It is bad time for tourists and businessmen from Asia.

In recent weeks, the attacks on Asian firms and people of Chinese descent (and look-alikes) were ferocious. That is ethnically motivated violence while Vietnamese government forces stayed back and watched.

Chaos spread this week from the south to northern cities.

The government took no actions to stop the violence and protect foreigners or its own citizens of Chinese ancestry.

Tourists and businessmen should avoid Vietnam now. It is unsafe to travel to Vietnam given the chaos and organized violence that broke out since last week.

Because of territorial conflicts with the PRC, the Vietnamese communist government organized and encouraged protests against China and Chinese people living there.

But this manipulation of Vietnamese public opinions backed fire and went out of control. Tens of thousands of protesters attacked people of Chinese descent and burned down their houses and businesses. Protesters looted the businesses first, attacked Chinese people, and look-alikes and destroyed and burned down storefronts, and factories owned by Chinese people. So far, 21 Chinese and 5 Vietnamese people died and hundreds of people were injured.

The hardest hit are Taiwanese-controlled enterprises. Vietnamese attackers not only attacked enterprises owned by Chinese from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and PRC and those owned by Vietnamese citizens of Chinese ancestry. They also attacked enterprises from Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. An industrial park run by Singapore was not spared.

Chinese enterprises directly from People's Republic of China account for only a small portion of Chinese controlled-enterprises in Vietnam. Taiwan is the largest sources of investment, and around 5,000 Taiwanese companies are operating there. The next are Hong Kong, South Korean, Japanese and Singaporean companies. Many people of Chinese descent escaped to Laos and Cambodia.

According to witnesses, protesters and attackers came on motorcycles in the number of thousands or over 10 thousand each time. They seemed to act in concert and their steps were pre-planned. They came on motorcycles to surround foreign enterprises, then they looted the businesses, and searched for people. They attacked people within buildings and locked the front and back doors of the buildings before setting them on fire.

After completing the actions in one spot, they move on to the next spot.

According to Taiwanese victims who safely arrived in Taipei in the last 3 days, the actions of the attackers were so quick, and they knew exactly what to do. These victims' offices were locked and set on fire. Some of they escaped through windows. One Taiwanese business owner hid himself in trash dump and narrowly escaped the crowd.

Two Taiwanese escapees working for the same factory were saved by Australians next doors. After their factory were surrounded by Vietnamese attackers, they phoned their neighbour, an Australian firm. The Australians sent a truck to pretend to deliver materials, and they hid the Taiwanese within boxes of cargoes.(Good job!)

In such a communist country, if it is not permitted and organized by the government, no one has the resources and flexibility to organize protests in such a large scale. Note thousands or tens of thousands of attackers came on motorcycles each time.

But the Vietnamese plan has backed fire and innocent lives were lost.