Why do indians hate white people?

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#2 May 22, 2011
How many more of these threads we gonna see. No Indians don’t have a problem. Some don’t like Whites. Some Whites don’t much like Indians either. Human nature. Human nature has flaws. Most of us neither lover each other or hate each other enough to care really. Unless you are actually a White guy who desires that all Indians like you – why do you really care?

New Zealand

#4 May 23, 2011
Muslim wrote:
Indian want Chinese to unite with them against white. We muslim will want to bomb those shit heads too...
Lets this world be forming a alliance against white boys society...Africa+Middle east+south asia+East asia+south america vs white boys...LOL
Isn'tthat a George Orwell book?

Since: Mar 09

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#5 May 23, 2011
beatlesinthebog wrote:
<quoted text>Isn'tthat a George Orwell book?
Animal Farm? I can imagine Muslim bought the book for its “sexy” title.
No race is perfect

United States

#6 Jun 5, 2011
Yeah there are Indians that don't like certain race. I have some white female friends they have been like sisters to me same goes with any other race. If you are hated because of who you are then those people are not worth it.
Anto James

Hyderabad, India

#7 Jun 10, 2011
In India,there are number of varieties of skin complexions classiffied into very light skin(north India),medium complexion,dark,very dark complexion(middle&southern India),yellowish(arunachal,sik kim,manipur..etc) which is similar to chineese,rose pink(not like ugly white complexion of europeyans or americans),wheatish colour...etc according to the region they live.I think very light skin Indians are rascist.They know they are the top and pretty/handsome 'aryan' race&consider other races like caucasians(whites) as awkard&ugly people,negroes(blacks) as dirty&uncultured people and mongloids(chineese,japaneese)a s joker faced creatures.Almost 50% glamourous Indians scoff other races,but the other 50%(like me)consider all races are the creation of God,so they respect every race.
Anto James

Hyderabad, India

#8 Jun 10, 2011
Terrorist nation pakistan should be destroyed later.Because Indians let pakistan to live,but Usa never give a single chance when pakistan try to do another terrorist attack in Usa.I knw all muslims are not terrorists,but some of the bastards like you really make down the name of good muslims.So don't do that,else Usa or even china crush your block.

“Not so grumpy”

Since: May 11

Christchurch, New Zealand

#9 Jun 12, 2011
Reality check, the Indian people are too busy hating each other to really care about hating whites. Their caste system is one of their biggest internal problems, and they will remain a third world country until they get over it.

Chennai, India

#10 Jul 8, 2011
Must be much to do with being exploited by the white man time and again.This was'nt anything like what happened in africa where Europeans just took their mineral wealth,in India the whites(British-English)took their economy's share with them to england via unfair trade practices.India(the region) accounted for 25% of world economy prior to colonisation by whites.I am not blaming today's whites or even brits,you need'nt be guilty of your past,just ashamed of what you have done to a beautiful and proud culture...

The caste system as being evil was a british creation to divide and conquer,else they would'nt have had any chance what with the colonialists being just 100k people even at 1947 and Indians atleast 200million+
Caste exists in every soceity the guilds of medeval europe are an example of this.The castes of India were'nt a tool of social segregation but just like trade guilds,that is professionalism.The europeans saw it through their eyes and being masters at manipulation created an evil "caste system" through thin air.
BTW today's India is poor not because of caste system.The constitution forbids discrimination only towards socially disadvantged unlike say in Australia or NZ where you are easy goin about racist attacks.
Indian is the most leftists country in the world which is not communist or authoritarian,that is why we(India(ns) in general) are suffering in poverty and are'nt a developed country yet.If nehru had chosen the path of capitalism instead of socialism,I would be some guy in a developed/advanced/high income country called India.
Dr Death

Auckland, New Zealand

#11 Jul 8, 2011
capitalism cuts across boundaries, even that of the indian caste system....money talks, and one day a ragged-to-rich low caste indian prostitute would marry a bankrupt higher caste snobbish indian hypocrite....money talks...wait and see...!
a human being

United States

#12 Jan 7, 2012
iknwbetter is right about the history of caste system's origins.

bmwyestoryno is also right.

i dont know.
please post the best logical and applicable solution instead of starting another infamous racist forum.
Judgement day

Green Bay, WI

#13 Feb 6, 2012
I feel sorry for all of you who judge another human being for their race. I think you better look in the mirror and see why you hate others, it's because you hate yourself. Besides where is it written that one race is better than the other. It's not!!! It just shows your ignorance if you met one bad apple and then you catorgize the whole race as being the same. Do you believe in judgement day, I do, how are you going to explain your actions. Hmmmm just sayin. Oh, and you don't have to respond, I just want you to think about it. Won't be back to read any of it anyway.
Ranjt Sheetupeesmeoff

Munich, Germany

#14 Feb 6, 2012
Stop all this racism!

Sheet you piss me off!

Munich, Germany

#15 Feb 6, 2012
Haha, sorry.

Some of my best friends are Indians.
ArgentineLand Lord

Auckland, New Zealand

#16 Feb 8, 2012
I dont think Indians Hate White People. And Maoris and Alabino negros dont count as White. Sorry.

I know a few young and older indians / sri lankans from uni and, they are pretty good people. and very respectable to others. And I may go as far as saying that they may have some aryan blood in them from the true aryan race that originated in Persia (modern day iran). but like almost people around the world, They Just hate the liberal whites and the mainstream biased negro loving western culture and bullshit media. You know, where a white man does something its automatically racist, where a negro and maori / abo's can do whatever the heck they want and get away with a slap on the wrist.

Color is not the problem imho, the behavior is. Color is only an indication, This is a race issue indeed. 11% population responsible for over 50% of the crimes, numbers dont lie.
Solid snake

Auckland, New Zealand

#17 Feb 8, 2012
I like the Indians, the majority I have met were nice and polite people.
ArgentineLand Lord

Auckland, New Zealand

#18 Feb 8, 2012
Every indian I meat apart from their Young 2nd / 3rd generation ones Hate Maoris and Islanders. Honest to God.

So maybe this thread should be renamed to "Why Indians and Other HUMANS hate Maori's and Islanders."
Solid snake

Auckland, New Zealand

#19 Feb 8, 2012
Very true, the ones down my road have been robbed repetitively by Maori/Islander youths. They really are disgusting scum.
Charlie Barns

Wolverhampton, UK

#20 Feb 9, 2012
Indians stink of shit. Thats why i hate them!

Croydon, UK

#21 Mar 16, 2012
Whites are total two faced cu*ts! I prefer the open racist ones as opposed to the undercover ones that smile in your face than say all sorts behind your back!

Croydon, UK

#22 Mar 16, 2012
I heard off the grapevine that Charlie Barns from Enfield was arrested sometime in march for molesting a Pony, it was all over the papers. Apparently he was caught in a barn by 2 police officers and a farmer, his excuse for being there was that he was VET but that didn't explain why his trousers were round his ankles!

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