Israeli Mob Crime On The Rise -- LAPD

Dec 2, 2009 Full story: LA Weekly 49

Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief Michael Downing said this week that Israeli organized crime was on the rise in Los Angeles and he mentioned the Oct.

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AIPAC Treason

Bradenton, FL

#53 Dec 16, 2010
Tom Landry wrote:
I remember reading about the Israelis launching rockets on peaceful people who were swimming along the Gaza beach. I also recall reading about Israelis boarding a peaceful ship that was bringing foods and medicines to civilians and then slaughtering several innocent people.
All those violent provocations are bound to stir up some baad karma for the Israeli Zionists who claim to be Jews, but they are atheists wearing yarmulkas.
.......... YES ....... Righteous jews are good .......... evil zionists are theocratic imperialists that bribed Congress .......... INDICT ABE FOXMAN , DAVID WURMSER and BRUCE SEIDEN .
AIPAC is Evil

Bradenton, FL

#54 Dec 16, 2010
Maverick wrote:
<quoted text>
It seems Meyer went to Israel in 1970 and stayed for couple of years.
........ Meyer Lansky , Elias Abuelazam and Avigdor Mombach fled to israel to avoid extradiction......... RIGHT OF RETEURN for the IRGUN / STERN GANG ZIONIST GOON SQUADS with Private eye corporations as cover for JONATHA POLLARD and WOLF BLITZER .

South Gate, CA

#55 Dec 16, 2010
Kosher Scam

Think your food costs too much?

This is partly why.

Two percent of the population are causing 98% of the population to pay more for food and other products, which unjustly and unfairly leads to millions of dollars supporting Israel's war machine.

More than $165 billion in products is subject to this KOSHER EXCISE TAX in the USA each year.

There's actually Kosher toilet bowl cleaner and plastic wrap. The difference is that with Kosher products the Rabbis stick their hands in your pockets to the tune of billions of dollars each year. Look for the "(U)" and "(K)" symbols to avoid these products.

The "Kosher Nostra" protection racket starts when an Orthodox Rabbi approaches a company to warn the owners that unless their product is certified as kosher, or "fit for a Jew to eat", they will face a boycott by every Jew in America.

Most, if not all of the food companies, succumb to the blackmail because of fear of the Jewish dominated media and a boycott that may eventually culminate in bankruptcy.

Also, the food companies know that the cost can be passed on to the consumer anyway.

The food companies have kept secret from the general consumer the meaning of the (U) and the amount of money they have to pay the Jewish Rabbis.

Boycott any product that has a Kosher symbol on it.
Stop funding the REAL TERRORISTS!

Since: Jun 10


#56 Dec 16, 2010
AIPAC Treason wrote:
<quoted text>.......... YES ....... Righteous jews are good .......... evil zionists are theocratic imperialists that bribed Congress .......... INDICT ABE FOXMAN , DAVID WURMSER and BRUCE SEIDEN .

Yeees, mddr fckkrs, the evil zionists (lower case z) savage assessins, they even bribed the sharks in the Red Sea ....

I've got evidences .....

The Red Sea sharks no longer eat fish... now they prey on tourists..

But not every tourist ..... noooo ... only European tourists vacationing in Egypt..

I'm told at the Pentagon, that Israel wants to bribe also jelly fish .

If Erdogan doesn't appologize for opening his mouth at Israel ... all the jelly fish in the Mediterranean will sun bath along the coast of the Turkish Riviera.....

Pigeons, yeees, pigeons ....

Israel is bribing pigeons to shit on Richard Goldstone's head ... every time he gets out of his house ...


Bradenton, FL

#58 Oct 18, 2011
AIPAC is Evil wrote:
<quoted text>........ Meyer Lansky , Elias Abuelazam and Avigdor Mombach fled to israel to avoid extradiction......... RIGHT OF RETEURN for the IRGUN / STERN GANG ZIONIST GOON SQUADS with Private eye corporations as cover for JONATHA POLLARD and WOLF BLITZER .
.......... What we know of gangster capialism comes thru the zio- hollywood filter and the zyonist sayanim that work for the izreeli fifth column . MARC RICH et al , hid in izreel , until BILL CLINTON pardoned them, for cash .
Well No Shvt

Covina, CA

#60 Aug 4, 2013
Turns out Italians are small potatoes in the mob business compated to East Europe, Russia, China, etc. Why not throw in Isreael too? It's a party!
FL tag BUJ A54

