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#21 Aug 27, 2013
Sheikh Voodoo wrote:
The Saudis dealing with the Russians to support them over the overthrow of the dictatorship of Syria (the irony of dictatorship here) claim that they do control the so called "mujahedin" in Chechnya and this raises an important question. A question of who else of the so called "mujahedins" do they control? Are Alshabab included? Is Salafism as a sect a front for Saudis to influence other poorer Muslim countries to their political advantage? You be the judge.

‘‘We are only one incident away from a serious oil spike. The market is a lot tighter than people think,’’ said Chris Skrebowski, editor of Petroleum Review.
Leaked transcripts of a behind closed doors meeting between Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan shed an extraordinary light on the hard-nosed Realpolitik of the two sides.
Prince Bandar, head of Saudi intelligence, allegedly confronted the Kremlin with a mix of inducements and threats in a bid to break the deadlock over Syria.
‘‘Let us examine how to put together a unified Russian-Saudi strategy on the subject of oil. The aim is to agree on the price of oil and production quantities that keep the price stable in global oil markets,’’ he is claimed to have said at the four-hour meeting with Mr Putin.
‘‘We understand Russia’s great interest in the oil and gas in the Mediterranean from Israel to Cyprus. And we understand the importance of the Russian gas pipeline to Europe. We are not interested in competing with that. We can cooperate in this area,’’ he said, purporting to speak with the full backing of the US.
As-Safir said Prince Bandar pledged to safeguard Russia’s naval base in Syria if the Assad regime is toppled, but he also hinted at Chechen terrorist attacks on Russia’s Winter Olympics in Sochi if there is no accord.
‘‘I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the Games are controlled by us,’’ he allegedly said.
Prince Bandar went on to say that Chechens operating in Syria were a pressure tool that could be switched on and off.
‘‘We use them in the face of the Syrian regime but they will have no role in Syria’s political future.’’

Who else do they control and "use them" and "switch on and off" whenever they wish? Those illiterate Muslims from poorer Muslim countries who are dressed in Saudi Jilbabs and the likes of Chechen rebels, Alshabab and Boko Haram?
Those who are converted to Saudi Salafism believe in the hype of ibn taymiyah, ibnu baz, ibn al-Uthaymeen and the rest of the Saudi propoganda machinery aimed to control them.
So this is why Pervert in Chief is getting big ideas again. I doubt the Russians are big enough fools to fall for that one. Short term money is one thing. But long term strategy on the ground is another. I do not think there is enough money in Saudi Arabia to trick the Russians to abandon Iran and Syria at this point. I could be wrong. But I do not think so. Too much is at stake and Russians may be flip flopping evil. But not nearly as flip flopping as Obama would think. I think this mess is more of a sign on weaken on Obama's pat than anything else. Putin has no respect for him. He was ignored in Africa. All of a sudden he has remembered ta blacks voted for him. So he passes out new cellphones as the only way to survive politically. Cellphones will buy him time. And we can expect to not hear anymore about "ay" rights for a couple of years. But, overall Obama is finished. hat is why he needs to attack Syria in order to shore up his zionist support. We get the leadership we deserve. This is what happens when we put a known and open homosexual in power. Homosexuals do not reproduce usually. So in their minds, they do not care if World War III starts and ends civilization as we know it.

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#22 Aug 27, 2013
The boston bomber is minnne I'm sure once ( if ) he gets out he wouldn't want a ugly southerner he would want a tall slim and beautiful Isaaq dumbass


#23 Aug 27, 2013
Ayan wrote:
<quoted text>
he's so damn attractive i saw his picture on the cover of rolling stone and i was gushing about how cute he was to my freind. I agree with you he should of left the terroism shit and became a model or movie star.
i think his brother was hot his looks was more than just hot there isnt even a word for it!


#24 Aug 27, 2013
Aziza wrote:
<quoted text>
Hehehe the younger brother looks like a handsome rockstar with a baby face his something else.
Him and his brother are both Quruxley
i dont like what he did but you gotta admit... He is the sexiest boy ever alive !!!!!!! Now his brother is gone.


#25 Aug 27, 2013
Ayan wrote:
<quoted text>
he's so damn attractive i saw his picture on the cover of rolling stone and i was gushing about how cute he was to my freind. I agree with you he should of left the terroism shit and became a model or movie star.
i also saw him on the cover And let me just say now i think what him and his brother did was Absolutely disgusting. But their both swell lookers.

London, UK

#26 Aug 27, 2013
Lmao @ all these comments

This has become an appreciation thread

Do you guys think President Obama will pardon him on the grounds of his exceptional good looks lol


#27 Aug 27, 2013
Ruby wrote:
Lmao @ all these comments
This has become an appreciation thread
Do you guys think President Obama will pardon him on the grounds of his exceptional good looks lol
LOL his too good looking all the girls agreeing with eachother.


