London, UK

#452 Nov 8, 2012
is strange. meerpuri gypsy jutt hindu responds with islam when topic is why meerpuri jutt stupid, pedo iletrate fraud drugs smugling drug taking swearing and everyone hate. even meerpuri.
Raja ali

Malton, UK

#453 Nov 11, 2012
Jatts are a martial race and have always been very brave, my grandad told me before that the jatts have been very hard working ever since he can remember and are much more respected then us (he didnt want no one to know that hahaha) he said he loves jatt but carnt show it as we are Raj-put. But the Jatt still showed respect to him, some of them are arrogant but most are the best people you'll ever meet, if your in with a jatt he'll protect you for life no matter if someone tryna kill you or if youv lost all your money and property they are always there for you, they show upper-most respect for guests and travellers and treat them like loyalty trust me. They arent people to mess with as they can fight and are born warriors which do not fear anyone, i heard pathans even fear jatt and that is why they do not like them but hjatts always say their our brothers and they war is ours we are gonna help them ... a lot of jatt have actually went to Afghanistan and Peshawar to fight alongside their 'muslim brothers' even thought they show hate to them behind their back. I would say they have much more dignity and respect then pathans aswell as when they were slaved in the 17th centuary they didnt let nobody dis-honour their women whereas when the pathans were slaved many of their women were prostitutes. I am just writing facts, i got love for pathans but i have to note the truth, also the pathans come from bani israeel (jews) isaac whereas most Jatts Come from Arabs (ishmaeel) both are warriors and i believe the jatts are probably the strongest race in south asia/middle-east or even the whole world, Pathan are also very strong so are kurds and arabs. And mirpuri and stupid!!!!

London, UK

#454 Nov 16, 2012
more meerpuri scumbeg in gengs raping litle white childrens in breadford.


keighley all mirpuri. is drug adict or fidler kidie.


Dagenham, UK

#455 Nov 18, 2012
Mirpuri language gives me the runs.
Be fair

Bradford, UK

#456 Nov 21, 2012
Get together bad and good is in both community's main thing is Muslims are brothers giving each other abuse will help non Muslims to attack us wake up don't make same mistake as our old generation
Be fair

Bradford, UK

#457 Nov 21, 2012
Khan wrote:
ugly hindu bastad tere mu me peshab.In Pakistan all hindu manders r converted into tatti toilets. Yes many Pak tribes intermixed with arabs, pathans, turks so some still keep that identity. I would rather mix with muslim country people than ugly dirty dravidiam hindu monkeys. u dravids r the toilet cleaners in Pak.
please brother don't attack each other religion it is against islam thanks
Be fair

Bradford, UK

#458 Nov 21, 2012
mirpuriretard wrote:
more meerpuri scumbeg in gengs raping litle white childrens in breadford.
keighley all mirpuri. is drug adict or fidler kidie.
again you putting everyone in the same boat

London, UK

#459 Nov 23, 2012

today is more meerpuri pedos arrested. do these scumbegs ever stop?

high wycombe also mainly meerpuri. from book kinship and continity

London, UK

#460 Nov 23, 2012
Be fair wrote:
<quoted text> again you putting everyone in the same boat
pedos is all from meerpuri side. polices hushes it ups. in rotherham makings take lesons in meerpuri.


Pittsburgh, PA

#461 Nov 23, 2012
youtube.com/watch... … He a Old Fart or young Stinker that just a stain in the shorts you see

London, UK

#462 Nov 23, 2012
paksistani wrote,

Zaynab bint Jahsh born c. 593 was a wife of Muhammad and therefore a Mother of the Believers. Prior to this, she was married to Muhammad's son, Zayd ibn Harithah. She was also Muhammad's first cousin, Muhammad's father Abd Allah ibn Abd al Muttalib was brother of Zaynab's mother Umaimah bint Abd al-Muttalib

Juwayriyya bint al-Harith, born c. 608) was a wife of Muhammad, after a battle the Muslim forces were victorious. Among the many captives was Juwayriya, whose husband, Mustafa bin Safwan, had been killed in the battle. She initially fell among Muhammad's companion Thabit b. Qays b. Al-Shammas. Troubled by this, Juwayriya sought a deed of redemption from Muhammad. Muhammad proposed to marry her and as a result freed her from the bondage of Thabit b. Qais and took her for himself.

Rayh&#257;na bint Zayd ibn &#703;Amr was a Jewish woman from the Banu Qurayza tribe. Rayhana was originally a member of the Banu Nadir tribe who married a man from the Banu Qurayza. After the Banu Qurayza were defeated by the armies of Muhammad in the Siege of the Banu Qurayza neighborhood, Rayhana was among those enslaved, while the men were executed for treason.
According to Ibn Ishaq, Muhammad took her as a maiden slave and offered her the status of becoming his wife if she accepted Islam, but she refused. According to his account, even though Rayhana is said to have later converted to Islam, she died as a slave. According to Marco Schöller, Rayhana either became the Prophet's concubine or, was married to him and later divorced
Ibn Sa'd writes and quotes Waqidi that she was manumitted but later married by Muhammad. According to Al-Halabi, Muhammad married and appointed dowry for her. It is further narrated that, upon marriage, she refused to wear the hijab, causing a rift between her and Muhammad. The couple later reconciled. She died young, shortly after Muhammad's hajj and was buried in Jannat al-Baqi cemetery. Ibn Hajar quotes a description of the house that Muhammad gave to Rayhana after their marriage from Muhammad Ibn al-Hassam's History of Medina.

