Why do Japanese men smell so bad?

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Tokyo, Japan

#1 Oct 21, 2013
I live in Tokyo and whenever I have to be in a crowded place with Japanese people (subways, elevators, meeting rooms, etc.) I almost have to throw up because of the b.o. problem.

It's only Japanese men - the women smell good or mostly don't have any odour at all.

Is it because Japanese men are so weak they are not able to take a shower and brush their teeth in the morning? If I sit next to Japanese man in the subway, and he yawns, the foulest of smells fills the whole wagon. But even if they keep their stupid mouthes shut, the bad smell of cigarettes, soy sauce, and greasy, unwashed hair is too much to bear.

I think that's also one big reason why Japanese woman now prefer to date Western men and Japanese men therefore feel even weaker and their hate and xenophobia rises.

Japanese men - just brush your teeth and shower every morning, and everybody's lives will be better.

I can't help you with your frail and weak bodies and your big ugly faces, but at least make an effort to smell okay. Thanks, you degenerate idiots.
Japanese Truth


#3 Oct 24, 2013
Japanese are so brainwashed and retarded that some of them think they don't stink. Like they think they can poop in the middle of the floor and it would smell like roses.

Consequently, many Japanese men think they don't need to wash daily. When you get in a crowded area with them, then you can almost pass out from their stink.

Women in general, are usually more aware of how they might smell and take better care of themselves.

Another point is a diet high in meat. This can also cause you to stink more. Japanese eat more meat now, so they can have a bad smell if they don't wash daily.

Washing your body daily and putting on clean clothes is what allows you to smell good.


#4 Oct 25, 2013
Just a blah, blah, blah...foreign men just want to separate Japanese men from Japanese women to get Japanese women, and who care?

Japanese are group minded. We are not individualists like foreigners. Both men and women are dominated by the emperor. Women support men, men fight for the emperor and the emperor protects a peace. This is Japan.

No matter how you guys try to make a negative campaign about Japanese men, you can't change an order at all.

For me, German are drinking beer every day. You smell onion and alchoholic LOL

"See for yourself." and "Learn it before to talk." are suitable for YOU.

Tokyo, Japan

#5 Oct 25, 2013
Well, I think once Japan gets nuked again (and this time not with only two small test bombs, but real ones), the smelly yowa-otoko problem is solved too.
It will happen. In our lifetimes.
Real Truth

Tokyo, Japan

#6 Nov 9, 2013
Hirohitlero wrote:
Well, I think once Japan gets nuked again (and this time not with only two small test bombs, but real ones), the smelly yowa-otoko problem is solved too.
It will happen. In our lifetimes.
Way too many old dinosaur backwards thinking Japanese politicians haven't learned their lesson from WW2. The idiots will start some bullcrap again and end up getting Japan nuked again. This time by Russia, China, or North Korea.


#7 Nov 10, 2013
Asians staying in Japan keep bullshits here in order to calm down a daily frustration. Go back home, losers.
Japankaputtmache n

Tokyo, Japan

#8 Nov 10, 2013
Ainu, why do you dare to speak even, you are not even real Japanese but just Ainu. Go back into your hole where the true blood Japanese have sent you.
Who pays for your internet connection anyway? Welfare? Stop living on other people's money.
I am 100% sure you are not even true Japanese. If you are prove it (upload your driver's license, or we can meet in a dark alley hahahaha.


#9 Nov 11, 2013
It just wastes time to hear your bullshits. As you bark what you wanna say, I just say what I wanna say.

You just keep bullshits in order to calm down a historical frustration here. How pathetic.

If you have a ball, go bark the same in a real life. You will be arrested and lose your own life, coward LOL

Who cares about worthless southern chinese bullshits? I won't feed you troll. Just despise and ignore little dog.

Go back home and die with PM 2.5 LOL
Real Truth

Toda, Japan

#10 Nov 13, 2013
Real Japanese crap on and discriminate against Ainu, and have done so throughout Japanese history.

Also, Ainu are NOT white. The DNA clearly proves that. Just because a group of Asians are abnormally hairy, doesn't make you White. Okinawans are hairy too, but they are not dumb enough to claim they are White, nor will any Whites accept them as such.
Japankaputtmache n

Tokyo, Japan

#11 Nov 13, 2013
Real Truth, that's right. I think our little friend Ainu here just has a very very small "chin chin" and therefore needs to defend his little country on this forum as if anybody cared what a Japanese says (if he's even true Japanese).

As for Japanese, or any Asians, trying to be white, we white people just think it's interesting they don't have enough self esteem and try to be something else.

Back home in Germany, whenever we see a Japanese person we think it's like a urine stain on a perfect, beautiful white sheet of paper. We don't make a difference between Japanese or other Asians. We treat them all the same, and the Japanese will be treated worse from now on because they are not longer needed but they stick around and stain the beautiful white sheet of paper, without a real function at all because we get cheaper labour from the Chinese and Koreans now...

It would be good if all Japanese just hurry up and go back to their toxic little island.

Torquay, UK

#13 Jan 12, 2014
dear god, what is the world coming to? I see so much hate posted in this forum, hate for each other, hate for the countries, that it sickens me to my stomach. The racism, discrimination and prejudice posted has made me feel ashamed of America today, when will we shape up and get over the fact that there are foreigners in the world, and why don't you let them get on with their own lives, instead of being so ignorant and racist? it's not up to you. Would you have the guts, even, to make a remark about this in the real world, or are you so cowardly that you will just type it on the internet where you will remain anonymous. Grow some balls. Would you even have the guts to say this about muslims or blacks? I don't think so. Your crass and degenerate comments show that you are so brainwashed that you actually think you know what you are talking about. You are stereotyping and generalizing wrongly that all Japanese guys stink. I'm sure that most wouldn't give two shits what you think. And for the record, I have a Japanese boyfriend, and he doesn't smell bad at all. So you have nothing to say, nothing left to stand by. It just shows how ignorant you all are. All of you. This IS racism, and even if not directed to blacks or muslims, it is racism. if you said what you had said here to a Japanese person in real life, you would be kicked so hard that you would not get back up. You could even be arrested for racism. I hope you do not go to Japan or actually carry out your acts of mentality, and hoping for someone to bomb their country with nukes is truly twisted, sick-minded indication of how psycopathic you are. Do the world, and Japan a favour and jump off a cliff. Please. Pathetic.

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