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peruvians stink

peruvians are illegal

peruvians are stupid

They kill guinea pigs/eat them

All the above


Staten Island, NY

#184 Feb 21, 2012
<quoted text>
WOW all YOU have to do is start going to school and learn how to write, spell English correctly. What you're saying is, YOU just took away a job from a US citizen. Or YOU are just plain delusional, and/or STUPID. lol
...and where are the US Citizens that want to be a Crain Operators ?. With the economy in the US, you better be learnig Spanish to see if you can be selling chocolates in some streets in Peru... and you are FAT !!

Atlanta, GA

#185 Mar 12, 2012
Well, as far as beauty is concerned, I cannot say anything because I am Peruvian and I like white my opinion would be biased. However, I would never allow another latino or white dude to call me STUPID; I go to Georgia Tech and I have a 4.0 that being stupid? Whoever dares to call me stupid must have a Nobel prize in something; in fact, I have tutored American people in their own, please refrain from making STUPID statements if you are stupid yourself...

Phoenix, AZ

#186 Mar 17, 2012
arriba-Peru wrote:
<quoted text>
...and where are the US Citizens that want to be a Crain Operators ?. With the economy in the US, you better be learnig Spanish to see if you can be selling chocolates in some streets in Peru... and you are FAT !!
As usual peruvians can't take the heat. It's OK when THEY insult others, but when someone slaps it back to them, they fall apart and start whinning. Btw, my Spanish is quite good or at least better than YOUR English and NO I don't have to sell chocolates anywhere. Fat ??? lol, I don't think so. However, eating habits in your country is what keep your women/men so fat. Guinea-pigs anyone ?

Berkeley, CA

#188 Apr 21, 2012
paaallease! peruvians RRRR better than mexicans! psh. get real.

Gilbert, AZ

#189 Apr 21, 2012
nica-peru wrote:
paaallease! peruvians RRRR better than mexicans! psh. get real.
NO, YOU get real moron. Peruvians can NEVER be better than Mexicans.
NEVER. And this is coming from a none-Hispanic person. Really. Lol

Lima, Peru

#190 Apr 24, 2012
mexicants ignorants, lazzy mother****. all they do is cross the border and have babys.

Lima, Peru

#191 Apr 24, 2012
Im Peruvian bitch

Philadelphia, PA

#194 Apr 29, 2012
you know what f*ck this blog and all the sh*t they say about Peru. I'm Peruvian and for no matter what i will change my ethnicity, I'm more than proud being Peruvian and y'all jealous b*tches stop hating on Peru

Forest Hills, NY

#195 Apr 30, 2012
LA2YA wrote:
<quoted text>
And YOU're sooo retarded. Hahahahahahha You can't win here perruno.
How about Red necks and negroes???

Newark, NJ

#196 May 30, 2012
I am not at all latin in any way as I am white and i am from NJ USA where there are plenty of mexicans here so i am not biased in any way but Peru is a growing country and Im talking with someone from there who is really beautiful and far from ugly she does a lot and id be lucky to be with someone like that no country is better though no nationality is better im part german but id never wanna consider myself german the fact is mexicans have their good and bad same with peru and peruvian women are beautiful just as mexican

Lima, Peru

#199 Sep 14, 2012
Well, it amazes me how many idiotic comments have been written here. Generalizing and maaking up your idead of a whole country just because you met some people you didn't like (whatever the reason it is) proves that you're not that smart. I've traveled a lot to know by fact that there exist every type of people in every country, just because I've met a fat north american it deoesn't mean they're all like that, am I right? Stereotyping is just retarted and idiotic. By far the prize today goes for WILD FLOWER.

And for those 'smart' people who will say I'm peruvian. No, I'm not, I'm Brazilian.

Cape Town, South Africa

#200 Oct 16, 2012
si quieren saber de peruanos contact me ;)

Menlo Park, CA

#201 Nov 22, 2012
="IncasLand Mexicans are Aztec ,Peru is inca.
Inca civilization build the best pyramid which Aztecs were cannibals and human sacrificers just like today.
In Peru it's rare to hear about drug dealer beheading people.
I'm proude of Peru
Sorry to say my friend but Aztec built the biggest pyramid in the America's not only that but the calendar so just stop the hate we are Latinos we should just Unite I'm from Puerto Rico by the way

Middlesex, NC

#202 May 13, 2013
oh gosh.... there are ugly, racist, stupid people everywhere. i am peruvian and no one can take away the pride i have in my country. I have never had guinea pig and that has been around in peru since before not recently. Ignorant people like some of you need to get your heads and facts straight. Stereotypes are mean, how would you feel if i characterized all of americans as stupid and ignorant and ugly? It would make you mad as hell, just like some of these things make me shake my head at what some people say. Seriously grow up.

United States

#203 Jun 3, 2013
<quoted text>
But the nasty peruvians on this thread "think" they are.
How would they be "white supremacists" i they are not white?
And btw, what is your problem with Peruvians, we are all creations of God and he loves us equally the same, you should too.

Toronto, Canada

#204 Jun 11, 2013
Why all the hate???I'm from Peru. Peruvian are ugly Peruvian are stupid blah blah blah you make me sick. There are very intelligent beautiful and kind people in every country including Peru, yeah get over it. Stereotypes are all you guys listen to. The only thing you guys are doing good at is criticizing others.

PS. I'm 10 and amazingly proud to be from Peru


Middletown, RI

#206 Jun 19, 2013
all you lame bitches !!!! there are ugly mathafuckas no matter were you go u dumb shits!!!! mexican ugly mathafuckaz!!!!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#207 Sep 11, 2013
LEARN IGNORANT! you cant say peruvias or mexicans or germans are in this or that way... if a thing from ignorant people put titles to the people for where they are or race... DONT BE A DONKEY and learn, every people is a different world, ignorants and stupids are in all the world, white trash, peruvians, mexicans, etc.

Depends of your grade of education and culture how you will be in the life and how people will treat you, obviously where are more poor people are more ignorant people... I am from Peru and I live in neighbor with Ferrariīs and Porscheīs... I drive a american muscle car, I am a lawyer, 31 years old, I speak 3 languages, I traveled for all the world, I have friends from Europe and USA, People with culture are citizens of the world, we know what we can do and what we canīt, we can be fine with Germany or USA rules, because our grade of education of culture, I think same people are in Mexico or Argentina...

Oakland, CA

#208 Nov 6, 2013
THE BaYaReA wrote:
we allready know they're stupid primitive animal's.
..can't really change an animal from it's condition.
..peruUas feo's.
hey you should meet me sometime, i live in the bay area too.
The Latino

Bremen, Germany

#210 Jan 3, 2014
damn, your grammar is as accurate as your comment...Ive encountered all kind of Latino people and I have to admit Colombians are the most treacherous people...sorry to say

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