My ex boyfriend and I have rekindled interested in each other and are starting to date again. I am aware that the Persian culture is strong and so I would like to show my interest. He does know I appreciate and am interested in his culture but I think a hurdle for him is that he doesn't want to teach me-he wants me to already know it lol!

I would greatly appreciate any tips or links. As an English major, I've already read a plethora of Persian literature but I'm not sure quite where to start as far as Iranian pop culture. I don't currently have a religion so I would be opening to Islamic beliefs once I knew and I understood them better. We are both in our mid 20's and there are racial differences(I'm African-American and he is Iranian-American) between us. However, I would like to see if becoming more familiar with his culture would help that. I already enjoy cooking and cleaning naturally lol, so that "requirement" I do well in.

Any suggestions, links, tips would be greatly appreciated!