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Darien, GA

#64 Apr 14, 2011
I find it fascinating that many of the posters really disregard the single statement:


Several people have even provided keywords to see what conditions are really like in the Republic of Panama. Some act as though some of these so-called "nice area" like Chiriqui or exclusive parts of Panama are nice.

The Government of Panama HAS NOT improved its waste water or potable water systems in years, in spite of the fact that the population has doubled since 1980. Be advised that there is RAW SEWAGE that comes up from manhole covers in all parts of the city, including TURDS and TOILET paper. It runs all over the street until it winds up in storm drains and then to creeks, rivers and the oceans. Panama City, Panama STINKS!

Don't forget the water outages, power outages, Internet interruptions, etc., etc, etc.

Now, Chiriqui and how "wonderful" that place is... Ya! In 1980 - 1995 it was nice, then the government let anyone and everyone into the country. People live there without being vetted by the government - they call them "residential tourists." They have passports, go to Costa Rica for a few days, then live for a few months in Panama.

Think Chiriqui or Bocas del Toro is nice? Search Google for Wild Bill murders Panama - really! Check it out! Next ask yourself these questions:

1. How could someone kill so many people for so long without being caught?

2. How could someone be in the Republic of Panama so long on totally forged documents?

3. How could someone kill owners of property (in one case a complete family) and get the Government of Panama to transfer the title to the killer (this includes a commercial hotel).*

* To show you how bad things are in Panama, one of the people he killed was wanted in Broward County Florida on kidnapping charges and another one of them may have shipped assets outside of the USA to hide money from a US Bankruptcy Court.

If you want to retire here, be WARNED about Panama and DON'T listen to the hucksters and snake oil salesmen - do a LOT of independent research. I think you'll find that the people who are building that country up have something to gain, or have become so accustomed to the poor conditions in Panama they have totally lost their frame of reference of what "normal" really is.

My recommendations: Uruguay, Chile or Costa Rica. They really CONTROL the types of people that enter those countries too.- I put Costa Rica last since crime is starting to be a big problem there too.

San Miguelito, Panama

#65 May 8, 2011
Looks like you live in a crime free City back in the States. You are right. you should not come back. Only God knows where you´ve been hanging around that all women are whores or act like one. You must really think you are a hot item of a man. "women love americans" very over generalized statement. Obviously you´ve been hanging out in some dive.

Since: Jul 11

Panama City, Panama

#66 Jul 2, 2011
I am from Panama. Someone forgets the cops who are asking people who don't look Panamanian for ID, cedula, documents, or passport hoping to find someone who is foreign and threaten to arrest him unless they get some $$. It is like that in every Latin AMerican country, and it is like that in here too.

Panamanians are usually rude, but they don't seem to hate Americans or Canadians, since they are too busy hating Colombians and Asian people to waste their hate-energy on any other group.

As for dirt, I wouldn't worry too much about it. I am from Panama, so I am used to it. What scares me is the number of holes the country has. Some sewer holes are so big that if you look back, or you are entertained by anything, a building, a street ad, etc, you can find yourself inside a hole and severely hurt.

El Monte, CA

#67 Aug 17, 2011
Hoooooow pathetic for this user to even write such easy jealous topic lol
Panama is clearly the best option in Latin America its everywhere now.
Multi billionaire project to clean Panama Bay is a small example of what's to come
el panameno nest

Turlock, CA

#68 Sep 15, 2011
Panama is a lovely place to live.. there are places you dont want to go, so you need to learn where these places are. Be a little street smart.. But there is nothing wrong with PANAMA if you have a plan.. If you have family in panama or friends who are retired in panama have them school you... You can retire in panama you need to bring the US Dollar dont try to make money in panama.. Take my word for it...
el panameno nest

Turlock, CA

#69 Sep 15, 2011
Sergeant Pana wrote:
Panama is a very nice place to live.. You just need to come with the American Dollar. I love panama :). some people say back things about Panama becase they have no money , no education. and its hard to make lots of money in panama .. minimum wage is like 1.90.
its true you are so right!!! we love panama!!!!!!!!!!

Jefferson, GA

#70 Oct 15, 2011
In all I have read no one talks about working in Panama, is it not permitted? I am an RN and would like to coninue to use my skills where ever I retire. Not for the money but it is what I love to do. I hear about all the new medical facilities but where can I find out about them, and where are the opportunities? I would like to know about worship there also, we are mision minded as well. Thanks for any comments but would like sincere responses only. We well and GOD Bless

Delft, Netherlands

#71 Oct 18, 2011
It's nice to go on holiday and that's it. You can't trust anyone especially not the wealthy lawyers which aim is to steal your money and run away with it. I'm glad that my eyes were opened last year and sold everything what I had. Lost some money here and there. But life is so much better in Europe and I'm enjoying the friendship of true friends.

