It's the British Empire, Stupid!

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Montréal, Canada

#1 Mar 14, 2008
It's the British Empire, Stupid!

In modern legend, the global British Empire disappeared in the late 19th Century, or at least at the end of World War II. A more dangerous delusion could not be held.

The "new" British Empire has never been so powerful, nor so close to implementing its schemes for global chaos and destruction. Its model is that of the older Venetian oligarchy, which functions as a financial oligarchic system of families, foundations, and other institutions dedicated to preserving their power in perpetuum, and destroying all systems and forces, most especially the nation-state, which stand in their way.

We summarily provide a review of three major areas of ongoing British imperial power here.

1. The World's Largest Economic Power

The economic/financial role played by leading Anglo-Dutch financial institutions, who exercise an astonishingly substantial control over the physical necessities of life, such as food and energy. It controls:
- 48-50% of the world's financial turnover
- the majority of the world's international trade in metals
- controls the majority of the international trade in petroleum
- controls the majority of the international food trade

2. A British Military Empire

The military role of British Imperial forces, both visible and invisible, regular and irregular. In sensitive locations, the British have let loose with "intelligence" or provocations, that have exacerbated local conflicts, even toward the point of threatening "superpower" confrontation.

The nature of the modern British Empire, is the role of the "privatized" or irregular forces deployed globally. London is the home base for dozens, if not hundreds, of private mercenary armies, some of them explicitly terrorist, others simply "contract" employees, who are deployed "in Her Majesty's Service" globally.

London has created and manipulated ethnic groups, and even small armies, in its own strategic interest of destroying nation-states. It's not for nothing that many nations have dubbed London "Londonistan" for its role in support of Khalistan, Balochistan, Kurdistan, and dozens more breakaway movements.

3. Empire of the Mind

The British Empire's cultural warfare apparatus, the most aggressive force for the destruction of pro-human scientific culture globally.

The most dangerous means of control exercised by the new British Empire is not financial, or military, but cultural. It is in this sphere that Britain's "invisible empire" takes the most prisoners of all. The empire works through various media.

Perhaps most ubiquitous is the use of the mass media, epitomized by the British Broadcasting Company. BBC is by far the most widely disseminated broadcasting network globally, and it is heard in dozens of languages other than English. Touting a reputation as "objective" the service's political role on behalf of the Queen's government.

No account of the cultural warfare being run by the British Empire against the human race would be complete without reference to its role in advancing the Genocide movement associated with the World Wildlife Fund's radical population control drive, and its spinoff, the Global Warming Movement of today.

The totally brutal, and false, idea behind this "environmentalism," was exposed by Prince Philip himself, when he told the Deutsche Press Agentur in August 1988 that "in the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."

British Malthusian ideology is indeed controlling our institutions, and behavior, without our even recognizing it.


Montréal, Canada

#2 Mar 14, 2008
British Commonwealth is the British Empire controlling 30% of the world's people, 25% of the world's countries including 53 countries and having the majority of the voting power in the UN (United Nations).

The British Empire is very much alive and well today. Behind closed doors at such locations as Chatham House, the London headquarters of the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), blueprints for the consolidation of one-world empire, drawing upon the resources of the British Commonwealth and the United Nations Organization (UNO).

The United Kingdom itself has very little to do with the new British Empire. England, Scotland, Wales, and, especially, Northern Ireland, are today little more than slave plantations and social engineering laboratories, serving the needs of a collection of families, numbering no more than 3,000-5,000 people, who live and work in and around the City of London, a one-mile-square financial and corporate district, which represents the greatest concentration of financial power ever assembled in one location.

These families constitute a financier oligarchy; they are the power behind the Windsor throne. They view themselves as the heirs to the Venetian oligarchy, which infiltrated and subverted England from the period 1509-1715, and established a new, more virulent, Anglo-Dutch-Swiss strain of the oligarchic system of imperial Babylon, Persia, Rome, and Byzantium.

The Queen of England runs the Monarchy from the top down, through a Privy Council. 500 people under the Queen run the British Empire, including the apparatus of its old Colonial Office. The Colonial Office was never disbanded. They call it the Overseas Development Office now. The Crown Agents who ran the colonies still function. They operate whole countries around the world. The mercenary forces we see in Africa and elsewhere are British mercenary forces, under the personal, direct command of the Queen through a thing called the Corps of Commissionaires; that is, these are generally retired military veterans, officers and high-ranking non-coms usually, both from the British Commonwealth system; that is, the various members of the British Commonwealth.

To achieve world empire, as Prince Philip has admitted, 80% of the world population must be eliminated within two generations. Over 4 billion people are to die to realize the Windsor/Club of the Isles New Dark Age!

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