#28 Aug 27, 2013
heck yeah he is so hot. I dont like what he did but his sooooo fine what can i say.


#29 Aug 27, 2013
My, my, his so handsome um.m umm his looks are just him and his brother... <3<3<3<3<3<3 <3<3


#30 Aug 27, 2013
OMG his so hot... his beautiful. Damit why did he do what he did.


#31 Aug 27, 2013
you damn right hes hot, and if any of ya'll think hes ugly well you need to get your eyes looked at because your seeing things. he is the sexest man alive


#32 Aug 27, 2013
hell he is so freaken hot!!! The guy is just to sexxii!!!


#33 Aug 27, 2013
if thats the case if thats the way his looking i wanna get myself a Chechen guy.


#34 Aug 27, 2013
his got one of those one in a million faces. Priceless his brother aswell.


#35 Aug 27, 2013
he brought sexy back, he is SO FINE!:) i wish i find a guy as hot as him...seriously


#36 Aug 27, 2013
Omg! He is sexy XD yes i thought it was just me! He is so damn hot!!


#37 Aug 27, 2013
he is stunningly, unbelievably sexy!


#38 Aug 27, 2013
hell yeah!!:D He's gorgeous! &#9829; Honestly! HE'S A SEXY BEAST :D SOOOO FIT

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#39 Aug 27, 2013
Sheikh Voodoo wrote:
<quoted text>
Imam Chotto, the Saudis are a major shareholders of News Corporation and are co-owners with Rubert Murdoch of his media empire including the so called "Islam-phoebic" Fox News and Bandar Bin Sutlan Binu Abdulasis who made those quotes to the Russians has been nicknamed as Bandar Binu Bush.
What do the Somali Salafis think?
<quoted text>
The Chechen guys are as hot as Somali men because they are not afraid to die.
Every single Muslim hates the Saudi royal family. The reasons would be too long to list. Anyways, this is not surprising all the five permanent members of the UN (Russia, China, Us, Uk, France)do stuff like this. they don't touch their resources and go into other countries (mainly Muslim Countries) and take their resources. Do you know how much Oil Russia has? Siberia. yup, almost 13.1 million square kilometers of Oil. So why would they want to go to another country for oil? Well, why would they use their resources when they can use other peoples and save theirs for a rainy day. They (All five countries) are snakes in the grass and everyone is over looking what is actually going on.
Sheikh Voodoo

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#40 Aug 28, 2013
peace n shaax123 wrote:
Every single Muslim hates the Saudi royal family. The reasons would be too long to list.

You do hate the Saudi Royal Family but, blindly follow salafism/wahabism that they have invented congruent with Mohamed abdulwahab's family and represented now by his great-great-great grandson as the current Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Al-Sheikh. You love their ideology but, hate them personally. Dear, everything is politics and self preservation while religion comes in distant third. It is like an alcoholic saying, I love to drink heavily everyday, but hate the constant hangovers.

"The Al ash-Sheikh also transliterated in a number of other ways, including Al ash-Shaykh, Al ash-Shaikh, Al al-Shaykh, or Al-Shaykh[note 2] is Saudi Arabia's leading religious family. They are the descendants of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, the 18th century founder of the Wahhabi form of Sunni Islam which is today dominant in Saudi Arabia. Within Saudi Arabia, the family is second in prestige only to the Saudi royal family, the Al Saud, with whom they formed a power-sharing arrangement nearly 300 years ago. The arrangement, which persists to this day, is based on the Al Saud maintaining the Al ash-Sheikh's authority in religious matters and the Al ash-Sheikh supporting the Al Saud's political authority.

Although the Al ash-Sheikh's domination of the religious establishment has diminished in recent decades, they still hold most of the important religious posts in Saudi Arabia, and are closely linked to the Al Saud by a high degree of intermarriage. Because of the Al ash Sheikh's religious-moral authority, the arrangement between the two families remains crucial in maintaining the Saudi royal family's legitimacy to rule the country."

The Al ash-Sheikh ulema have dominated key state institutions such as the Senior Council of Ulema and the Higher Council of Qadis (Judges). Traditionally the most senior religious office, the Grand Mufti, was filled by a member of the family,[14] and, in fact, there has only ever been one Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia who was not an Al ash-Sheikh.[29] Other members of the family serve in important military and civilian capacities, as well as serving as judges and other religious figures.[7]"

Some of Mohamed Abdulwahab's descendants past and present members of the Saudi government.

Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Al ash-Sheikh, current Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia.

Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al ash-Sheikh, Saudi Minister of Justice (1993–2009)

Ibrahim ibn Muhammad Al ash-Sheikh, Saudi Minister of Justice (1975–1990

Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Al ash-Sheikh (1893–1969), Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia from 1953 to 1969.

Saleh bin Abdul-Aziz Al ash-Sheikh, current Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs since 1996.

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