Litivenko, Putin was gay.

Litivenko, Putin was gay.

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Mcbride, Canada

#1 Dec 17, 2006
Not only did the KGB/FSB hire Al qaeda to do 9-11, Vlad the bad is gay.
CNN exposes "motive" for Putin to order hit on Litivenko.
Tabloid Press USA. Investigative journalism at it's best by Paula Zahn.
From CNN transcript.
GVOSDEV: Well, this is the -- one of the murky aspects of the Litvinenko case. It's one of these areas where Russian secret service agents, where organized crime, where business interests all come together in a very murky world.
The more that the British investigate into the affair, the more they are turning up very puzzling -- and questioning what's been happening. Mr. Litvinenko, for example, there are allegations now, was he going to be blackmailing Russian businessmen? Did he have a falling out with Mr. Berezovsky? Was he targeted by a hit squad of former agents, who have taken it on themselves to eliminate enemies of the Russian state?
With so much rumor circulating around, I do think it is important to let the British continue with the investigation, to let -- let's get some more facts on table, because, within the last 48 hours, so many different theories have now begun to circulate in Britain, in Russia, in the United States, it makes it difficult to keep track.
And I think we do need...
ZAHN: All right.
GVOSDEV:... to let some more facts get on the table, before we start jumping to conclusions.
ZAHN: So, Jill, are you confident that the Russians are going to give Scotland Yard and the various intelligence services in Great Britain the help they need in trying to figure out who killed Litvinenko?
JILL DOUGHERTY, CNN INTERNATIONAL U.S. AFFAIRS EDITOR: You know, it sounds as if they are pretty sensitive about having a police force from another country come in and do something in their country. And that's probably some of that Russian pride, and, also, as was pointed, their laws, you know? So, they will have to deal with that.
The question, I think, now is, is it possible to get to the bottom of this? Because, as Nikolas and everybody else has been pointing out, it's extremely complex. And where would you get this substance? And how would you get it to the person?
And, then the ultimate question: Why Litvinenko, and why now? There were a lot of people who obviously wanted to kill him. He had a lot of information. You know, back when he was a KGB officer, his specialty was corruption. He was looking into corruption. So, he probably had the goods on a number of people. And I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who would want him dead.
ZAHN: Sure.
DOUGHERTY: So, it's -- you know, where do you go?
ZAHN: Well...
DOUGHERTY: There are a lot of people.
ZAHN:... including reports, Nikolas, that would suggest that people wouldn't be surprised if Vladimir Putin wouldn't want him dead, after he went public with allegations that Mr. Putin was having sex with men.
GVOSDEV: Yes. I mean, that's certainly been put forward as -- as one of the theories.

Mcbride, Canada

#2 Dec 17, 2006
Litvinenko. Not Litivenko****

United States

#3 Jan 29, 2007
A different twist to this story.

Spy Death by Nuclear Poisoning Tied to American Hiroshima
by:Dr. Paul Williams, PhD & Lee Boyland

The death of Alexander Litvinenko by radiological poisoning points to the possibility that the former Soviet spy may have been involved with Islamic terrorists in the preparation of tactical nuclear weapons for use in the jihad against the United States and its NATO allies.

Litvinenko, a former KGB agent, died in London on November 23 after ingesting a microscopic amount of polonium-210.

In a deathbed statement, Litvinenko blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for the poisoning -- an accusation which the Kremlin has vehemently denied.

The denial is fortified by the fact that polonium-210 is a very rare radiological substance that is man-made by bombarding Bismuth-209 with neutrons within a nuclear reactor. It is expensive to produce and difficult to handle.

When Russian officials resorted to nuclear poisoning in the past -- including the assassination of two Swiss intelligence officials who were engaged with Russia and South Africa in the nuclear black market -- they relied on such readily available radiological substances as cesium-137 in salt form.

According to nuclear expert David Morgan, killing a spy or political dissident with a grain or two of polonium-210 is as ludicrous as shooting a rat with a howitzer.

"According to nuclear expert David Morgan, killing a spy or political dissident with a grain or two of polonium-210 is as ludicrous as shooting a rat with a howitzer."

Litvinenko, who was born an orthodox Christian, was a convert to Islam with close ties to the Chechen rebels. His last words consisted of his desire to be buried “according to Muslim tradition.”

