This is what I got 1 year later after I declined the services of Prophet kantago..
How are you today? I have been sending you emails without receiving
any response from you.I and the 7 spirits of my temple were
spiritually in your house yesterday and i noticed that you personally
ignored all my emails.I was very surprise to see that you personally
ignored my messages and this make it obvious that you contacted me to
put my powers to test.
The anger of the gods is very
reactive and negative.I don't
want the anger of my oracle to come on you and your entire family
because of this your actions.I personally pleaded with the 7 spirit
of my temple this morning so that they can exercise some patience.You
are warned to
respond to this messages because i want you to come and conclude what
you started or you come and
remove your information from my temple so that the oracle will no
longer be angry with you.

SPECIAL NOTIFICATION: Violation of this email will lead to the release
of the anger of my oracle on you and your family severely. It will
enhance your madness and no power on this planet can cure it because
you have a connection with this
You are warned to act according to this email so that all negative
effect will be avoided.I am warning
you and do not disobey me because i will not show any
mercy and ultimately, your life...I expect your response.

Prophet Kantogo