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Vic Reale

Flushing, NY

#143 Jan 16, 2013
We give many countries our money for
foreign "aid". most of these countries hate our guts... We give Israel a lot more money...
Perhaps the REASON is that the 12 banks that
rule the financial world (Federal Reserve Banks)
are jewish and if THEY say we will give billions
to Israel...we will obey ..or the Global banks
will wreck financial havoc on our country/system
even more than what it is now.
whoever rules the Globes Finances...rules
the World. it is not racist or prejudiced
to state a FACT.
respectfully submitted
tks vic r.

Forest Hills, NY

#144 May 10, 2013
USA gives soo much money to Israel because if there ever is another major war or fighting ageist USA in the middle East, Israel is the only Democratic country there and is the only country USA can trust in the Middle East for help

Forest Hills, NY

#145 May 10, 2013
jodubr wrote:
this is for the dumbass who asked why we give the palistineans money. Palistineans have no home, they have been subjugated by Israel since 1967 when the jews took it. They have been living in refugee camps.( west bank and gaza strip) But i understand you are a shapeshifting jew therefore it is in your nature to spin the truth to further your own ends.
SO why doesn't any other country take the palasinians and give back the west bank to Israel
Nutjobs here

Daniel, Israel

#146 May 11, 2013
Marc wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi Adam. You want to know why the done leave "the dump they live in?"
1. They shouldn't have to. They're lives and families are in Palestine. Israel has invaded and taken over Palestinian lands, not the other way round. The only reason Israel exists is because Americans don't like Jews and didn't want them coming here after WWII so we sent them to Israel.
2. They can't! Fucking Israel won't let anyone in or out of Gaza.
3. Where would they go? Should they come here to the US, the land of opportunity, where ignorant fucks like you would hate them for no other reason than their religion, the color of their skin, or because they wear funny clothes that we associate with terrorism?
2. Many Palestinian families originate in Syria, Egypt and the surrounding area in General. Just look up the family names and trace them back to their origins.
You really have been brainwashed.
The reason Israel was created was because of the Mandate for Palestine from the 1920's. The British as Trustee were supposed to facilitate Jewish immigration to the land giving them PUBLIC land to settle on. As noted at the end of the 1920'd by League of Nation delegates made it clear to the British that they are not following the guidelines of the Mandate. Instead of allowing Jews to enter they put major restrictions. At the same time between 1920-48 the British encouraged non-Jewish immigration and according to date, census, media, over 300,000 non-Jews arrived on the land between these years.
You could say one of the reasons so many Jews died in the Holocaust is because no country would allow them entry even the British into Western Palestine. If they had many more Jews could have been saved.
It was the Russian who were the first to accept Israel not the US.
2) I thought that Gaza had a border with Egypt also, interesting how you omit this fact to suit your agenda. Even the UN Palmer report (UN usually very hostile towards Israel) states that the Blockade of Gaza (100's of trucks still go into Gaza from Israel on a regular basis with supplies) is perfectly legal.
3) Originally Jordan which is 80% of Mandate Palestine was split off to create an Arab state on the land. They should really have gone there (I speak mostly of those who were new on the land not the Arabs who had lived there for centuries). Actually many Palestinians from the West Bank had Jordanian passports until the past decade when Jordan began revoking them.
The reason that Islam is associated with terrorism is because the majority of terrorism around the world is Islamic. The problem is actually the opossite of what you imply and people seem to be appeasing Extremists hoping they will be left alone. History shows that if you ignore threats it can only lead to bad things.
The fact is that if the Palestinians would give up their aim to wipe out Israel and take all the land and instead chose to make peace based on the Oslo Accord things could be solved. They refuse however to ever allow Israel to be accepted in the region and this is clear in ALL their documentation whether it be their charters, speeches or otherwise.

Forest Hills, NY

#147 May 11, 2013
James Shortz wrote:
<quoted text>
fooofi wusssed out and didn't show up for his broad street beating today
what a puussssy
i will beet the shit out of you my self.

Pittsburgh, PA

#150 Jun 14, 2013
kalikkutty wrote:
you are not GIVING the money. jews are taking it away from you. and you can do nothing, absolutely nothing, about i watched in bbc people being evicted from their homes and sent to pavements for defaulting their mortgage payments.people rendered homeless for no fault of their own.all the while jews take away your money in can only watch it helplessly.

You antisemite blame it on Israel! Why don't you blame Israel for the national debt as well! People need to stop hating on Jews all the time

Adelaide, Australia

#151 Jun 28, 2013
Albert Fournier wrote:
Financing murderers.
Abbas support for Hamas is not new. In Feb 2007 he announced,“We must unite the Hamas and Fatah blood in the struggle against Israel as we did at the beginning of the intifada”. He stated this en route to Mecca to meet with the Saudi King, and Hamas terror chiefs Khaled Mashaal and Ismail Haniyeh. The Saudis pledged humdreds of millions of dollars in “humanitarian aid”– which, like previous pledges, they failed to deliver. Yet, as declared by National Intelligence Director J.M. Mc Connell, before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the Saudis and the Gulf states funneled hundreds of millions of petrodollars to reward Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Hamas and Palestinian Jihad suicide bombers and fuel the anti-Israel Jihad. Indeed, Saudi Arabia remains a source of recruits and Finances for … Levant-based militants as described at :
Your source is nothing but selected diatribes that are backed up by no evidence whatsoever, i checked several articles and not one of them had references for the claims they were making. And considering that the Irgun and Stern Gang would routinely bomb civilian targets even suicide bomb certain targets (i wouldnt be so quick to call Hamas politicians terror chiefs, which is actually the Political arm of the al Qassam Brigades), bombings that were carried out by the future leaders of Israel who openly supported and instituted the ethnic cleansing of Palestine (Source is from the Diary of David Ben-Gurion).

Los Angeles, CA

#152 Jun 29, 2013
Anything funnier than bunch of. smelly and hairy arabs, jews, mooslims and hindus, and idiots from Wall street engaged in passionate debate over cra...p ??

This is classic comedy and Benny Hill episode

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