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Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#309 Nov 26, 2013
All balanced and normal humans will show love for all shades of humanity.Any shade can touch any beauty's heart to generate a start of love and want.


Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#310 Dec 4, 2013
Pretty thing she goes with the black
Love by him Persiana won't lack
Black and light skin mix be good
He too loves Persiana, understood

Persian babes are pretty the most
Black loves Persiana as love host
I love all black girls so much
Blacks are just so good love touch

We are humanity, Persiana too
Persiana is so sweet, so true
Persiana's love for black is begun
Both will have the grandest fun

Wish Persianas, blacks are in my reach
They will be my sweet hearts, each
To sweet humanity, we all belong
For Persiana and black I do long

With longing hearts and shade mix
We love all humans, we admix
Persiana, black, love you from heart
Mixing is good humanity's part
Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#311 Dec 5, 2013
We must be grateful to Persiana, who is just so pretty, for mix with humanity of other shades that are all beautifully lovable.

Wish Persiana's and black women hearts reaches out to me as well.Syrianas are sweet, very sweet and I wish and pray that her country Syria will immediately soon embrace complete and thorough peace. We must love peace for all humanity right through our hearts.

I am in love with all shades of humanity to which all I belong with glee.
Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#312 Dec 5, 2013
Peace will bring universal admixed love amongst all us humanity.There must be peace for all for humanity love reasons.We must all hate wars that bleed our very livable, lovable and very sweet humanity, which has pretty Persianas and Syrianas as distinct parts of loverly souls.

Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#313 Dec 7, 2013
All human races are pretty and beautiful.Even the prettiest title is time changing and time rotating.At the time of Queen Sheeba, the blacks were renowned as the most beautiful. Just before Alexander the Great and until the Mogols, the Persians were the most sought after as the most beautiful, though still and then all humans have ever been pretty.

From the 18th and 19th century on the white race has been considered the most beautiful of all humanity as beautiful. All have sought to mix and marry the whites in the past 2 or three centuries. The result is obvious that the pure whites of the world population has declined from 35 percent 200 years ago to only 9-12 percent today. There is a common worry that the most beautiful considered whites may even dilute too much with hardly any pure white visible.

Now, the trend seems to be shifting to black being the most beautiful and the world may be soon singing the songs of admiration about the blacks. The very grand Canada or even America is bringing in more black new comers than any body else.

The black skin of all beauty runs in over 2 billion people( Africans, majority south Asians, masses in Brazil and America and Canada and elsewhere)out of 7 billion total population.Go to India and Bangladesh and some of Pakistan, you gladly find and love the very blacks as much as you love same shade black from Africa and elsewhere. Don't forget yellow are beautiful and they have enjoyed most beautiful status for many centuries.

The market places and economies of the world too love majority people and blacks have their times coming again.

Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#314 Dec 7, 2013
As real human, forget not duty
Love the blacks, the most so beauty
Pretty Persiana, beautiful black
Love for each other, they don't lack

Pretty Persiana looks black pretty face
Both then go for love embrace
Love embrace and then big kiss
Each got love, love none gonna miss

I can watch it I feel glad
Both say best love they just had
Persiana says she loves black squeeze
Me as watcher the love does please

Deer like eyes and light her skin
Persiana, black beauty both do win
Pleasure for me too is the sight
Watching Persiana, black love is delight
Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#315 Dec 7, 2013
Not just pretty Persiana, pretty tan and brown(from Indo- Pak) and even yellow beauties loving the black will bring real gladness.
I write poem on Indo- Pak brown and tan beauties loving the blacks as:

Indo- Pak beauties, them brown and tan
Will now enjoy love with black man
Pretty that tan and pretty that brown
Surrender to the black and lay self down

For black, brown tan love is love mad
The black with love on them be glad
And it will be good mix love
We watch on earth, the sky from above

Showered kisses and good a squeeze
Black does, tan says more so please
Get the thing next tan will get
The black in love play makes her wet

The black does so wild touch caress
The tan just thanks him with a bless
Humanity now mixes all so dear
For love reasons all races get near

Los Angeles, CA

#316 Dec 8, 2013
Roya wrote:
I am 46 year old persian (Iraian) 100%. I look 26 years ol and always get hit on by all colors and race. For the first time, I decided to get married at age 44 to a very young black Jamaican man. He loves me soo much, he has nothing but love for me, I have my own money so I dont need his..
Now I am being hated by all kinds, dis owned by my own family for marrying a black man never mind a 24 year old black man.. LOL that takes a bite ..... I am strong and beautiful and rich.. He is strong, beautiful and smart.. Our relationship will work if everyone mind their own bussiness...We both bleed what he is black and I am white, so what he is young and I am old.. God does not mistakes , we as humans do.......
Nothing wrong with color and age .. we were just born at different times and color..........

you are free to do anything including
jumping off the cliff. But don't disgrace land of Iriyans and be a good Ary. Dont know how you look at yourself in the mirror with that
"ka ka siyah" beside you.

