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Sheikh Voodoo

Melbourne, Australia

#22 Mar 27, 2013
Ancient Prince wrote:
Harar belongs to Somalia; but because British people gave the western Somali to the Ethiopians, we have to deal with it.
There will come an time, when the west belongs to us again.

mate, since somalis are nomads and claim as their own where ever their camels graze, it will be a great idea if you claim on behalf of all somalis, christiania in copenhagen. erect a tent there and smoke splifs.
Real harari

Turku, Finland

#23 Mar 27, 2013
Amantakh lion of harar.
I agreed mostly what you wrote here, but i couldnīt
Take when you said Somaliīs are moved and mixed with Harar`s and become harars, Our share History of Harar is Morethan that. My 89 year old father past away in stokhholm 12 years ago,and he told me the story of his grand father that was among those who build the harar wall ,led by Nur ibnu mujahid.
When Somali`s are claiming Harar is their land and Harariīs are their People , that is how we show a love to our harariīs brothers and sisiters.
We were Part of Emirs and majority of the army if not all of them.
We are not Claiming Everything, but our share of history .We have lost Many thing Around that area and We are not threat to our harari brothers and sisters, During Hardtimes of Harar when People Like my Father and Other hararis including My uncle Abdulahi gatur satled in mugadisho They were somaliīs and Also Most of Hararis were collanels and Minsters, and now Somalia is Reon again wheter is Somali Kilil which second largest region of Ethiopia , Djibouti, Nfd somali kenyans and Great somalia, Have a nice day brother,Aman.
Real harari

Turku, Finland

#24 Mar 27, 2013
Sheikh Voodoo,
It`s not somaliīs style to claim morethen what they Have, and shut up looser
The Real harari


#25 Mar 28, 2013
Dear lion of harar amantakhi,

I agreed mostly what you wrote here, but our share history of That walled city is morethan like moving and mixing.
We were Part of the emirs , Imams and the majority of the Army. Btw we donīt calaim everything and that is less what i was expecting a brother from Harar, During Hardtimes in Harar when many hararis escaped from harar many were in somalia , lived and evan became collanel, ministers, becouse they were Home, so claiming harar and hararis is our way to show a Love not threat ,We know who are threat to our harari brothers,But Remember somalians are Reborning again,and 9 million of somali kilil ,djibouti,Federal repuplic of Somalia and Nfd somali region in kenya all are with you, Aman

Since: Feb 13


#26 Mar 28, 2013
al-7amdulillaah aman integn, barrakhou akhakhou?

I'm not disagreeing with what you said akhi. What I am saying tho is that the bulk majority of Hararis are not ethnically somalis. Most Hararis are those who left Tigray because of christian hostility around 1000 years ago and re-settled in Harar. This is why many Harari elders mistake that the Sahaba came to Harar when they didn't. This is because our ancestors resided in Tigray where the Nejashi was and that is where the Sahaba came to. Then when our forefathers migrated from there to Harar, they taught their children "The Sahaba came to our land" and the kids mistook it for Harar. This is another reason why the Harari language is veeeeery similar to tigrigna. I am just someone who likes to be accurate. 500 years ago, in the Futuhl-Habesha, the author writes that the Harar Kingdom stretched from Zeyla to Shewa, and the Hararis were spread out through those lands. Ofcourse in the midst lived other ethnic groups like the Afar, Somali, and Argobba. I'm just talking about the lineage of most Hararis. But then you have those that are originally somali, others that are originally yemeni, or turkish, or egyptian, or Afar, or other than that. But the Harar culture and history itself and the indigenous population are not ethnically somali. This was the point i was trying to point across.

In the end like I always say, tribes, cultures and languages is not what we will be asked about on the Day of Judgment. What we will be asked about is our deeds and how we utilized our time in this dunya. Islam is the only thing that matters. The Muslim ummah has been inflicted with racism and nationalism ever since the Ottoman Empire collapsed. Our enemies infected us with this. So instead of dwelling over race, nationality, or tribalism, we should stick together on the common ground that we are Muslims and slaves of Allaah.

Fee Amaanillaah

“Somali? of course.”

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#27 Mar 28, 2013
Sheikh Voodoo wrote:
<quoted text>
mate, since somalis are nomads and claim as their own where ever their camels graze, it will be a great idea if you claim on behalf of all somalis, christiania in copenhagen. erect a tent there and smoke splifs.
I shall do so. I will rename it, and throw all the junkies out of it.
The Real harari


#28 Mar 29, 2013

Amaninitana Alhamdulilah,

So ,that is the reason We have given Harar state couze we are related to Tigre, I donīt speak Amharic either Tigre sinan , but mostly when I am speaking with my kids some ethiopians ask, m i speaking tigre sinan,
Thanx brother I learned alot from you jeskalaah. it,s true The only matter is our deeds,Allah protect the Fitnah around our land now adays,

aman gey Wanag.

