From the article:
“Mr Johnson (LNP's Member for Gregory) says while the Government is open to exploring potential options, he is opposed because it would damage the environment.

Look how pathetic we humans have become, once in the days of the industrial revolution and early post WW2, developing land for sure fire profit would have been a no brainer . Not any longer!
What has become of the human spirit?

Too scared to strike out and solve the emerging problems, of Global over population expanding food production is an urgent and worthwhile mission, good for humanity and good for rural Australia's profits.

Now-a-days we can't do anything, even for profit because we admit the past errors show us that human science and technology was not only fallible but made far worse problems. A “factor X” that always pops up, a twist that spoils all our plans and turns grand designs into shambles and disasters whenever we attempt to improve nature for our benefit.

Humanity has become afraid to use it's faculties of reason allied with a pioneering spirit in scientific inquiry. This was what propelled human progress so dependably for centuries.

The forefathers of the modern civilization originally lived simply off the land as hunter gatherers, where upon they started developing an economic system based on money and credit in ancient Babylon. The gradual evolution that started about 4000 years ago, until this day has spread across the globe. This civilization based on fiat currency was developed under the economic pressure imposed by fiat based system.

A phenomenon called inflation can only exist under a fiat currency. Where money is worth less every year. So, a person is forced to work for a unit of value that diminishes from day one. Hence, in our modern era we have the goal of all Nations of, never ending growth. When all the growth meant was, you just stay where you started from. You see this now with Australia's and America's standard of living peaked in the 1970's.

This crazy economic system based on fiat is threatening the natural balance of the whole globe with each passing year.
If, this form of human development that started in Babylon dedicated to accumulation of wealth is to continue, existence for humanity could be under threat in a fraction of the 40,000 years, the Australian and American Indigenous people have been living . Their history did involve great changes in the environment because they did not develop artificial inventions and systems only to become dependent upon their artificial systems. The Australian Aboriginal and American Indian could maintain a similar lifestyle as they were so hardy and accustomed to living in the elements without protections they did not need to resort to western civilization strategies of comfort and protection.

What's more the European mindset sees itself as above nature, entitled to exploit mercilessly without consideration of the environment. While the Indigenous cultures tended to harmonies with the environment even worshiping groups of animals and seeing themselves as part of the system of nature, dependent on it, not separate and above it.

Perhaps there's a middle way between our European Civilization and that of the Natives of America and Australia that would cancel our opposition to Nature but continue human evolution with scientific research. Based on observing nature with a new attitude that the Scientist that observes nature is part of it. Scientists have already started to recognising this phenomenon. For example Plancks premise of quantum theory, which states that by the very act of watching, the observer affects the observed reality. With that approach instead of fearing to use our science and technology, humanity can modify nature using science and research

With a new goal and focus to harmonise with nature. Not as now, to exploit for individual profit alone but a new profit, a profit for all in the economic and natural global system.