China women in Singapore

China women Vice and heartbreak Seductive, money-minded ones are turning lives upside down, but blame also lies with naive Singaporean males. Full Story
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United States

#1 Jul 3, 2006
Singapore men are just HUM SAAP !!!
They deserve what they get
Pay up

Singapore, Singapore

#2 Aug 2, 2006
Bill's remarks is an impulsive outburst on a subject he has thought little about. Singapore men, like most other Asians are less exposed or open to sex as their counterparts in the West who are very 'free' on the subject of sex in the form of multiple partners, one night stands, orgies, ex-marital affairs etc., so sex is not a lethal weapon to use on them. At most I can say about the male victims who fall prey to those China women is that they are naive. (Hum Saap meaning lecherous in Cantonese dialect)
Bill Gomez

Las Vegas, NV

#3 Aug 21, 2006
To each his own
Bill Gomez

Las Vegas, NV

#4 Aug 21, 2006
To each his own.
You need more eye openings and exposure to the realities of life. Don't be naive man!!!!
Bill Gomez

Las Vegas, NV

#5 Aug 21, 2006
Don't be rediculously naive yourself.
Open your eye man!!!!


#6 Aug 21, 2006
Bill wrote:
Singapore men are just HUM SAAP !!!
They deserve what they get
Yes, they are not only HUM SAAP, Kiasu, Arrogant and most of all Snop.
Could agree you with Bill
trueblue singaporean

Newtown, Australia

#7 Feb 11, 2007
please .. i dont see the attraction in china'a chinese women. they are uncouth and unsophisticated. basically its the local losers who cant get a singaporean that will venture downwards to going for "chinese"
fyi, there are alot of chinese women masquerading as singaporeans all over the world when they are turning tricks , either as a massuese(hooker)or simply,a hooker.
to these chinese women, pleeeaaase stop abusing our singaporean passports, if you have to at least tell the truth-that you are chinese and not singaporean.
at this point , i am really embarrassed to be singaporean, our government is too passport-issue happy. any freaking tom, dick, and harry can get a singaporean passport. sshhheeesssh!!!
trueblue singaporean

Newtown, Australia

#8 Feb 11, 2007
on this topic, i can just go on and on.
continuing from my previous post-..
i am studying in australia and have some friends who visits brothels here. they have told me that there have been times when the hooker in question blithely and smugly tells them that she(they) is(are) singaporean when its so blatantly obvious that they are mainland chinese.when prompted further, none of them can even speak any semblance of the english language at all!!
whats' going on? why is singapore's attitude towards mainland chinese' immigration criteria so lax?????cant we have some professionals instead of all these $2 whores ruining the value of my nationality?
i am flabergasted to think that the singaporean govt is knowingly giving the green light for all these phonies to get their hands on a singaporean passport, please just kindly refer them to malaysia instead..
nill by mouth

Singapore, Singapore

#9 Feb 25, 2007

North Vancouver, Canada

#10 Feb 25, 2007
China women are the best.
They are not for the losers.

Southampton, UK

#11 Feb 27, 2007
cheebye wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, they are not only HUM SAAP, Kiasu, Arrogant and most of all Snop.
Could agree you with Bill
If what you perceive all Singapore men are like == look what you call yourself, it sounds so vulgar. More like Glass houses and stones - heard of this phrase??

Lake Charles, LA

#12 Mar 5, 2007
Please read the original article that is the preamble of this forum. If Singaporeans are put off by the description of the naive Singaporean profile in this forum,then the article is not any kinder. Bringing home that it is simply stupidity that had wrought all that misery may knock some sense hopefully into some.Defending the virtues of the majority of Singaporeans is not the thrust of this forum.If Singaporeans do not recognise this, then it is no surprise that they do not see beyond their smug and arrogant noses to appreciate what is good for themselves in their paternalistic and pampered society.
When, exposed to the real world outside of the 250sq miles, they are easy victims to cheats and liars. So,continue in your marry ways, oops!! I mean merry , as live goes on... stupids!!!

Tokyo, Japan

#13 Mar 6, 2007
Yes... I've travelled widely and felt myself that Singaporeans are arrogant and cocky. The problem is my Malaysian colleagues who have become very successful in Singapore somehow ended up being just as cocky too.. I remember they started out humble though.
It's just that most people don't know how to handle "success" or so they thought.
I'm a Singaporean myself..

Lake Charles, LA

#14 Mar 11, 2007
Know what, SWK

I am a Singaporean and have travelled and worked extensively too.
Did all my NS and just submitted my Sing income tax.
This arrogance and stupidity just puts me off.
A global sense of the world is lacking amongst our citizens unfortunately contrary to what the myopic average Singaporean may think, or is sublimated to do so.

Singapore, Singapore

#15 Mar 14, 2007
Hi guys,

I'm really sick of Singapore as well actually. Every1 is just putting up a mask to live with their lives. It's crap, really. I am especially Sick of NS, where every1 backstabs to get what they want. I hope to migrate too. China Girls are pitiful. We sometimes have to put ourselves into their shoes and think from their perspective. We shouldn't just reprimand them for what they did. Some did prostitution out of desperation. If you have a chance, go down to China Kampungs (villages) at the countryside to take a look. You will be shocked by how much they earn per month.

Singapore, Singapore

#16 Mar 24, 2007
China girls are Dragon Ladiesss...they admit that in media and it is so clear yet they are so so cheap i suppose... and snatching away other pple's hubby and money is realy bad bad thing to do. Everytime i look at them, they look so yuckkyyyy!ewww...

Singapore, Singapore

#17 Mar 24, 2007
i guess one man is not enough for these dragon ladiesss...everywhere you go they are always there, i guess sooner or later they will conquer the whole universe huh!
Smart Singapore Guy

Singapore, Singapore

#18 Mar 27, 2007
I'd like to sleep with China women. They know how to show me a good time, unlike Singapore women. China women also very pretty, nice facial features, fair smooth skin, look like movie stars. Even the average China woman looks better than the actress at Mediacorp, Singapore's main media production company.

Singapore, Singapore

#19 Mar 29, 2007
we are merely puppets acting out our life in a big stage called singapore....but whose pulling the strings...

ever thought if demographic reasons could be why these women are still around...

Singapore, Singapore

#20 Apr 5, 2007
When i arrived i had sky high opinions...the way the people behave here is throwing mud on each other. chinese on indian and malay, malay on indian and chine, and indian on the rest...which is not a healthy atmosphere...sinporian chinese sometimes dont like native chinese and indian not native indians....where we are really going...let us not try to spoil the younger generation by teaching them the worst ways..let them be good and oblivious to all these worse things..let us try to eradicate racism..

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