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#113 May 23, 2014
Japan basketball team:
4 Keijuro Matsui 188-G-85 Toyota Alvark Japan

5 Daiki Tanaka 191-F-91 Tokai Univ. Japan

6 Makoto Hiejima 190-G-90 Aoyama Univ. Japan

7 Atsuya Ota 206-C-84 Hamamatsu P. Japan

8 Yuta Watanabe 201-SF-94 Mitsubishi DD Japan

9 Takahiro Kurihara 192-G/F-87 Toshiba BT Japan

10 Kosuke Takeuchi 206-C/F-85 Toyota Alvark Japan

11 Ryota Sakurai 194-G-83 Hokkaido L. Japan

12 J.R. Sakuragi 206-C-76 Aishin SH Japan

13 Naoto Tsuji 185-G/F-89 Toshiba BT Japan

14 Kosuke Kanamaru 193-F/G-89 Panasonic T. Japan

This is from 130 million. We AVERAGE in the world.
Binu- Brother of Ainu


#115 May 24, 2014
I'm so gay Japanese man that wait for taste of basketball player. Japanese boy do better sex than lazy air head dead fish Japanese girl.

Come get tight glorious love, and learn real sex.

Since: Feb 14

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#116 May 25, 2014
My height is around 1,8m(Around same height as Sami-people), so shut up :P. How tall are you? You were raised in Asia, with Asian food, right? Rice none-stop, eh?

One of my friends is the tallest 198cm and we checked our height two years ago in health examation thingy... And trust me there is no problem between us, though I do feel bad that he is kind of taller then me!

And are you stating around 700-800 million is a small population?

Look here, there has been plenty of giants in Europe/America, not just in Asia!

And currently the tallest man in the world is a Turkish guy with abnormal brain issues(tumor, poor guy, he might die soon) and Turkey is in Eurasia...

If I remember right the tallest woman in the world was European...

P.S: Remember when i mentioned our plummer is 2,2m? I am pretty sure he had no Abnormal issues

Get it?


#117 May 25, 2014
Don't make me laugh, poor and short Bangladesh negrito!

Japan trashes your "big" brother India 85-58 LOL

Who cares about your dream fantasy? Indian average is 163cm LOL So do you Bangladesh. I'm 6ft for sure and I can't see where you are LOL

Tallest man is Bao Xishun from Inner Mongolia, China:


#118 May 25, 2014
2.2m is abnormal brain issues? So how about ex-NBA player Yao Ming of 229cm???

Large population -> super tall and super short
Small population -> so so

Get it, ignorant negrito???

Since: Feb 14

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#119 May 25, 2014
I said I was 1,8m and as far as basketball is concered I as anyone else do not care.

Read what I wrote... You said you places with large populaton has the tallest people in the world, right? That'd be around 260cm or so, that is impossible if not something is causing abnormal growth, do your homework! The height over 2m is problematic because your body sturcture is bigger and higher risk of early death, though still safe as long as doesn't reach too high(2,5m-Xm).

As I said someone being 2,2m w/o any abnormalities most likely doesn't have growth hormons on hyper max and won't grow forever tell he or she is 3 m tall.

And clearify things and do not sput out wannabe offending names.


#120 May 25, 2014
Just a blah, blah, are just jealous. Pathetic LOL

Since: Feb 14

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#121 May 25, 2014
Ainu wrote:
Just a blah, blah, are just jealous. Pathetic LOL
Jealous of what? That you have a small...?


#122 May 26, 2014
If you are not jealous, you should have a room to pass, but you not. Your behavior tells the truth, Bangladesh negrito LOL
Minu- Sister of Ainu


#123 May 27, 2014
Please excuse my brother. Because he has a small penis, he is always angry at Black peoples with big penis. His jealous has turned to extreme hate.

Also his brain is damaged and think Japanese basketball player can be better than Black American player like Michael Jordan.

This is why Ainu so jealous, so much a hater...


#125 May 27, 2014
Keep predenting to get advantage somehow...pathetic LOL

Since: Feb 14

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#126 May 27, 2014
Ainu if my size/height was the same as you, a Pure-Asian short-twat then I'd have more room, but sadly I do not have that kind of luxurity. OK with that said.

I've been in this country and visited other places in Asia, even Japan for couple of days.

So what are the similarities between most of the Asian countries throughout this overcrowded Contient?

In South-Asia(Ind, Ban, etc) and Northeast Asia
1. they respect their elders
2. Hate Foreninger/Try to ignore them/ Eeven if they try, they cannot help
3. Barely know 2 languages
4. Small Genitalia
5. Cup size, A or nothing
6. They are all short (seriously, barely saw anyone over 1,8m)!
7. they Backtalk...

I know Japan is superior then this country and also maybe most of Asia, but it people still are inferior compared to Modern-Day Europe and that is something which will remain as long as Short-Asians like you exist.

P.S: Get a job, earn some money(or barrow from your parents) and go travel too a European country or even go to N&S America. You will immediatly know why the people there are tall.
White to death

Fort Nelson, Canada

#129 Jun 25, 2014
Your 6" long bro!!! And your hot!!!! And you and your buddy's had a sword fight!!

Your still asian and still have a small dick. The white vagina is just to much for you guys to handle
The Hot Japanese guy wrote:
lol wow I browsed the internet to see why everyone kept saying this to me. Wdf this is total bullshit. Im 6 ft and Im full japanese. My dick is 6 inches what the fk is with this racial bull shit. I played a game with my friends at a sleep over since they kept saying I had a small dick. We all whiped it out and they were all white or mexican people and there was like 7 of us. They had smaller dicks then me except one of them. I hate this stereotype. Im hot but girls might think I have a small slong now to? god damit America and your stereotypes.


#130 Jun 25, 2014
What a racist. Japanese are actually NOT asian.
White to death


#131 Jun 25, 2014
I am racist, I hate all Races equally is that so wrong

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