In recent years, considerable attention has been paid to suitcase nukes that were developed by US and Soviet forces during the Cold War. Reliable sources, including Hans Blix of the United Nation, have confirmed that bin Laden purchased several of these devises from the Chechen rebels in 1996. According to Sharif al-Masri and other al Qaeda operatives who have been taken into custody, several of these weapons have been forward deployed to the United States in preparation for al Qaeda’s next attack on American soil.

This brings us to the mysterious case of Litvinenko.

The neutron source or “triggers” of the suitcase nukes are composed of beryllium-9 and polonium-210. When these two elements are combined, the alpha particle is absorbed by the nucleus of the beryllium causing it to decay by emitting a neutron. Such “triggers” were a feature of early nuclear weapons in the US and Soviet stockpiles.

Polonium-210 has a half-life of 138 days, necessitating the replacement of the triggers every six months. For this reason, the suitcase nukes are far from maintenance-free. In addition, the nuclear core of these devises emit a temperature in excess of one hundred degrees Fahrenheit -- further exposing the weapons to oxidation and rust. Small wonder that al Qaeda operatives including Adnan el-Shukrijumah, who are spearheading “the American Hiroshima” have received extensive training in nuclear technology.

Polonium-beryllium triggers are packaged in foil packs about the size of a package on sugar on a restaurant table. When the twin foil packages are crushed, the elements mix and the neutrons are emitted. A courier transporting nuclear triggers could have had a mishap causing the packages to rupture and a trail of contamination to occur.

Polonium-210 is a fine powder, easily aerosolized. Litvinenko could have inhaled the powder, or had a grain or two on his fingers when he ate the sushi.

Paul Williams is the author of "The Al Qaeda Connection" and forthcoming "The Day of Islam". Lee Boyland is the author of "The Rings of Allah."

Since: Jan 07

United States

#4 Jan 29, 2007
Soviet-style dirty tricks still rule Russia
The recent tragic deaths of two Russians, one a former spy and the other an outspoken journalist, not to mention many others reporting ill, leads us to believe that Mother Russia is still up to her characteristic shenanigans.
The poisoning of former KGB spy and Kremlin critic Alexander Litvinenko – if proven to be done by Russia or its emissaries – could be the latest example of the reemergence of the Soviet-style tactics from Moscow.
Litvinenko had been critical of another former KGB agent – Russian President Vladmir Putin. Litvinenko blamed him for the murder of journalist Anna Polikovskaya, a detractor of Russia’s military actions in Chechnya, shortly before Putin’s trip to Germany in October.
Months earlier, Vice President Dick Cheney skewered Moscow for oppressing dissidents and civil society in the old Soviet Republic. In a speech, scheduled purposely two months before the G8 Summit in Russia, Cheney accused Moscow of backsliding toward autocracy.
According to the Washington Post, Russia has rigged or cancelled elections, prosecuted dissidents and took control of independent television. Plus, Putin has been accused of harassing groups in civil society to deflect criticism of his administration.
“In many areas of civil society, from religion and the news media to advocacy groups and political parties, the government has unfairly and improperly restricted the rights of her people,” Cheney said of Russia.
In his speech in the former Soviet nation of Lithuania, Cheney also criticized Russia for using its oil and other natural resources as “tools of intimidation and blackmail” against its neighboring countries, including the perennially problematic provinces Georgia, Chechnya, Azerbaijan and Moldova
But the United States has recently found itself in a conflicting stance on Russia. While Cheney urges for reform, the administration cuts funding for democratic opposition groups and President Bush plays nice with Putin, as he seeks help against Iran’s nuclear ambitions.
The one carrot the United States has over Russia is its admittance into the World Trade Organization, something Putin has lobbied Bush personally for but has failed to seal.
In fact, Russia has made some uncharacteristic moves in hopes of garnering enough support for admittance into the WTO. One example of a policy change is the lift on the ban of Moldavian meats and wines. Conversely, a ban on European Union meats has jeopardized Eurasian nation’s chances of joining the WTO. The policies, regardless of what superficially seems to be the intent, are all tainted with provisions that only benefit Russia, usually to an extreme degree and tantamount to highway robbery on an international scale.
Discussion over the deaths of Litevenko and Polikovskaya and WTO eligibility merely scratches the surface of a more troublesome trend. Russia and her satellite states are in greater disarray than many in the West seem to fully realize.
Within the last year, there has been civil unrest in the northwestern region of Karelia, where ‘pogroms’– a classical term for small-scale ‘ethnic cleansing’– have been enacted upon people of Caucasian descent, in a scene eerily similar to the days of both the Tsars and the Soviets. There is a great deal finger-pointing about the cause of all the chaos and a permanently peaceful resolution seems far, far away.
Probably one of the more troublesome issues with Russia is her policy of selling arms to countries with less-than-savory reputations, such as Iran and possibly North Korea. Historically, rogue groups and terrorists have utilized Russian weaponry - most notably the infamous AK-47 – and the Russians seem to have indiscriminately doled out devices of war to anyone with a fist full of cash.

