What is something about the Japanese people that piss you off ?

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#1 Apr 22, 2013

There are many things i love about Japan and the Japanese people. I know that, i cannot generalize all people living in Japan. However, there are several things, that really piss me off about them.

1 - I think a lot of Japanese people are hypocrites. There have been many many times, in which i have experienced their hypocrisy. Just to tell few examples;

They feel that its ok to call foreigners ''gaijins'', despite the fact that, many of the foreigners have said many times that they don't like the way Japanese people call them ''gaijins''. The Japanese people say,''well, whats the problem ? You are foreigner, right?''. Yet, when a Japanese person goes abroad, and somebody call him a ''gaijin'', he would immediately get angry and claim that the other person is being rude and so on. That's just hypocrisy.

2 - So many Japanese people constantly claim to wish a ''world peace''. I've seen it on the news and so on. Yet, they seem to not really understand what ''world peace'' actually means. How can they want ''world peace'' if they haven't learned to co-exist with other people yet ? It's like they are saying, we want world peace, but please don't come to Japan. They pray for world peace, yet, they say -''gaijins go home!'' etc. How can they pray for world peace, yet they themselves, haven't learned yet to live together and accept others, that are different from them ? It's hypocrisy to me.

3 - This might be considered as part of number 2 but, i have noticed so many times that, they care only about themselves and Japan. As long as Japan is ok, and all Japanese people are ok, nothing else matters for them! I was talking with my friend just the other day, she said -''ah...lately a lot of Japanese people died...'' i said -''in the earthquake ?'', she said -''not only, in Africa there was an event, and some Japanese people died...'' She didn't even cared about the other nationalities or the the Africans themselves, she was only worried about the Japanese victims. When the earthquake in Japan happened, the whole world helped them, yet now they seem to not even appreciate that. I doubt any of them have ever heard of the Haiti earthquake or Chili earthquake. They only care about themselves.

4 - I hate their education system and their ''linear and narrow point of view''. It's like, we are still living in the 15 century and whatever the king said, we have to obey it. All the Japanese people i have met, and i am not exaggerating, are absolutely not capable of critical thinking. They never question anything, they just accept whatever their ''sensei'' have told them.

I am not an American so i am not biased when i say that, despite the fact that, many people are criticizing the Americans for being ignorant and ask dumb questions and know nothing about the world, i find it much much more easy to talk to Americans. I feel like, there is an actual conversation going on, and i have the chance to change their opinion or at least guide them. They are much more open when talking. When i talk to a Japanese, i feel like i am talking to a rock. They are closed and they don't even engage in any sort of conversation. If i question something they believe in, i am directly being shut down and the conversation ends. For them, questioning what they are being taught of is beyond impossible. They don't even talk to me like, to tell me their opinions and so on. I don't feel there is any chance for me to help them or make them change their opinion. I don't know whether this is stubbornness or just ignorance.

5 - I hate the fact that, for most them, the world is separated into two - Japan and ''kaigai'',''Japanese and gaijin''. The world outside Japan is called -''kaigai'' and the people living in that country are called ''gaijins'' and they speak English. When Japanese people go abroad, no matter where they go, they always refer to that country as -''kaigai''. That just piss me off a lot.

Sorry for my long question. What do you think ?

Las Vegas, NV

#3 Jun 5, 2013
Hypocrits. All.
When in Japan everything I do is scrutinized and I must assimilate, but when abroad, Japanese people expect everyone to respect their cultural background and the differences - those annoying differences - between them and the rest of the universe.
Japanese people are like Macs; they they go to great lengths to be incompatible.
They're sententious, to boot. They take credit for such high morality and they hold everyone else up to it - but they ditch it when it gets in the way of their doing what they like.
These are just a couple of MY gripes.
They would be so beautiful if they'd just come out of their own butts for a moment.
AwesomePossumInt elligence

