Harari people and somali people are the same

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#1 Oct 7, 2012
Historically harar belongs to somalia as well as the people of harar and somali people are the same people because they share history and they had one Empire called Adal sultanate , what do you know about this ?
ismail jabarti

Birmingham, UK

#2 Oct 7, 2012
Yes sister , a mareexan man was the sultan of harar at one point and the same man counqured ethiopia. His nephew then did the same thing again after. Insha'allah , I will do the same as my forefathers before me and reclaim somali soil.

Santa Clara, CA

#3 Oct 7, 2012
Back in the days, Somalis used to live in Harar, and there are still Somalis in this great City. Even Hareri people and the Somalis have had marriage interaction. It's need a great deal of research to see who are rightful owners of this City. I'll check it later when I get a chance, Insha Allah.
Lion of Harar


#4 Oct 22, 2012
It's important to speak about history with knowledge. As for what Ahlam said, you are right to an extent, there used to be an Empire in the past called Adal. However, there was never ever a period in time when there was a national, sovreign entity called "Somalia" unified under one somali leader. Adal back then consisted of a huge part of nowaday Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, and southern eritrea. This was a a multicultural society. However, as history serves, there was NEVER any somali people that lived in Harar. The Hararis have always been the inhabitants of Harar. Harar was never somali soil. If you read the book called "Futuhul-Habesha" about the conquest of the great leader of Harar, Imam Ahmad Gragn (somalis call him Ahmad Gurey) the author of the book clearly states that Harar was his home, and he always had good relations, and at times attacked somalis in THE LAND OF THE SOMALIS. Clearly differenciating his land of harar, from the land of the somalis. His brother in law was Ahmad Girri, a somali chieftan. But as far as Harar being somali land, or that somalis lived in Harar, this is just something that is constantly repeated over, and over again. It is very frustrating to the Hararis who have always documented their history. Yes, somalis are our brothers and sisters in Islam, just as our beloved oromo brothers and sisters, and our Afar brothers and sister, and the rest of the Ethiopian Muslims, but fact is fact, and hear say is hear say.
Sheikh Voodoo

Melbourne, Australia

#5 Oct 22, 2012
Ahlam wrote:
Historically harar belongs to somalia as well as the people of harar and somali people are the same people because they share history and they had one Empire called Adal sultanate , what do you know about this ?
Historically, Melbourne, Stockholm, London, Seatle, Mpls also belong to somalia. Since somalis don't consider themselves as Africans they share history with these people.

Have you ever read the book fut7ul al-7abasha and how Ahmad Ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi aka Ahmed Gran/Gurey addresses the somali tribes?
Yakuza Yankee


#6 Oct 22, 2012
Harar belongs to Somali specialy Marehan, centry back in Harar population was 65% were Marehans, check out word library in History section.

Since: Feb 13


#8 Feb 4, 2013
Harar was never somali land. It always belonged to it's indigeous, the Harari (Adare). There is no trace of somali inhabiting that land, except those who moved there, mixed with the people and became harari themselves. I love my somali brothers 'n sisters, but it's about time y'all stop claiming everything.
amanuel dole

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

#9 Mar 20, 2013
harari people especially aderign speakers are the same with said abajifir family that means silte,alaba,neskan and all haji aliye 's family are the same

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#10 Mar 20, 2013
In your dreams!

You people are not Somali at all.

Your a mixture of Habash, Yemeni, Oromo, Somali.

Only pure Somalis can be considered Somali.


#11 Mar 20, 2013
People are very occupied about land at the same time they travel every where and they want to lvie where life is better. This is very funny.

But comming to the harari and somali People there is a big difference. Harari People are one of the most conservative People concerning religion and buisness in Ethiopia. In good or bad time they stay in their region. They leave their region only for education and buisness. They dont scoop to any New governments to get any anfair advantage as a Group or individual. They have the respect from differnet ethnic Groups in Ethiopia by persisting their conservative way of looking things and respect others religion or culture. their hosiptiatlity is a rare experience. They never confused islam for Arabs. They follow their religion according to the Book not according to arab culture. They are not nomads. They are one ethnic Group and speak harari.

So where is the similarity between them and somalians?
ino jabarti AKA waryaa

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#12 Mar 20, 2013
its sheekhaals and hararis that are related.
they both descend from Fiqi Cumar.

Since: Feb 13


#13 Mar 23, 2013
Actually ino jabarti, i have a lot of sheekhaal friends, and they tell me they left Harar quite sometime ago and settled with somalis and became somali.


#14 Mar 24, 2013
Who care as long as Harar remain Islamic city.
the Real harari


#15 Mar 25, 2013
To Lion of harar.

As you said it´s importent to speak about history with knowledge, are you spaeking with the knowledge then?
Harar ´s is culturel and language heritage,as harari´s say GEYUSU The people of city,are not ethnic,they are mixed ethnics whic majorarity somali, and Somalis are the part of Harar History, and the only real Hararis are those who have somali decent,Let me teach you litlle bit about the history of Harar,Jogal is well known in Harar
and it is two somali words like JOOg and GAL, couse all the 5 gates the guerds were somalis and when the morning opening the gates, they say Joog meaning STOP after checking the person then say Gal enter,I am not saying Harar belongs to somali´s, But since Allah creation of that land there were somalis before any one, let me explain what means HANOOLAATO.
what you know about sheqaash? sheqash were in somalia before they moved to Harar, as majority somali tripes like Gari koombo ogadens, isaacs and hawiye, and without somali woriars harar wouldnot be state today,and don´t tell me curently 40.000 thousand hararis are defence harar during oromo atack in harar during amir Abdulahi.
Iwish to speak franch, or even geysinan so i could explain clearly. sory to my poor english.All my roots are from harar and I am somali.boalekh amanbe hidaru,
the Real harari


