Tens of thousands need food aid in Somaliland

Pastoralists from the western regions of the self-declared independent republic of Somaliland, northwest Somalia, have migrated to the capital Hargeisa in the current drought Mohammed Amin Jibril/IRIN

Saturday, July 14, 2012

HARGEISA (IRIN)- About 120,000 people in the coastal, mid- and far western regions of the self-declared republic of Somaliland require emergency food assistance after four years of failed rains, says Mohamed Mousa Awale, chairman of Somaliland's environment research and disaster preparedness agency.
"We are calling on the international community to help these needy people to save lives," he said.

The most affected areas include the Salel Region localities of Asha-Ado, Lughaya, Garba-Dadar, Gargaara and Waraqa-dhigta where some 450 tons of food aid from Djibouti was distributed on 6 July.

"People [have] gathered in the villages after they lost [all] their animals during the four-year drought," said Sa'ad Ahmed Abdillahi, a member of Zaila District Council. Zaila is the capital of Salel in western Somaliland near the border with Djibouti.