I do not understand why the Leaders of this small developing country, Marshall Islands travel to attend celebration when the ECONOMY of their country is in terrible shape. For example, a Community Survey was conducted in six of the populated atolls in RMI, and people who participated in the Survey claimed that they are in poverty compared to three or so years ago. President Note, Cabinet Members and wives, stop travelling and concentrate on finding ways to help your people. You guys will never know since you spent more times overseas than in your own country.

Marshallese citizens, Election is coming up. Get rid of these guys since they are CRAZY about travelling, material things and totally forgot that we elect them to serve us, not us serving them. However, we are definitly serving them since they are using our money for their own interest.

My opinion is, the roles of a President are way too much for President Note and this is why he spend too much time away from RMI to escape all these problems Marshallese people are facing.