecuted
Sri Lanka: No-inquiry zone
UN feared for staff amid Sri Lanka conflict: Ban
UN chief would welcome mandate for international probe of possible war crimes in Sri Lanka
At UN, Asked Of Withholding Casualty Figures, Ban Ki-moon Says Sri Lanka Made Threats, Nambiar Involved in Inaction
Canadian Tamil Congress urges meaningful action on UN Report
Tamil Canadians demand international probe after United Nations report indicts Sri Lanka of war crimes and crimes against humanity
USTPAC Welcomes UN Panel’s Report on Sri Lanka and Urges US to Help Establish International Investigation
At UN, Asked Of Withholding Casualty Figures, Ban Ki-moon Says Sri Lanka Made Threats, Nambiar Involved in Inaction
New evidence leads to war crime committed on LTTE's Col Ramesh
Ban Ki Moon, Accessory After the Fact to Sri Lanka war crimes, says Boyle
Channel 4 to show film on Sri Lanka’s war crimes

Toronto, Canada

#21 Jun 19, 2011
Sri Lanka: UN rights chief urges further investigations into reports of war crimes
UN rights chief seeks probe after S. Lanka report
Calls for international inquiry after UN report on Sri Lankan civil war
UN says Sri Lankan government may be guilty of war crimes
UN must act now on Sri Lanka war crimes report
Sri Lanka: UN Chief Should Establish International Inquiry
On Sri Lanka, Ban Ki-moon's Buck Passing to UN Councils & Agencies Questioned, No Answers on Nambiar Role
Channel 4 to air 'horrific' Sri Lanka footage
Sri Lanka rejects U.N. war crimes report, calls it unofficial
Q+A: The U.N. report on the end of Sri Lanka's war
UN tells of Sri Lankan carnage
UN report criticises 2009 Sri Lanka 'war crimes'
Tamils call on Australia to back Sri Lanka war crimes inquiry
Will India too back Lanka after report
Sri Lanka's war crimes: Will India take a stance?
Separate Tamil state must in Lanka for lasting solution: PMK
Centre must act on UN report: Karunanidhi
India should help form Tamil Eelam: Ramadoss
TGTE is urging Ban Ki-Moon to take the next important step
Maltreatment of killed female fighters
SL Police threaten Tamils in Colombo to sign petition against UN

Toronto, Canada

#22 Jun 19, 2011
Sri Lanka calls UN report on war crimes allegations 'unacceptable'
U.N. panel: Sri Lanka war crimes allegations credible

'Blame Russia and China for Sri Lanka failure, not UN's
Sri Lanka 'war crimes': UN chief can't order

Is the Rajapaksa regime under siege? The West on a more aggressive stance
Why didn’t Chinese envoy come?

Evidence of war crimes in Sri Lanka, leaked UN report claims
World Ignores Genocide of Sri Lanka's Tamil Population
The Darusman (UN) Report, Beyond Patriotic-Hysteria
SRI LANKA: UN Panel Report -- Acid Test for UN and International Community to Act Decisively-Part I
Sri Lanka: UN Panel Report –Rajapaksa Cornered but Defiant - Making a Mockery of the UN - Part II
MR will not meet Blake
GL to phone Ban to reiterate SL’s position - Strong support for SL from Russia and China
JHU wants President to visit Russia, China, India
India to the rescue on Moon report
UN Panel report: Much at stake for Sri Lanka
UN report due tomorrow despite Lanka’s plea
UN report on ‘war crimes' in Sri Lanka: Karunanidhi hopeful of action by Centre
On Sri Lanka, After Russia Bashes UN Report, Ban Withholds It, Asks Medvedev to Support Him for Second Term as S-G
UN 'to release' expert panel report
Extracts from the Ban Ki Moon panel report (Part 6)
SRI LANKA: Cry from the Graves?

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