raxma wrote:
<quoted text> waar niyo hade...when it comes to al shabaab qof ka diidayo majirto ine yihin a bunch of freaks who kill for pleasure and hide behind religion..they are paid to humiliate islam..they are just a bunch of hooligans who are collected by some evil force who pays them to do horrible things in the name of islam..islam has nothing to do with it marka sheekadas iska xir...what I want you to explain to me or rather difine what you meant by "muhhamed killing his own innocent people in the name of allah" are you talking about jihad?..cause if you are then you should know that they weren't his own people they were disbelievers and it was a war everyone was participating both those and him nobody was tied up or anything and jihad was manditory back then alrite..because I don't seem to recall anything about him sheding innocent blood...so explain that
No body paid Alshabaab to humiliate Islaam and kill innocent people they read the Quraan and Hadith and follow and act on the orders of Mohamed and wage Jihad on the disbelievers who are the innocents same way Mohamed slaughered innocent people you calling disbelievers.