Elk Grove Village, IL

#5 Dec 25, 2013
Whoever wrote this is probably a Chinese since it says close to the end of their "nonsense complain" that they are not American. No offense to the comments above but JAPAN IS THE MOST AWESOME COUNTRY ASIDE FROM EUROPE. In fact they beat Europe in technology and medicine and every other part of the world in terms of formulating medicine that practically NO SIDE EFFECTS.
I'm just saying that it must be a Chinese who wrote this if they are not American because Chinese people are like a warrior of geeks who hide behind their computer and start negative discussions online attacking the Japanese mainly because they are SO JEALOUS that the Japanese are doing so well in feeding their entire overpopulated country, being more intelligent than the rest of the world and still being generous enough to share their economic built cars (built to last) all over the world at a non-expensive price. Basically because Japanese are more concerned about helping people and not cheating them out of their money like the Chinese. The Japanese have refined computers, to cars, to business strategies, to work ethics, to medicine, to entertainment, to animation, to music, surgical instruments and more, without being a loud-mouth and claiming so much title of it as their own. They are more open to hare their designs but keep the most advanced out of this technology in Japan. This is why Japanese do not honor foreigners like Americans etc. because they are the one helping America and other Asian countries who come to Japan only to steal their ideas and then go around claiming it as their own. Japan knows that they created almost every advance gadget in this world, all the way to fashion and clothing and others are just stealing and copying even their hairstyles and their sense of fashion (have you seen the Koreans?). though Japanese accept Koreans because they are a quarter Japanese descendants so they may have the IQ of the Japanese bloodline. Japanese call outsiders "gaijin" but doesn't all other countries have their own "words" of what they refer to as outsiders as well? In America the word they use for outsiders is "foreigners", and other countries have their own words. Nobody can say the word "gaijin" is a bad word because other countries have their own version. If you are wondering why Japanese are not entertained by American culture and do not acknowledge it, it's because there are more fun things and advance things found in Japan. They are also hardworking and disgusted with people who are not. They are also honest and genuine and clean so they are disgusted with people who copy their technology because they are no Honest. Did you know that there are no bad words in Japan? But the worst word you can call a person is "dirty". That's equivalent to using the foul "F" words in U.S. Mainly, Japanese people stay away from people who have low I.Q.(low intelligence) because they are brought up with strict upbringing to live honestly, genuinely, quality (being the greatest inventors of medicine and technology) so they are easily disgusted with people who live like pigs. or how the Japanese people refer to it - people who live "dishonorably" (anyone who lies, deceive, manipulate, copy, dirty, thirsty for money). The Japanese do not care so much about money as they honor honesty and quality for the good and clean health of other ( Just check how clean Japan is), and you will understand why they are not amused with countries who do not practice their sense of honesty and quality. Making them seem like an exclusive group when the are actually very friendly and giving. Have you seen how they don't overcharge their Toyota? when it is basically the best car ever built (built to last). In Japan living dishonorably is such an unacceptable act, that are others are expected to perform (hara-kiri) suicide, if they ever lie, cheat, copy, steal, live dirty, disrespect others, etc.because quality, honesty, and harmony is so important in Japan.they are also great warriors.
My2centsHonest Opinion

Elk Grove Village, IL

#6 Dec 25, 2013
America and Europe reaches out to other Asian countries for easy cheap manual labor. When they know they need to undertake a mission that requires quality and serious stuff (the real deal), they contact JAPAN!
Why do you think Japan does not go around bragging to the world about their Inventions, breakthroughs in technology and medicine as other Asian countries do endlessly advertising themselves. Japan KNOWS that they know how to build everything from the ground up without needing help from anyone. They sit back and let the World notice their Brands. They DON'T Go around announcing it and translating it to English to sell their products. They are not thirsty for money. They don't cheat, lie, deceive, copy, etc. or live dishonorably.
They have their own style of living not copied from anybody! Just look at their capsule hotels! computer toilets, great skin (lifestyle), built to last cars, graphic animation (why Hollywood can make great movies in the first place), hairstyles every celebrity in the world wants, etc. and they share this with the world not overcharging the prices of their cars (Toyota, Nissan, etc.) They are very friendly and giving open minded people. But they are like warriors, you cannot just dominate their lifestyle and their intelligence. If they weren't so smart as smart as their technologies are, they would have lost everything by now. But their bloodline is Intelligence and they would expect their kids to marry the same. Same Intelligence. They breed the most beautiful Asian women who are Actually tough and intelligent , and these all around intelligent beautiful women give birth to honest and intelligent men who are great warriors as tough and disciplined as their mothers! Japan is very friendly. They are open to Everyone, however they breed Intelligence and it's hard for them to get along with others who are not the same.
Intelligence is embedded in their bloodline. Look around, they don't need to announce their inventions or their products, they know they are the ones being called when a new breakthrough in technology or medicine needs to be made.
Oh and they are not depressed people like other Asian developing countries, they have endless fun and festivities and more holidays than America traditionally celebrates.
In fact they are not even listed as a developing country. Japan's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is richer than the United States. It's why they don't need to come to U.S. to study. Americans and Europeans go to Japan to study instead. They are great friends with each country.
But they don't rely on them for education or career advancement as EVERY other Asian go to America for.
Americans go to Japan to study their ways, Japanese do not come to the United States to study. They only come to hang out and share their business. They are nowhere dependent on the United States. But they are friends.
Like I said:
America and Europe reaches out to other Asian countries for easy cheap manual labor. But when they need to undertake a mission that requires quality, and seriousness (the real deal), they contact JAPAN!

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