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#1 Jul 13, 2007

Today we are not going to talk about Korean women forced into prostitution by the Japanese, by their grand-daughters giving themselves to Korean businessmen for money, a practice that affects a considerbale percentage of the female population of South Korea.

BBC News : S Koreans offered cash for no sex

Quote:Male workers who vow to stay away from prostitutes after year-end celebrations in South Korea are to be rewarded.

The Ministry for Gender Equality is offering cash to companies whose male employees pledge not to pay for sex after office parties.
Officials say they want to put an end to a culture in which men get drunk at parties and go on to buy sex.
Despite new anti-prostitution laws passed in 2004, the practice is said to be widespread in South Korea, with some estimates suggesting more than one million people work in the sex industry.

One million sex workers for a country that has 17 million women aged 16 to 64, or more reasonably for this kind of job about 6 million women aged between 18 and 35. If this trend is stable over the decades, it means that about 1/6 of all Korean women pass through the sex industry at one point in their life. Amazing how this country is walking in Japan's footsteps !


#2 Jul 13, 2007
It is interesting to see how ripe prostitution is in South Korea when you remember that old South Korean women like to complain so often about being forced into prostitution by the Japanese during the colonial period. Their stories apparently didn't have much influence on their own daughters and granddaughters...

Salinas, CA

#3 Jul 14, 2007
It sure is shame for all Koreans to know that they do talk loudly about ethic yet sex is so prevalent without commitment. What a shame!
They are taking after loud American rape song and other unhealthy American way of life.
What are educators and politicians doing? Why can't they do something to stop this bad trend.
Koreans should wake up and straigthen themselves for the better future.
Hope they give up Western style life and get busy in encouraging young minds to busy doing reseach work in sci/tech. for better future.


#4 Jul 14, 2007
Western country doesn't have that high percentage of prostitutes like in asia.

Since: Jul 07

Fontana, CA

#5 Jul 15, 2007

Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and it will exist as long as the human race, unless of course, everyone is just as rich as Bill Gates or that Mexican billionaire Helim Slu and that all women prefer a dildo over men in terms of sexual partners. Then there will be no prostitution.

Germany has legalized prostitution. So has the Netherlands. Prostitution is also legalized in the state of Nevada.

What is more, my cousin living in Germany has told me that thousands of German men would drive across the border to the Czech Republic and Slovakia for cheap prostitution.

If you count Japan as the West, then you are living in denial because Japan does have this practice big time with women from the Philippines working in Japan as prostitutes. The Economist newspaper had run an article regarding this practice in Japan in the past.

I don't get my info from sound bite. I have cousin and friend who have worked in lived in Japan for close to a decade during the 1990s.

In case you are curious, I am not Korean.

Since: Jul 07

Fontana, CA

#6 Jul 15, 2007

Have you watched that show "Bullshit" by Penn & Teller? I don't think you have and I suggest you watch that show so that you understand more about the nature of sex.

Let me ask you this, if people do not value sex, both of us would probably not be here today to post our opinions.

For the records, if people do not love sex, then how come I see ads for Viagra, Cialis and other brand of sex performance boost or erectyle dysfuction medication every ten minutes on cable TVs?

Your comment about the Koreans do not do them justice. Just because prostitution is prevalent in Korea, it does not mean that the act of the Japanese Army forcing Korean women to be their prostitutes is acceptable.

It is a boatload of nonsense.


The Koreans are in general a group of good people. Just because they loudly detest the act of reckless of individual American army personnel that does not mean that they are anti Americans.

Saying the Koreans are anti Americans is not true because my cousin has seen a lot of Americans living and teaching English in Korea in the 1990s.

I think the Japanese in Okinawa has always done the same thing, denouncing American military personnel for whatever crimes that those individuals had committed.

Since: Jul 07

Fontana, CA

#7 Jul 15, 2007
I mean recklessness


#8 Jul 15, 2007
Prostitution in the Netherlands (or other European countries where it is legal, like Belgium, Germany, etc.) is very limited compared to most East Asian countries.

