1.The Tail light was built to improve the security of night riding and cycling entertainment. Two dual light lines on the road send by the laser indicator to keep a safe distance.
2. Laser designs, energy saved, highlight LED with 3 flash modes, wide visibility

3. For all seat post, from Φ20mm-36mm.
4. Battery: AAAŚ2, easily installed
5. Environmentally friendly

Please note:
Laser security reach Class IIIA standard, please do not look straightly into the eyes.
About Battery:
1. Battery is not included due to the shipping problem.
2. 2 pcs of AAA battery is needed and easily installed.
3. All function LED and Laser steady light, it could work 9 hour, if only LED
flashing, it could work up to 36 hour.

About Modes of LED Laser Tail Light
Button A
Press One time,LED light slowly flashed,
Press Two times,LED light quickly flashed,
Press Three times,LED light keep lighting,
Press Four times,LED light off.
Button B
Press One time,Laser ON,
Press Two times,Laser OFF.
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To see real effect of LED Laser Tail Light:
[video=youtube;XC5KC1fwObA]htt p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XC 5KC1fwObA&feature=player_e mbedded[/video]

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