Is Obama the naked Emperor with no clothes who has nothing to hide what he does not have? Kerry is wrong to look for international support when the American people and their House of Representative oppose Obama's private 'Jihadist war in Syria' to support his Mozlem Brothers and al Qaida terrorists. Obama has nothing new to tell the American people when the world is waiting for the investigation of the UN as the police of the world rather than Obama 'the policeman dictator of the world' who spies on every child, youth and adult of the world using the NSA. How much more unlimited power will the GOP ‘RINOs’ led by Boehner, McCain and Cantor give the almighty Obama that they fear of and treat as ‘god’. Obama must obey to the rules of US constitution because otherwise he must be impeached s the dictator who pushes foreign Mozlem Brother agenda that is above the US Constitution and US Congress. John Kerry is wrong to portray Obama as the dictator above the US Constitution who will go to support the al Qaida terrorists in Syria taking over the Assad regime by hook or by crook.