According to this article ( ), there are about 20,000 to 25,000 prostitutes in the Netherlands. Approximately 32% are Dutch, 22% are Latin American, 19% are Eastern European, 13% are African (south of the Sahara), 6% come from other countries from the European Union (aside from the Netherlands), 5% come from Northern Africa and 3% are Asian.

South Korea has about 42x more prostitutes for a population only 3x bigger than the Netherlands. That's 14x more prostitutes per inhabitant, and a much higher percentage are local, as I have demonstrated above.


#9 Jul 15, 2007
In case, you are curious I am not Japanese.

Since: Jul 07

Fontana, CA

#10 Jul 15, 2007

Wikipedia is an open source of information where anyone, you, me, and everybody else can edit. Citation from Wikipedia lacks the credit that other professional reference sources of information enjoy.

South Korea is twice more populated than the Netherlands thus a higher percentage of people who engaged in this practice is understandable.

Statistics is very misleading since sampling provides a cost effective way to collect data it also provides you convenient result (translated usually not reflecting the attributes of the population as a whole).

People can also manipulate statistics easily.

Since only 32% of Dutch women engaged in this practice, it could also mean that domestic demand cannot catch up with supply and the Netherlands have to allow more prostitutes coming from foreign country to keep up with the physical demand for the Dutch population (translated a higher percentage of Dutch population participating in this practice) Or it could mean that a sizeable percentage of the Dutch men are homosexuals.

The Thai government has acknowledged that most tourists from Western Europe, the Netherlands included, all came for sex/ rather than sightseeing. Based on those qualitative attributes that I have cited, my conclusion projected that the percentage of Dutch population participating in prostitution is not significantly lower than that of South Korea.

Everyone knows that the San Fernando Valley in So Cal is the capital of porn in the world. But that does not mean that every other American woman is a prostitute and such an argument is absolutely absurd.

Since: Jul 07

Fontana, CA

#11 Jul 15, 2007

I am assuming that you are an college educated individual working and living in Japan.

I wonder if statistics was required for your profession and even that you took statistics in college, the failure to exercise common sense is incredibly interesting.

The professor that I had statistics in my junior year had told me that knowledge about statistics is acquirable but the wisdom to determine whether statistics always applies is not.

I hope you understand what I am trying to get at.

Since: Jul 07

Fontana, CA

#12 Jul 15, 2007
Sorry 4 the typo if any.

Since: Jul 07

Fontana, CA

#13 Jul 15, 2007
Just because Sex and the City is a popular show that does not mean that every other American woman is promiscuous.

It is nonsense.


#14 Jul 15, 2007
Wikipedia documents a summary statistics, and the details are left to the original source on the bottom of wikipedia page. This is for SGdisciple who argues well with rhetorics without citing his own sources.

(Source from Wikipedia)

'A study by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2000 estimated that there are a total of between 20,000 and 25,000 prostitutes in the Netherlands on a yearly basis.'

(Original Source by Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

"The local authorities are responsible for ensuring that prostitutes have easy access to health
care, with readily available services and no sanctions, but health and working conditions are
primarily the responsibility of the prostitutes themselves and their employers. The local
authorities' job is to ensure that employers fulfil their obligations. For instance, they can set
conditions for granting licences and take steps to ensure that those conditions are met.
Employers' responsibilities include pursuing a safe sex policy, giving their workers the
opportunity to benefit from information activities, and encouraging them to have regular
medical checkups for sexually transmissible diseases. General practitioners and specialists
have been given special guidelines on STD screening among prostitutes."

In the Netherlands, population census covers the area of profession, and medical health. Estimates of local residents engaged in prostitution are supposed accurate.

"There are estimated to be 25,000 prostitutes in the country, with 12,500 working at any one
time at a total of 6,000 locations. Many were migrants. In the 1970s the majority of foreign
prostitutes were from Thailand and the Philippines, in the 1980s from Latin America and the
Caribbean. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in the late 1980s, many came from Central and
Eastern Europe. In 1999 no more than one third were Dutch nationals, the remainder
representing 44 nationalities. The majority were from the Dominican Republic, Colombia, the
Czech Republic, Romania and Poland. No figures were available on illegal residents.
At the time, an estimated five percent of prostitutes were male and five percent transsexual,
the majority being migrants. Ten percent of all prostitutes were drug addicts, the majority
Dutch nationals or former Dutch nationals."