Istanbul, Turkey

#72 Oct 27, 2011
I also had a few bad experiences with Panama and their corrupted lawyers and system overall .
Don't go for the boutique law-firm with fancy website . When you investigate further you see 1 lawyer ( ex Pep status ) and 3 secretaries. They changed staff each 5 years and started various partnerships with other lawyers that were cancelled within a short time. Wondering why ?
Also never apply for a permanent visa as you will never get . All you get are bills for extension of visa . What else ? Well , it is raining a lot so the streets are flooded all the time. I see no oppertunity in Latin America to make a decent living I mean. Now focussing on Brazil with a bed and breakfast and sailing school. Much better !
George Krzysik


#73 Apr 28, 2012
You all know that its confusing when I read this. I have lived here for 10 years.

Crime absoultley, but most of you pwople who commented previously come from the most violent freeest oppressed country in the world U.S. Just no comparison. And I worked as a federal agent.

Rudeness, how is that spelled and how does one judge that, people here still greet the whole bus when they get on it, give up their seats as a courtesy to people who need them. I have seen buses and drivers go off there main route to make sure older people get to their homes, here in chiriqui.

When is the last time anyone saw that in the States. Youd probably be arrested or thrown off a bus for saying good morning.

Yes we have our problems and we are dealing with them, this isnt Kansas, or another state of the Union. We are a central american country onto our own.And you bet the Panamanians have a distaste for Americasn, name me one country that holds their arms open for plastic minded gringos.

Panama never forced anyone to come and live here.So away you go back to a country that has destroyed itself.
last one out turn off the

Los Aguajes, Mexico

#74 Jun 5, 2012
Expats leaving in droves,daily break ins,home invasions,murder,armed robberies ,beatings.And a we hate gringos undercurrent.Only ex pats left are the ones that spent their lifes savings and are now stuck.After 11 years Ive lost all Im willing to loose.Its not gonna change,just for the worse
TravelExplosion- dot-com

Bronx, NY

#75 Jun 15, 2012
If you've never been to Panama, I encourage you to visit the Travel Explosion website and see the beauty this country has to offer.


#76 Jun 30, 2012
Yes, please keep telling people it sucks here.....we don't want any more gringos...


#77 Jun 30, 2012
And our economy did not grow 9% last it didn't really I swear. It really sucks here....very will definetely get sick, robbed, or die if you come here. It's horrible, terrible, aweful place to live....Don't come. Please.
Retired here now

Boquete, Panama

#78 Jul 1, 2012
From one who has retired here just want to say that those down-talking Panama are either naive idiots or liars motivated by their resentment of the thousands of Americans who have already moved to this great county.

Panama is like any other county. It has its good and bad but, for the most part, it is a great place to retire (or live for that matter).

Don't listen to these Marxist yahoos. They are just pissed that their failed ideology is again being proven wrong by the capitalism-driven economic success of Panama.
RICH Novak

Panama City, Panama

#79 Jul 1, 2012
For more info about Panama please check out THE Man in Panama Internet Based Radio Show on

Lexington, KY

#80 Nov 19, 2012
get real from alabama..if you are so smart then why arent you president instead of obama...if you dislike the u.s. so much then why don't you move to another cuba or russia where you can live in communism

Montclair, CA

#81 Dec 26, 2012
Panamá is many things, good and bad. A lot of what you might face is related to who you are, your expectations and your adaptability. Go, check it out for more than a couple of weeks, talk to other non native and make up your mind. I think there is plenty of beauty, daily life is better than here and it is less expensive.

Panama City, Panama

#82 Dec 29, 2012
The truth about Panama , It is a country of crooks and thieves. Everyone will steal from you. From the most respectable attorney to the clerk at the supermarket, and now the president....
I have been trying to leave this hell hole since October. Because of corrpted government officials, corrupted customs brokers, corrupted attorneys, I am unable to do so. To leave now I would have to pay some exorbitant taxes that i dont own, or just abandon some personal property like a car and real estate.
I am a US Citizen and have double citizenship. I have my panamenian Investors Visa as well. I was arrested at the airportt and fined 2000 because of some Attorney Incompetence and the repply from 8 other respectable attorneys was that "this is corruption in Panama". I could have disputed this robbery but then I would not have been able to leave this hell hole as long as the dispute is beibg processed. At that time I knew it was time to leave.
City is filthy and dirty. Bay is filthy and polluted, people are arrogant and nasty, prices are exorbitant...
Panama is a hell hole, STAY AWAY!!!!!!
RICH Novak

Panama City, Panama

#83 Dec 29, 2012
For more accurate info about Panama please visit & check out RICH Novak, THE Man in Panama! Thank YOU!

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