London, UK

#317 Dec 9, 2013
Lol, why would a black clown ask such a question we don't like you!
Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#318 Dec 9, 2013
White and yellow, brown and tan
All are seeking to love black man
All other men are busy chasing money
Can't even tell women word sweet honey

Light and white and tan and yellow
Greet the black man with sweet word hellow
The black is sexy, he's got action
Black is beautiful man with affection

Affection, attraction and got fame
Black is tall, others aint just same
Persianas, Pak- Indians and all white
All love black man with so delight

Black is man he is so grand
All women giving him just love hand
Love hand, love play and love touch
All love black man just so much

One third population just for now
One half soon be blacks soon how
In dear Canada, more blacks in
America and world says blacks do win

Persianas, Indo Pak got surprise
Join all, say black is paradise
Love you black, you got em all
All women with blacks got love fall
Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#319 Dec 10, 2013
Persiana got her pair of eyes
Brighter than the summer skies
Look through them eyes sweet and dear
Eyes so pretty like of deer

Persiana wish you stay so near
I wanna touch you, do you hear
If you love a dark black man
Wish you luck as much I can

Dark or black is good at heart
From you he will just never part
Pretty thing Persiana that you are
More pretty than a movie star

Near white you got skin with shine
You do steal this heart of mine
Pretty thing Persiana none wanna miss
Cheeks of you deserve black kiss

Black lips kiss with lips so big
You wive them lips, his gig
Persiana you are dish delish
Eat you sweet thing is the wish
Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#320 Dec 10, 2013
The markets love populations, that are the key to economies. Them majority populations are the very loved blacks now.
Today over 2 billion, tomorrow over three billion and half of humanity on planet earth.
The world's white, brown, tan, yellow and light skin Persianas will be opening up to darling blacks for love reasons.
America and especially Canada are bringing in more and more blacks and so will be same good for Europe.


Humanity now loves black as king
The blacks will get the markets backing
The world's most powerful job who got
Obama the black king we love lot

South Asians tan girls, Persiana's light
And the yellow and brown's delight
That delight be blacks in sight
Blaqcks will mix with all and white

Black the skin got pretty dark shine
Lovable blacks be yours and mine
The world will look so good with blacks
Black majority all will back

The blacks in market place will spend
Money will love blacks no pretends
Girls of all the shades and skin
Will be pleasure for blacks to win

Sweet Persiana's love and stare
Will be for the black's good care
Tall and tan girls Indian Pak
And for whites black will be talk

Black with white, tan, yellow mix
And with light Persian's admix
Good and pleasant be for sight
No one with the black will fight

And the night so black and dark
Stars in sky at night so stark
Kisses be for the blacks at night
Most pretty Persiana be in sight

Love you Persiana most of all
If with black in love you fall
Lovable, livable, loverly so
Persiana prettiest, best all know

Sivas, Turkey

#321 Dec 10, 2013
i dont think!
Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#322 Dec 10, 2013
We are all one humanity.We are blacks, whites, tan, yellow and brown all rolled up into one humanity and we all love each other regardless of color or skin which are all pretty and lovable.

We wish peace and no war for all of our dear humanity.
Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#323 Dec 13, 2013
The whites, the tan, the yellow and the brown all love black men. If light skin Persianas love blacks, that is just as good.

It is good to see all humanity in love with each other and that love is peace for all mankind that is all so lovable.
Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#324 Dec 17, 2013
Diamond black so strong a man
Finds the light skin Persiana tan
Don't compare here, it is contrast
Variety shades, so love can last

Persiana babe is just so glad
On black man, she is never mad
The black man loves Persiana's charms
Persiana is in his loving arms

Persiana gets the love laden stare
The black will do her just good care
Black man gives Persiana a kiss
New found love, he does'nt wanna miss

Pretty Persiana's love is true
The black man says he loves her too
It is contrast, please don't compare
Loves get hot and skin gets bare
Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#325 Dec 19, 2013
Canada and America together form the world's grandest economic zone. Them both countries are bringing in more blacks than any others every year.

Whites are loving blacks and vice versa. If we do not love all our fellow humans shades of skin, there is something wrong with our being humans.Whites can love blacks, Persianas can fall in love with blacks, tan Pak and Indians can be loving to blacks and that is all signs of happiness and humans of different shades and color becoming one flesh through love.

It is perfectly allright if any color skin loves any other different colour of skin. That is sign of all humanity in mutual love, understanding and peace for all.
Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#326 Dec 19, 2013
Hate is through accident and love is by chance.

If a white European, light skin Persiana or tan Pakistani girls falls into love with a black man through wish or chance, that is very good and happy hap.

America and Canada will lead the world to show how we mix merge into one happy human family.
Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#327 Dec 25, 2013
Blacks and very dark skin outnumber other shades of humanity. Africa and south Asia have the beautiful blacks as most and America too has the beautiful blacks in tens of millions. America and Canada are bringing in new immigrants with blacks or very dark as the most.

Loving the black skin can be good for all. Having touch of black beauty on your heart can be happy thing..

So, it is good thing that the whites, light skin, brown skin, tan skin, yellow skin must all experience the love for blacks who are just as much beautiful.

Aren't we the same humanity after all and we must love all of our dear and lovable humanity. That brings peace for us all.
Peace for all

Calgary, Canada

#328 Jan 2, 2014
Black or white if good in bed
Woman loves him, him to wed
Persiana or of any color, creed
Loves the strong in bed for need

Need is strong for strong the black
Goes to black, she won't come back
Why come back, in bed she's set
All night long she's been all wet

Been all wet with sex as test
Strong in bed, the black is best
No one cares, all girls told
No one cares for impotent, old

Boobs and body just all belong
To the one who got strong, long
Strong and long and good at play
You need that in sex, all say

If you got it good, she'll sing
Good in sex, you are sex king
Does'nt matter if you're black my friend
Sex you do, you don't pretend

Good in bed and you are hot
Black or white, her sure you got
Best is yes the bed place game
Good in bed, got her and fame

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