why chinese like pig ???

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malaysia jaya

Mount Morris, MI

#1 Apr 11, 2011
too much eat pig ?

Singapore, Singapore

#2 Apr 11, 2011
Because we treat malays as pig thats why we eat alot of pig...!!
malaysia jaya

Santa Clara, CA

#3 Apr 11, 2011
c'mon i asks seriously why chinese face look like pig ???
Macam i tengok kat singapork ramai cina dorang punya face so similar with pig !
Kah kah kah

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#4 Apr 14, 2011
malaysia jaya, let's face fact, you people hate chinese is becos of all stupid propaganda, twisted logic, by your stupid UMNO govt, why do ppl of Thailand can get along well with Chinese??
Do you know that your UMNO is the ONLY govt that openly spread wrong, damaging logics about the chinese ppl, create disunity among all Malaysian!!
No other civilized govt do that!!
e.g. China govt always stop their Han (majority) ppl from bullying their minorities! giving priority to minorities! similarly with many other govts.
Sadly, many malaysia malay cannot realize how ugly is UMNO !! sigh!!

Singapore, Singapore

#5 Apr 14, 2011
Fu@k u BARBE Malaysia jaya your face then look like a Fu@king PIG $&@#%
Chinese Fake


#6 Apr 16, 2011
Fcuk the pig face, pig eyes and pig body chinese, without the malays and their land to accommodate you, you chinese peoples would had died in china during the revolutions and wars. Chineses are ungrateful, monopoliser and selfish, take a look at chinese history and you will understand. The Thai Chineses is the basic cause of all the problems in Thailand if you want to study it, they use nationalism system to protect them. Thailand is controlled by the Chinese teochew, to sum it up, you chineses belong to china, why are you in the malay land controlling and humiliating the malay. You son-of-pigs chineses piss-off! go back to your country this is my country. Btw who invite you chinese pigs to come and live here and to controlled and monopolised the malays.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#7 Apr 16, 2011
chinese fake, do you know indon president (after suharto) beg all former indon chinese to come back to indon to help to develop indon,
dont argue lah! without chinese in malaysia, malaysia will be like poor indon area today or like poor areas of myanmar today.
be patient lah, chinese getting less n less in malaysia, you should be more n more happy, go on press your govt to send all chinese back to china or taiwan or elsewhere,
then see what will happen to economy of malaysia, make sure you or your friends will not lost jobs, you want to depend on govt?? don't forget who pay the most tax, without enough tax, how govt can feed you?? ask yourself,
dont be brainwashed by UMNO govt lah, think rationally lah, fight, fight, what you get?? peace, peace, friend, cooparate, baru lah ada harapan cemerlang untuk malaysia !!
Small 6

Darlinghurst, Australia

#8 Jul 10, 2011
Haih.. Who are the ones truly from Malaysia? Not you Malays.. Stop accusing of us Chinese being here. We pay the most tax and your greedy corrupted police workforce overtax us during upcoming holidays just so they can have fun with that money. What do you get from fighting us? You said we would have died during the wars? Look at how many of us there are now? All the Chinese are leaving Malaysia now. Within 20-30 years time there would be none of us there. Lets see what happens then. Just compare Singapore with Malaysia lah. Malaysia is like 10 times the size, yet so much less successful than Singapore. When I migrated to Australia most of the people know where Singapore is rather than Malaysia. The only reason is because their government is not prejudice. They accept people into their society. Why cant Malaysian government? They are already reverting school teaching formats back to Malay. Soon Malaysia's English level will become those of Singapore's primary 1 level. UMNO is trying to rid the land of Chinese. Why are you all giving them that chance? Just because they've brain-ed washed you doesn't mean that you have to live the next 20 or 30 years as a puppet fulfilling their preposterous propaganda. We can live in harmony. We are willing to pay taxes and boost the economy of Malaysia. But only if we get equality from the government. Is that too much to ask? Just look. Every time there's an election UMNO always wins no matter what. I've seen many articles on how we are prejudice to one another. I apologize for my brethren's despicable behavior but the things your kind has said will scar us for many years.
PM Najib

Jakarta, Indonesia

#9 Jul 11, 2011
Hahaha.... let's eat bakso Indonesia very2 delicious... i don't care like what Chinese people will always be my brothers & sisters forever, at least they are not lazy like u lahh....

Singapore, Singapore

#10 Jul 12, 2011
we choose to pig becos the malay cannot eat pig....so they have bow down..they are pig with no education...Allah...allah they alway bow down...that why we are ""allah"" your god

Santa Clara, CA

#11 Jul 29, 2011
maybe you should just shut up, pig. All of singapork ppl (chinese) are like a pig. Come on, why chinesee face like pig? Bcause theyre fat, have a big nose, small eyes, distend abdomen, alwys eat pig, nd they behaviour look like a pig. Their blood = pig's blood, their brain = pig's brain, their bone = pig's bone. Overall CHINESEE = PIG

Since: May 10

Location hidden

#12 Aug 1, 2011
fight!!! fight!!! fight!!!


#13 Aug 2, 2011
Pemburu Indon wrote:
fight!!! fight!!! fight!!!
Kashmir warior

Klang, Malaysia

#14 Mar 3, 2013
shut the hell up You chinese ugly bitch, malaysia dudes dont worry,, your indian bro is here to help you, im here not a streotypes or racist but i personally dont like chinese due to their attitudes and their selfism,, majority of chinese are the worst people in the world, majortiy of chinese are number one international criminals according to justice, do you realize that most chinese think that they are good looking ,in fact, according to others they are nothing but ugly,i had green eyes and foreign ancesters,and i myself declare that good and bad in all, but excluded of chinese, chinese are number one internatioanls criminals and cheaters, you can trust anyone but chinese,stay away from chinese cuz they are selfish and they care nothing about peoples but money

by chinese i mean one from china and malaysia( malaysian chinese),
but singaporean chinese are well educated and very respective, to me,i dont admit singaporean as chinese cuz they are far better than real chinas chinese, thats all.. all singaporeans are angels, but chinas chinese are evill...lol.. tRue , fact remains fact
Chinas Prostitue

Klang, Malaysia

#15 Mar 3, 2013
one thing, about the real fact is that chinese were imported to malaysia is only for prostitution, believe it or not, thats the fact

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