Ramlah bint Abi Sufyan, Umm Habiba, was the daughter of Abu Sufyan. She was born c. 589 and died in 666. She was one of the wives of Muhammad, the final prophet in Islam and therefore a Mother of the Believers.

This is why we are mad. Our profit moh was a pervert. he married a nine year old and his daughter in law he raped juwairiya and had slave girls what can we do we follow sunnah.

This is all true and this is why mirpuris are perverts in fact all people who follow sunnah are like that.

In Pakistan women are raped, pedo, homo, acid thrown on them, burnt alive, given in sawara and vani, married to the Koran, forced in to burkas and all cousin marraiges, child marriages.

This happens in all muslim countries as it is sunnah.

In The UK mostly meerpuri as you said and they are sunnah followers and so they are all involved in these things.

It is that simple.

Save meerpuris and all muslims and you will find to save them from this you have to save them from Mohmd, he set the gold standard as he done all these things himself.

Ban or update islam to save meerpuris.

By the way i met many meerpuris in London who are not muslims and they are Ok it is all the northern mullahs and peer wallas.

Have you seen those wierd northern muslim channels and all meerpuris siting by the peers. You should investigate them as well as they are probably the masterminds of pedo gangs.

Even in USA the pakistanis are cultural muslims and OK. The fault lies in perverted arabic religions.

London, UK

#463 Nov 23, 2012
Stupidinty is genetic and taught.

In breeding results in stupid.

Living as islamofacists makes you stupid as you are not allowed to think, and studying is frowned upon.

You are fooled into reading an arabic book and then spend 6 years learning it by heart which is madness and a waste of time as you could always look up whatever you wanted to when need be so why learn it by heart.

Only to waste time and stop you learning something useful and thereby make you stupid.

I am not saying that meerpuris or jhelumis are stupid as most pakistanis and muslims do cousin marraiges.

Also i know that this backward force of islam is destroying muslims everywhere not just the UK.

But in the UK please stay clear of mullas, islam and arabs to succeed. This is my advise to merpuris and all other pakistanis.

Finally i think this topix was started by a mulla or peer who was laughing at merpuris after shafting them for money, which they stupidly handed over.


London, UK

#464 Nov 23, 2012
go away hindu gypsy. find rummu to put small lull up.

London, UK

#465 Nov 23, 2012
I am not a Gypsy i am a sayed from Lahore.

I am also not a Hindu.

I also do not know who rummu is.

By the way why don't you accept facts, to help you. You say that you are retarded so i am explaining how to solve the retardation.

There is no point to always complain and then not listen to the solution and the reasons for your retardation.

The reasons for your perversion and retardation have all been listed. Now you know that the reason is following an arab desert cult you know the only solution is to stay away from the arab cult.
Non-partisan observer

York, UK

#466 Dec 29, 2012
It would appear that the same person is spewing out the hatred between Mirpuris and Punjabis, perhaps in an attempt to create tension between these two Pakistani-based communities here in the UK. I will be passing on these facts to the Police and to my local MP as I believe it constitutes a number of race crimes deliberately to provoke much-larger scale responses. The language of the interlocutors in the main appears to be essentially one and the same, which leads me to believe that the persons involved in this pretty vile debate are fictitious characters.


#468 Jan 10, 2013
Nazir wrote:
<quoted text>
true have never met a mirpuri or kashmiri i heard about the rochdale thing
o you paki what u talking about all bull shit you know the electricity you paki use in punjab where its come from the capital of yours airport the most flight comes from uk who tervels in them most of them mirpuri and look at your government they dont want us to make airport in mirpur that your business gonna be end ok stay in your limits .

Oxford, UK

#469 Jan 19, 2013
Jats jatoi jadgal r baloch ppl ALHAMDULILAH


#470 Jan 25, 2013
I dont like mipuris people they are inferior..

Am Irish girl.


#472 Feb 25, 2013
i think the majority of pakistanis especially mirpuri are munafiqs, they kill there own people for marrying into the wrong cast eventhough theres no such thing in islam as long as they are both muslim, most pakistanis commit adultry, fornication, they marry virgins whilst taking the virginity of others meaning that some poor guy will marry a women whos not a virgin, they believe in casts systems this is due to no education institutes for the masses ,so peeps cant bcome what they want and get stuck being a pot washer for generations, having education institutes more available to the poor would break them out of this ignorant time, but pakis would rather build mantions and have no one living in there and make statements of wealth rather than fixing their countrys problems
and ur all talking about whos ethnicity is real or fake ur all a bunch of hypocrytes
jethro q walus tity


#473 Mar 3, 2013
This entire topic is a load of crap

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