Since: Jan 07

United States

#5 Jan 29, 2007
Ex-spy said poisoned over dossier on Russian
Litvinenko's damaging file on powerful figure reportedly leaked to FSB

LONDON - Murdered Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko was killed because of an eight-page dossier he had compiled on a powerful Russian figure for a British company, a business associate told the BBC on Saturday.

Litvinenko died in London on Nov. 23 after receiving a lethal dose of radioactive polonium 210. On his deathbed, he accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of ordering his killing. The Kremlin has denied involvement.

Ex-spy Yuri Shvets, who is based in the United States, said Litvinenko had been employed by Western companies to provide information on potential Russian clients before they committed to investment deals in the former Soviet Union.

Story continues below «


He said Litvinenko was asked by a British company to write reports on five Russians and asked Shvets for help. The British company was not named. Shvets said he had passed Litvinenko the information for the dossier on one individual in September.

Damaging details
The BBC said it had obtained extracts of the dossier, which British detectives also have, from an unnamed source. The BBC said the report contained damaging personal details about a gvery highly placed member of Putinfs administrationh.

gLitvinenko obtained the report on Sept. 20,h Shvets told the BBC.gWithin the next two weeks he gave the report to Andrei Lugovoy. I believe that triggered the entire assassination.h

Lugovoy is a former Russian spy who told Reuters on Thursday he had known Litvinenko casually for nearly a decade and had worked closely with him during 2005, meeting him about 10 times.

Shvets said Litvinenko had given the dossier to Lugovoy to show him how reports on Russian companies and individuals should be presented to Western clients.

However, Shvets said he believed Lugovoy was still employed by the Russian secret service the FSB, the successor to the KGB, and had leaked Litvinenkofs dossier to the Russian figure.

Shvets said the report had led to the British company pulling out of a deal, losing the Russian figure potential earnings of gdozens of millions of dollarsh.

London hotel
Lugovoy and businessman Dmitry Kovtun met Litvinenko at a central London hotel, soon after he had met Italian KGB expert Mario Scaramella at a sushi bar. Litvinenko felt ill that night and was later admitted to hospital.

gLitvinenko told me he met Lugovoy and other Russians and they offered him tea that wasnft made in front of him, said Shvets.

Lugovoy told Reuters in an interview that he met Litvinenko in October and November but he has repeatedly denied having anything to do with his death.

Litvinenko never blamed Lugovoy publicly for his murder before dying in the London hospital. However, Shvets said he had come around to that possibility.

gI asked Litvenenko who did you think did it?h Shvets told the BBC.gHe immediately said Scaramella. For three days he stubbornly reiterated it was Scaramella and only on the fourth day did he admit he met Lugovoy and other Russians.

gI stopped communicating with Litvinenko when it was diagnosed he had been poisoned. But I spoke to his wife and she told me Litvinenko shared my opinion,h Shvets told the BBC.

The BBC said senior Scotland Yard officers had interviewed Shvets.

Since: Jan 07

United States

#6 Jan 29, 2007
Lugovoy likely had something to do with it-but i also suspect Scaramella had a hand in it somewhere-
and/or..was Litvenenko poisoned just to embarras and further do damge to Putin and his regime-Putin has powerful enemies-he knows it-within his own government-who'd like to see him and his followers done-and gone-what better way to cause problems/discredit him with not only the Muslims but the Russian people in general..
or was Litvinenko made an unaware martyr-set up by the Muslims-killing him-to gain sympathy for them-and more distrust and anger towards Putin...from the world at large.And, Litvineneko on his reports/dossier on Russian companies to the west did cost them billions..but who all were involved in that loss...?
This will end up like the Kennedy assassination-lots of 'conspiracy theories' no real answers..though British suspect Scaramella-
interstingly-and predictably..this poisoning and subsequent death was not widely covered by Russina news media

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