Dubai, UAE

#29 Aug 25, 2013
we r all brothers and sisters and we r all Muslims. it is very good to unite all Muslim nations in horn of Africa but first we must accept each other and respect each other.Somalis go back ti each other first and unite yourself before u say harar belongs to somalia

Since: Aug 09

Saint Louis, MO

#30 Aug 25, 2013
S0mali wrote:
Back in the days, Somalis used to live in Harar, and there are still Somalis in this great City. Even Hareri people and the Somalis have had marriage interaction. It's need a great deal of research to see who are rightful owners of this City. I'll check it later when I get a chance, Insha Allah.
We know for a fact that Harar is the Fourth Holist Site in Islam. Thus, if Somalis have blood ties to Hararis, it helps to prove my thesis that Somali history begins with Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him) and the foundation of Islam. I am currently doing research along this line. Please share with me all information that you can find.

It is good to see that people are overcoming their narrow tribalism. This is Pan-Africanism. But, pl4ease do not add a stupid racist twist to this new awareness. Islam is what unites us. Racism and tribalism have no place in it.

Since: Aug 09

Saint Louis, MO

#31 Aug 25, 2013
Lion of Harar wrote:
It's important to speak about history with knowledge. As for what Ahlam said, you are right to an extent, there used to be an Empire in the past called Adal. However, there was never ever a period in time when there was a national, sovreign entity called "Somalia" unified under one somali leader. Adal back then consisted of a huge part of nowaday Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, and southern eritrea. This was a a multicultural society.
Pan-Africanism: no tribalism/no racism.

Lion of Harar wrote:
However, as history serves, there was NEVER any somali people that lived in Harar. The Hararis have always been the inhabitants of Harar. Harar was never somali soil. If you read the book called "Futuhul-Habesha" about the conquest of the great leader of Harar, Imam Ahmad Gragn (somalis call him Ahmad Gurey) the author of the book clearly states that Harar was his home, and he always had good relations, and at times attacked somalis in THE LAND OF THE SOMALIS. Clearly differenciating his land of harar, from the land of the somalis.
Wow! We know that Harar is not in Somalia. But this is not about territory and geography per se. This is about ethno-cultural identity. In other words, are Somalis related to Hararis by blood and culture? Both are definitely Muslims.
Lion of Harar wrote:
His brother in law was Ahmad Girri, a somali chieftan. But as far as Harar being somali land, or that somalis lived in Harar, this is just something that is constantly repeated over, and over again. It is very frustrating to the Hararis who have always documented their history. Yes, somalis are our brothers and sisters in Islam, just as our beloved oromo brothers and sisters, and our Afar brothers and sister, and the rest of the Ethiopian Muslims, but fact is fact, and hear say is hear say.
Where are the geneticists when we need them? The question is a multi-disciplinary one. Is there and archeological evidence? Do we need to do any excavations in either Harar or Somalia? Whew! It is obvious that there must have been a good deal of some kind of interaction between the two places and two communities. What evidence do we have and what does it mean? There are holes that need to be filled. And so far researchers have only scratched the surface of what's what.
Khaleif jama

London, UK

#32 Nov 5, 2013
Do you know brother that Harla tribe or ppl are somaies they are branch of Darood Harla .harti. geri.jiraan or cesse. Abdi or jambel are the somalies were their first before the arrivals of the new arabs sayjng new arabs
Means the founder of darood clan him self is an arab from bani hashim .his name is abdul raham bin ismacil ibrahim bin abdul rahman bin mahamed bin cabdala bin xanbal bin mahamed bin oqayeel bin abe dalib
Khaleif jama

London, UK

#33 Nov 5, 2013
May I remind you this the list of the somalis tribes how fought or gave their blood and soul to preseve islam and harar from issaq haber mentined sub clan.from dir gurgure and samaroon .darood marexaan harla.harti.especially warsangeli.tanade absame.and finally geri so the bulk of harar or the muslium army was somalis that proofs that harar is in our heart it was robbed by the chritians with the help of britain russia armina and norway
axmed karaash

Toronto, Canada

#34 Mar 2, 2014
No, Harari peoples are their own people they are not ugly zoomali n3gros.

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