In the many years we've been dealing with property sales in Ukraine, this has got to be among the very best bargains. A large newly built house in ideal commuter zone just outside Kiev going for way less than other properties.

A couple of months ago we sold a similar property nearby for $250,000! It goes to show what incredible value this property is.

The owner can't afford his mortgage and has been dropping his price steadily for over a year. Now, the bank is going to foreclose on the property unless he can get a last minute buyer. The owner has dropped his price to a final panic low price of $60,000. The perfect time for an investor to buy and profit. As this property when finished will be very desirable for rental, return on investment should be very high. Around 25%.

People working in Kiev often prefer the fresh air and space of outside the city and that's where this house is - in a popular residential zone just 12 kms from Kiev. Borisipol airport is just minutes away.

It should rent for $3000 to $4000 a month, depending on finish.

Please understand that this price of just $60,000, even for a property that needs completing, is remarkably low. We have another similar property on our books that is similar for $300,000. And it too needs finishing!

Kiev property details:

Total living space: 262 m2

Ground floor
- Living room (43 m2)
- Kitchen (25 m2)
- Bathroom (7 m2)
- Office (10 m2)
- Boiler room (6 m2)
- Double garage (41 m2)
- Corridor (8 m2)

First floor
- 4 bedrooms ( 19m2)
- Room (24 m2)
- Bathroom (8 m2)
- Storage room (33 m2)

This property is on a larger than normal plot too. Plots in this area are typically 600m2 but this one is 1342m2 which means there is plenty of space for a garden and even pool installation. Installing an outdoor (covered) pool in the property would increase the monthly rental amount to around $4000.

There are NO annual property taxes for this home.


ROI (after completion) about 25%

Turn-key option

This property can be bought and left as it is to be used as a buy and hold investment. Or it can be refurbished to a good quality rental standard to be either flipped or rented out.

Renovating it does not need direct investor involvement, if you wish.