auberge le petit prince
auberge le petit prince is located on the most beautiful dunes of Erg Chebbi. Come join us for a wonderful stay in the Sahara desert.
The golden dunes of Erg Chebbi, Auberge le petit prince offers you the opportunity to spend a dream holiday, away from the bustle of everyday life.
anaam brothers grew up on the edge of the sand, they will be pleased to discover the mysteries of the Sahara desert precious silence, the freshness of palm trees, the secrets of the stars and the tenderness of the dunes.
You will find them the opportunity to cross the ocean of sand (which hold the highest dunes in Morocco) camel (the ship of the desert) to admire the thousand shades of sunrise in the sand waves , feel the depth of the night and sleep in a Berber tent or under the stars.
anaam brothers will take you to the heart of the dunes to their private oasis Bivouacs nomadic tents largest dune of Erg Chebbi for an unforgettable journey. You will discover the true nomadic life with personalized service and a unique atmosphere.
The brothers anaa, also give you the opportunity to spend time with their friends nomads, have tea or spend the night with them and discover their lives outside of time and who knows ... Perhaps relearn the beauty of the word nomadic Touareg through this old saying: "Do you not know that the house is the tomb of the living?"
If your curiosity davanntage request, the brothers will take you to the village of Gnawa (those who were "touched by grace") where you can watch an unforgettable concert.
And other dreams are still within your reach at the Oasis ... But we will still not reveal all you!