Sarasota, FL

#61 Oct 12, 2013
ZIONISM is racism wrote:
<quoted text>.......... the Israeli lobby has installed RAHM EMANUEL and Joe Lieberman as de facto presidents of the USA ......... Do you pretend not to know that Israel attacked the USS LIBERTY , USS COLE , Khobar Towers , the WTC , rachel corrie , etc ...... with impunity ......... AIPAC is the most powerful lobby and uses the monies from MADOFF , ABRAMOFF , DREIR , NADEL , Scott Rothstein , Bugsy Seltzer , Sid Korshak , the five dancing israelis , etc........ to immobilize US democracy and turn the US into a client state of the kosher nostra ....... see THE GOLDSTONE REPORT .
..........lots of chew on chew crime , like when Bernie Madoff , Stanley Cone , Art Nadel and Hippo Gottlieb took over the Fusion Centers and NASDQ.........RZR18 FL TAG
Jewish hand rubbing

Ashburn, VA

#62 Oct 12, 2013
Shalom wrote:
<quoted text> You Nazis are still around?
There are millions of "Nazis" today because they are waking up to the evils of your race. Anti-emitism (against anything that induces vomit, including Jews) is a part of human nature and seperates Jews from humans, despite Jewish sophistry.

Since: Jul 11

Location hidden

#63 Oct 12, 2013
Jewish hand rubbing wrote:
<quoted text>
There are millions of "Nazis" today because
When Muslims are told about scores of horrendous facts contained in the Quran, Sunnah and the Shari’a, they will typically respond as follows:
1. Accuse the person of lying, ignorance, and he should be proficient in Arabic to understand Islam. 2. Accuse the person of racism or Islamophobia. Say they are “filled with hate”. Never refer to the hate and violence Muslims do. Say that the actions of Muslims have nothing to do with Islam. 3. Say that the problem is that Muslims today are not practicing the “Original Islam” of Mohammed and the glorious era of the ‘Four Righteous Caliphs’ that followed him. 4. Say that any verse from the Koran that portrays Islam negatively is “out of context”. 5. Tell people that any ‘nice’ or ‘peaceful’ verse in the Koran is valid for everywhere and all time (if they mention the abrogated verses, deny it and move on). 6. Accuse Christianity and other religions as being “just as bad”. Mention the Crusades, Hitler, McVeigh, etc . 7. Claim that Muslims are unjustly persecuted (never mention 1400 years of jihad against infidels, the treatment of non-Muslims in Islamic societies or current events). 8. Explain that jihad means “inner struggle” and not “holy war”. 9. If they bring up the many contradictions and errors in the Koran, move quickly to the scientific wonders without being specific (never mind that Muslims never invented anything 10. Blame all current problems in Islamic societies on (choose one or more…) the Jews, Christians, the Crusades, the USA, Atheism, Israel, Colonialism, Hollywood, Vatican, Capitalism, racism, poverty, sexuality, discrimination, translations, the media, the Neocons,(Do not mention that all regimes in Muslim Middle East are undemocratic, brutal and corrupt). 11. Say that Islam “protects and honors” women. Say that “Islam has given women all her rights”. Point out the immorality in Western culture.. If they talk about the status of Muslim women everywhere, honor killings, say that it is because Muslims do not follow Islam. 12. Say that a small minority of extremists have hijacked Islam, and they are not ‘real’ Muslims. Explain that just because a person says the shahada (profession of faith), observes the 5 pillars of Islam, goes to the mosque every Friday, has memorized half of the Quran, wears a beard, and is named ‘Mohammad’ or even being the Imam in a mosque – this does not mean that he is a ‘real’ Muslim. 13. If the person brings up issues relating to words and actions of Mohammad, say that you are offended. 14. Use a lot of cute Arabic words to confuse the person. 15. Quote the verse “who kills a single person, it is as if he killed all of mankind” to prove how peaceful Islam really is (Do not mention that the phrase is incomplete and you have omitted the first five words and the end of it). 16. Once again, remember that Muslims “are the best of people” and Mohammad is a “Mercy for all mankind.”. The problem cannot be Islam’s fault so it must be the work of (insert name of evil non-Muslim group here).. 17. If all else fails, assume a zombie-like attitude and start saying the Qanoot-e-Naazilah prayer in a low, intense voice (in Arabic!). Hiss a little between lines. Stand up suddenly and start yelling “Allah Akbar”. Do this ten times as loud as possible 18. Not to forget, if they bring up that Mohammad molested a six years old baby girl, say it was a lawful marriage, and in hot countries girls ripen faster. Then bring up the child molester priests (regardless that those priests were tried, convicted and put behind bars).

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