RTS: "srbi su albanci"

RTS: "srbi su albanci"

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“=U=bi, =U=bi, tursku vlahudiju”

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#1 Jul 18, 2014
A i jesu! Obadvoje su se dovukli iz bliskoga istoka! Jedina razlika je jedan je ostao cist arapin, a drugi je porao svoje gene od turskoga kurca!

Osmonagic Mehmetjarov

Edmonton, Canada

#2 Jul 18, 2014

Srbi su prezhivjeli zahvaljujuci sherijatu!(islamic sharia law)
Arkadios Agapetrovsky

Edmonton, Canada

#3 Jul 19, 2014

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was born in Taiwan in 1933 to parents of Slavic origin. He inherited the throne of Bulgaria in 1934 but never actually travelled to the country. At the age of 14 he joined the US Navy and spent a decade stationed at Pearl Harbour, where he single-handedly shot down the entire Japanese airforce during their ill-fated attack. He then realised that a different outcome to the attack would lead to a far more marketable story so he scuppered the US fleet himself and falsified the records, leading to the commissioning of World War II, one of the longest-running public enquiries in history.
Having saved and later ruined the day at Pearl Harbour, Franz then spent a while working at Brookhaven as a nuclear scientist, discovering the proton, neutron, antineutrino, Higgs Boson and God's phone number, but subsequently destroying the evidence for fear of such discoveries being taught to university students who would subsequently make terrible physics puns about them. He was found out, however, and deported to Austro-Hungary at the turn of the 19th century using the time machine|time machine (The Turdis) he'd created in his spare time.
Arkadios Agapetrovsky

Edmonton, Canada

#4 Jul 19, 2014
The Austro-Hungary Years

When he emerged from his steaming time capsule on the streets of Vienna in 1888, Franz Ferdinand was regarded as a God by those who witnessed the event. One person was a Mason, who stole the time machine and retrospectively founded the masonic sect of Franz Ferdinand which survives to this day, profiting primarily from merchandising.

The man himself was immediately given the title of King by the doting citizens of Austro Hungary, but he was quickly demoted to Archduke when it was discovered that he harboured plans to introduce compulsory veganism. He spent the twilight years of his life wandering around the countryside, developing a penchant for nude hillwalking, which earned him the nickname "Archduke Franz 'Naked Hillwalker' Ferdinand".

He is the little known creator of the game secret snog, which was originally included in the Harry Potter books, but was cut out.
Arkadios Agapetrovsky

Edmonton, Canada

#5 Jul 19, 2014
The Assessment
The assessment of Franz in Prague was one of the top 5 (okay, 10) causes of the War of 1812. In summary: he was given a credit, but was expecting a high distinction, and things just sort of escalated.
“Touchy little shit. The submitted paper was barely even worth a credit.”
~ Oscar Wilde on The Assessment of Franz Ferdinand

The Assassination
Sadly his antics had enraged local fundamentalist Christian group The Black Handbag Organisation who swore to end his cavorting ways. to do this, they hired the Irken military strategist known as Invader Zim. Zim was pleased to kill another human because he planned to conquer planet earth by getting publicity. The deed was done at a Webcomic conference in Serbo-Croatia when Zim, who was also a sniping champion on his home planet of Irk stabbed the Archduke in the ankle with a ricin-filled umbrella whilst shouting "bang". As the startled Arch Duke was distacted, he failed to notice as a henway was dropped on him. Invader Zim claimed responsibility for the attack, and it was subsequently proven that Zim was the killer since previous to this attack, he had brainwashed several civilians into doing the Umbrella Jab Dance at a local pub while disguised as an old man. The last words Ferdinand spoke were "I know I won't be leaving here with you."
Upon his death, the world was so outraged that war was declared, and battle came down. This war was originally named "World War I" but had to be renamed "Battle Royale" due to a copyright infringement case brought in 1980.

Belgrade, Serbia

#6 Jul 19, 2014
Srbi su kurac

u bosnjackoj picki. Tako ste nastali

Since: Jul 13

Genova, Italy

#7 Jul 19, 2014
30.000 Serbs in Albania...such a figure is not even in Kosovo:...

There are not Serbs in Albania only Montenegrins...

They are some remnants of Slavic populace during Ottoman Empire...or some others came from Montenegro haunted by Pasic regime due of their Muslim religion or others even Catholics....

Since: Jul 13

Genova, Italy

#8 Jul 19, 2014
Burhan Çuliç, head of Montenegrin minorance in Albania "The world knows only three minorities,Greek ,Macedonian and ours, Montenegrin. It remained Serbo-Montenegrin minority when the former Yugoslavia was then stood Serbia and Montenegro. The moment was separated individually Montenegro and Serbia, we went to court and it was shared with the kindly understanding. Today we have while we have our activity, "says the head of the Montenegrin association Burhan Çuliçi.....


#9 Jul 19, 2014
Teddy_ wrote:
30.000 Serbs in Albania...such a figure is not even in Kosovo:...
There are not Serbs in Albania only Montenegrins...
They are some remnants of Slavic populace during Ottoman Empire...or some others came from Montenegro haunted by Pasic regime due of their Muslim religion or others even Catholics....
turkophagoparasi tonomiac

Edmonton, Canada

#10 Jul 21, 2014
Neoconservative (Douglas Murray) Slams Moral Relativism
turkophagoparasi tonomiac

Edmonton, Canada

#11 Jul 21, 2014
"Islam says people have a right to protect themselves" - Anjem Choudary
Actually, non-Muslims are not allowed to defend themselves against Muslims under Sharia. What he meant to say is, "Muslims have a right to protect Islam from being hindered in it's goal of bringing all the world under Islam. I have no trouble collecting financial benefits from the Kuffar government because I am successfully being a drain on the society I hate and want to subjugate, and my collecting money from non-Muslims is a return to the way things should be; that is, non-Muslims need to pay Muslims the jizya tax and feel themselves subdued. I enjoy and exploit the freedoms, liberties and support of the Western society I live in, yet at the same time I am relentless in my attempts to take the West's freedom away. I groom people to fight in the Jihad against the West and against all non-Muslims and I try to guilt people into feeling bigoted for criticizing or apposing me. In short I, Anjem, am at war with you, great satan west, but I am milking you for everything you're worth because you should be my slave." -What Anjem meant to say.



#12 Jul 21, 2014

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