The name of our company “sacko kaka trading” means grace and vietuousness, also meaning with doing business by morality and strictly observe honesty.

Since the establishment of sacko kaka trading Tent guangzhou Co., Ltd. in May 2005, tents industry sprout in guangzhou.

In July of the same year, debut into cultural China. sacko kaka trading tents appeared in the opening scene of Vanke fifth Garden, From then on, sacko kaka trading is well known and the outdoor activities become more wonderful. With the idea of adhering to creat more and better outdoor life experience for customers, this new industry is developing well. Then,sacko kaka trading is on the rapid development with steady pace, costomers cover the Pearl River Delta.

In May 2007,sacko kaka trading moved to Guanlan,guangzhou and introduced more outstanding technology and more advanced production equipment, the same as the management system and the quality standard. Having built teams of strength, tecnology, professional design, marketing and construction. And guangzhou has become the first professional tent manufacturer in guangzhou, which set design, manufacture, rental, sale and solution as a whole.