#16 Mar 25, 2013
Check first who are the Hararis ,in harari language we call GEYUSU which means people of the city, so as my brother Lion of harar and other somali brothers mantioned
Harar was the capital of Adal.
and The founder of Harar was ABADIR IBNU RIDA.well known in Harar as SHEKH ABADIR as well as in Somalia SHEEKH ABAADIR.
He was Arab ethnicaly and crossed the gulf of Aden thru SAYLAC SOMALIA, so SHeekh ABadir was in Somalia before he was in HARAR , so the whole population in Harar is not more then 50.000 , so if you go to kabals or meet high oficials in Harar and ask those who you consider them self as hararis.
they wil stright tell you their somali clans , I am harari Adere and Harar belongs to only geyusuyach, But history writes itself.and the somalis played big Role in Harar history,

“Somali? of course.”

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#17 Mar 26, 2013
Harar belongs to Somalia; but because British people gave the western Somali to the Ethiopians, we have to deal with it.

There will come an time, when the west belongs to us again.
ino jabarti

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#18 Mar 26, 2013
Lion of Harar wrote:
Actually ino jabarti, i have a lot of sheekhaal friends, and they tell me they left Harar quite sometime ago and settled with somalis and became somali.

Sheikh Abadir Umar Ar-Rida (Somali: Abaadir Umar Ar-Rida, Arabic: أب&#15 75;دي& #1585; عم&#15 85; بن رض&#15 75;), also known as Fiqi Umar and Abadir Musa Warwaje'le,[1] was a 13th century Arab Muslim cleric and patron saint of the city of Harar in modern-day Ethiopia. He is regarded as the immediate common ancestor of the Somali Sheekhaal clan and the Harari people.

Since: Feb 13


#19 Mar 26, 2013
Dear "Ancient Prince" it is true that the British gave ogaden to Ethiopia. But Harar is abot 15-20 km from ogaden. Harar, prior to 1887, was an independant City-State, with its own Amir and government. You must also remember that traditionally somali's are nomadic people. There was never an entity or a sovreign state called "Somalia" prior to colonization. So to say that "Harar was part of somalia" you would be insinuating that Somalia was a sovereign state that incorporated Harar in its realm. But that's not the case. But if you're talking about 500 years ago, there was a multi-ethnic society called Adal where Harar was its capitol. In those days, the Hararis (back then known as Harlas or Malasay or Gaturi) were far more populated than they are today. There are a few factors why their population decreased. When the oromos invated Harar during the late 1500's, they assimilated a lot of the people. So today's Oromo's taht surround Harar city are a mixture of Harar and Oromo, but have retained the Oromo tongue. Others fled to where the somalis were, and became somalis. Others stayed in the region their campaign against the christians took place, like the Silte's. They settled in the Gurage region.

To my brother "The Real Harari" there are some Hararis who are originally somalis, i have a few friends like that, but the bulk majority of them are not somali or originally somali, or ethnically somali. If all the hararis were ethnically somali, then our langauge would be more similar to somali. But it's more similar to Argobba, Silte, Amharic and especially Tigrigna. It's only because of it being a semitically based language. Either way, all of this is irrelavent. Somali's are our brothers in Islam, and historically have been our greatest allies. Northern somalia was apart of the Adal sultanate in the glorious days, so by that definition Harar is also rightfully claimed by somalis as it was their capitol back then as well.

Fee Amaanillaah
noble gangsta


#20 Mar 26, 2013
ismail jabarti wrote:
Yes sister , a mareexan man was the sultan of harar at one point and the same man counqured ethiopia. His nephew then did the same thing again after. Insha'allah , I will do the same as my forefathers before me and reclaim somali soil.
Unfortunately the only thing mareexan will be remembered for is that they F×××ed up somalia and that is why we are where we are today...so you aint sayin or doin shit..and your place in history is in the sewage of way bck when..check yuorself before u comment everyone got beef with marehaan..and i'm mj ....bck to the subject..Haraar was a great place of learning and very developed the people living there were muslims from various tribes of the horn predominantly somali..this is fact

Since: Feb 13


#21 Mar 27, 2013
"Noble Gangsta" would you care to share these "facts" with us? Facts are something that has substance like writing from a reputable person such as a historion, or Muslim Scholar, etc. You can't just say "this is fact" and expect ppl to swallow it.

Let me present some facts, in the writing of Shihabud-Din Ahmad ibn Abdul-Qadir also known as "Arab Faqih," he relates that the Harar region (or he would also mention it as "Barru Sa3dud-Din" meaning the land of Sa3d ad-Din one of the Walashma Kings)was inhabited by the Harla's (Hararis). When he would address the somali region, he would address it as "the land of the somalis." Like he would say "and the somali cheiften Ahmad Girri approached from the land of the somalis" differentiating between Harar and Somail lands.

Another book entitled Fat7 Madinat Harar, written by Shaykh Ya7ha ibn Nasrillaah recounts the coming of Shaykh Abaadir (3Umar ar-Ridaa) along with other scholars, saints, and Muslims from Makkatal-Mukarramah (in total were 405 people) and how he established the city of Harar. He finds that the indigenous people of the Harar region were the Harla and the Gaturi (two tribe names back then for the Hararis).

None the less, somalis were in close proximity to Harar, but the region itself has always been home to the Hararis.

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