Will Somalia ever get out of the Arab League?

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Since: Jul 12

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#1 Jul 18, 2012
Arabs are our fellow Muslim brothers but we are not Arabs. I want to make that clear. So why are we in the Arab League? it doesn't make sense. Most Somalis say "we are in the Arab League because we are looking for benefits" and some Somalis say "why don't we leave because Arabs aren't helping us?" I say let's leave whether they are helping us or not. We are Muslim brothers and they should help us whether we are in Arab League or not. Being in the Arab League makes us look like posers and wannabes. Turkey is not in the Arab League, Iran neither, and many other ajami Muslims are not in the Arab League. I think Arabic should only be taught to Somali kids who want to be Islamic scholars and as an optional subject in schools. Turkey and Iran are reaching out to Somalia as muslim brothers. Anyways I hate Somalia being in the Arab League. Anybody else? Think about it what's the point?
Unity Is a Weapon

Birmingham, UK

#2 Jul 18, 2012
Somalis are in the "Arab League" yet it's other Africans who are helping you. Ungrateful fackers.
That should be the Arabs's job, not ours..Africans are to nice for their own good sometimes..they never learn.

Since: Jul 12

Oudehaske, Netherlands

#3 Jul 18, 2012
Somalia should leave the Arab League as soon as possible. Our culture has been destroyed in the past 20 years. Also Wahhabism and intolerance has been introduced to our lands. We are in an identity crisis.

The Somali language should be taught all over the country with English being the second most important language for trade. Arabic should also be taught, but in the light of either learning to read the Quran or doing business with Arabs. No street signs for example should ever be in Arabic. It is a self-hating example to do so.

Arabs have no positive impact on our culture today. They look down upon us. Many of them call us aswad (black) or abd (slave). Also they lack any respect for women, while females in Somali societies are highly respected. An example, a customs employee refused to help my mom and sister only because they were women. The hand gestures and downright discriminatory behavior was disgusting. He only wanted to speak with men. Once he found out we were Somali he only wanted to speak in Arabic as he expected us to speak Arabic.

I know this is just an example, but I want to point out that we are different.

We should take pride in our uniqueness in the world and our ancient culture and distinguish it from any Arabic culture. We have a culture that is full of poets, tolerance and spirituality. We originally don't focus on the outer imaan, but a purified form of faith. Where noor (light) can shine from our foreheads, instead of hiding behind cloth.

We are ingenious and entrepreneurial. We are an untapped resource of our abilities.

Many Africans I speak to respect us and want us in a glorified position again. Black Africans respect us more than any Arab ever will. A lot of them see us as their brothers, but yet many Somalis love to see the Arabs as our brothers over the black Africans.

I long for the day when many Somalis will say I am black, I am African and I will work with my fellow Africans without looking down upon them just because they look different.

In short, we should redefine ourselves and take pride in the Somali culture.


#4 Jul 19, 2012
bloody Arabs, all they want is to destroy our language, culture and rich history, like they have done the berbers and cushitic egyptians. It's far more complicated and the anglo/french are behind it. I've read many articles and books by Professor Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis on this matter and more. you all should. we all should try to preserve our heritage, culture and uniqueness. Somalis and the whole world.


#5 Jul 19, 2012
Somalia should NOT be in the Arab league. We should and will get out ASAP.

Since: Jul 12

Oudehaske, Netherlands

#6 Jul 19, 2012
I agree with you SeekTheTruth. The arabisation of Somalia should be stopped.

“Al-Hawiyah destroyed ZOOMALIA”

Since: Mar 12

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#7 Jul 19, 2012
No, Somalia will never leave the Arab league because there are Arabs in Somalia!

Since: Jul 12

Oudehaske, Netherlands

#8 Jul 19, 2012
The Arab League defines an Arab as:

An Arab is a person whose language is Arabic, who lives in an Arabic-speaking country, and who is in sympathy with the aspirations of the Arabic-speaking peoples.