Male, female, transexual, are included in the estimates.

(SGdisciple said)

"Just because Sex and the City is a popular show that does not mean that every other American woman is promiscuous.

It is nonsense."

It is nonsense to make such comment, since no one overgeneralizes to that simple logic, or "exercise common sense" in your own words.

Since: Jul 07

Fontana, CA

#15 Jul 15, 2007

According to the CIA world's fact book, the Netherlands population is less than half of South Korea's.

While you are probably a Dutch national, I could see the reason why you have translated your source from French to English and that made it easier for our discussion here.

My point is to say that South Koreans are addicted to prostitution is just as absurb as to argue that most Dutch nationals are addicted to drugs and since most prostitutes in the Netherlands are drug addicts, thus a larger percentage of Dutch population has engaged in this practice, okay.

Since: Jul 07

Fontana, CA

#16 Jul 15, 2007
Sex is your physical needs and it will never go away. I got no clue why you got so sensitive with prostitution. Greek, the cradle of Western civilization, had practiced this for years and prostitution then usually involved female priests, someone of very high social status in that civilization.

The CIA has reported that the Netherlands is the largest exporter of ectasy to the US and if I do not exercise "common sense", I would have jumped into conclusion and argued that every Dutch national is a drug dealer....but I believe that the difference between knowledge and wisdom is still a gulf apart.

Most people who have never travelled to the Netherlands would have assumed that the whole city of Armsterdam does nothing but sells hashish, ectasy, cannabis and at every other block you would run into a sex club, a brothel, or a promiscuous Dutch woman as portrayed in that Europe trip flick. No, I have been to Armsterdam and I am not that stupid or naive or do not exercise my common sense.

Just for the record, I believe the Netherlands is probably the most common sense and sane country when it comes to euthanasia okay...

Hope you understand my $0.02.

Since: Jul 07

Fontana, CA

#17 Jul 15, 2007
Sorry my map was wrong. Dutch population is only one third that of South Korea and I will leave all the facts to you to arrive a meaningful comparison yourself.

Since: Jul 07

Fontana, CA

#18 Jul 15, 2007
Sorry I mean my math


#19 Jul 16, 2007
(Source other than earlier report of BBC)

Prostitution in South Korea is a large illegal industry. The Ministry of Gender and Family Equality estimated that it comprises over 4% of South Korea's GDP, with revenue exceeding $22 billion; this would make the industry the country's fifth-largest if accurate.[1][2]. Prostitution ranges from streetwalkers in red light districts to expensive "room salons" for private parties[3]. The government estimates 500,000 women are engaged in the industry.[4] The government stopped keeping official figures in 2004. South Korea is also a source, destination, and transit country for human trafficking; a significant number of women from Russia, Uzbekistan and Southeast Asia (particularly the Philippines) are brought to the country to work as prostitutes or "juicy girls", many of whom are believed to be virtual slaves.[7] An increasing number of women are being taken to the United States, Canada, and Australia to work as prostitutes, and a number of them claim to have been tricked or forced.

Los Angeles, CA

#20 Jul 16, 2007

Can you name me a single country that does not practice prostitution? This exists in Muslim countries where polygamy is practiced, namely the Arabian states. This exists in Brazil. This exists in England. This exists in Mexico. It exists everywhere.

Even in countries where prostitution is legalized, illegal prostitution will continue to co-exist with legal prostitution. Why? The people who engage in this practice simply do not want to pay income taxes.

It also a matter of demand and supply and if more S Korean women are increasingly sent to America, Canada, and Australia to work as prostitutes, then that means that America, Canada, and Australia are increasingly addicted to prostitution as S Korea does, don't you agree?

Btw, I think you should lay off It is open for everyone to edit and therefore is not reliable.

My $0.02

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