Unfortunately according to the draft constitution (Dastuur) it confirms that Somalia is an Arab nation.

In Chapter 1, article 1 the declaration of the Republic it states:

2) The identity of the Somali republic consists of the Arab nation, the peoples of Africa and the Islamic world.

Article 2 states that;

The official languages of the Somali Republic are Somali, which comprises Maay-arti and Maxaa-tiri, and Arabic.

I agree that Arabic is an important language for trade or Quranic teachings. But hopefully we will have a vote on whether we see ourselves as an Arab nation.

We are Africans with our own language and culture. That should be enough.
Sheikh Voodoo

Carlton North, Australia

#9 Jul 19, 2012
is somalia still in the arab league? the arabs must be very desperate to keep a non-entity as a member.
Enter name

Göteborg, Sweden

#10 Jul 20, 2012
we should get out of the Arab league if we get peace.

Since: Jul 12

Oudehaske, Netherlands

#11 Jul 20, 2012
I'm glad many Somalis I've spoken to agree that we should out of the Arab League.

Since: Jul 10

Galkacyo Puntland, Somalia

#12 Jul 20, 2012
I don't understand why Somalia was ever admitted into the Arab league. We are not Arabs and we gained nothing from being a member.

I hope someday Somalia gets out of the Arab league.

Since: May 12

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#13 Jul 20, 2012
yeah somalia needs to get out of that stinking ARAB LEAGUE iewl

hey Boqor voelt goed om nog een nederlandse Somalier tegen te komen :P

Since: May 12

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#14 Jul 20, 2012
op deze site :P

Since: Jul 12

Oudehaske, Netherlands

#15 Jul 20, 2012
Arabs don't even respect basic human rights. Th league was against supporting the United Nations Declaration of Human RIghts.

Africans should unite against any form of sneaky cultural imperialism.

@SomaliAFRICAUNITE Haha ja he. Er zijn echt weinig Somaliers in Nederland. Laat staan op deze site.

Since: Jul 12

Oudehaske, Netherlands

#16 Jul 20, 2012
@DhaagDheer, just a question do many Somalis in Somalia agree that Somalia should be a Somali African nation or do they see Somalia as an Arab nation?

And what do local people feel about being part of the Arab League in your opinion?

Also, do a lot of Somalis in Somalia speak English?

Sorry for being ignorant.


#17 Jul 21, 2012
Sheikh Voodoo wrote:
is somalia still in the arab league? the arabs must be very desperate to keep a non-entity as a member.
Non entity?hooyadaa u sheet.
We somalis have got the best country and land between all Arabs and that what makes like you jealous.


#18 Jul 21, 2012
Somalis are a nation,got our own language,our own country,same looking,our tradition.
Arabs ran after us during early 70s when we suported Egypt fighting against lsreal and carry our tuna fish,banana,canned meat from dismay,by air through Somali airlines.
We helped them coz of Islam,but our leaders ignorance and their greedyness blinded their eyes.
They joined us in their league just for their interst,but unfortunately Somalia faced a long civilwar that made to us clear that we got nothing in common with Arabs.
Thanks to god who wrote for us in a clear capital alphabet for our ignorant leaders to understand that lessons.

London, UK

#20 Jul 21, 2012
Sadly, probably never.

Hopkins, MN

#21 Jul 21, 2012
Unity Is a Weapon wrote:
Somalis are in the "Arab League" yet it's other Africans who are helping you. Ungrateful fackers.
That should be the Arabs's job, not ours..Africans are to nice for their own good sometimes..they never learn.
No1 told u to go into somalia, no1 is gr8ful to hav u , and last i checked no1 gives a fuck if u leave. We will actually help u get out.
And the African countries like urs arent smart enough to tell themselves wat to do ..u were forced to go to somalia by the US dambass and u r heplin urselves but guess wat ur days in somalia are numbered and then we'll toss ya'all out!!

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