Why is Malayalee hate Tamil Nadu?

Created by HOMO DRAVIDA PRIDE on Jun 29, 2011

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Malayalee hate progress of TN

Malayalee hate progress Tamils

Malayalee are snobbish people

Malayalee are donkeys

Malayalee are idiots

Siva Sankaran

Rosanna, Australia

#50 Dec 13, 2011
The langauge of the early nasranis in Kerala was Tamil and this idiot is talkign through his head.

Kelowna, Canada

#51 Dec 14, 2011
i don't think Malayalees hate tamils or otherwise. no indian in his perfect senses can hate fellow indian unless he/she is UP-Bihari-Odiya.
anti tamil

Colombo, Sri Lanka

#52 Dec 14, 2011
COIMBATORE: The interstate angst over the Mullaperiyar dam spilled on to city streets with cadres of a lesser known Tamil Nationalist movement vandalising commercial establishments owned by Keralites. Police personnel rushed to the spot and stopped the vandalism in Gandhipuram railway station, but not before the vandals broke glass cases and obstructed employees and customers at a bakery near the railway station. As many as 50 people were arrested on Wednesday in connection with the incident.

Initially the police arrested 36 cadres of Tamil Nationalist outfit Tamil Desiya Pothuvudamai Katchi and Naam Tamilar outfits involved in the incident. More than 10 activists including a woman and cadres of Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam, Viduthalai Chiruthaikkal Katchi and other outfits were arrested later in the evening when they tried to block police personnel taking the arrested cadres to be produced before magistrate and remanded under custody.

Malayalam, Kerala`s main native language, believed to be originated as an offshoot of Tamil, the principal native language of neighboring Tamil Nadu. But this is not true.
A Keralite identity, distinct from the Tamils and associated with the Kerala Varmans empire and the development of Malayalam, subsequently evolved sometime during the 8th 14th centuries.
mukesh j shah

Pathanamthitta, India

#53 Dec 15, 2011
tamils are violent people. while kerela educated people. living here for 30 years in ernkulam. my experience with tamils are bad. they went to destroy mulaperyar dam to kill malyalees. it is digusting.
Tamil Veriyan

Chen, India

#55 Dec 15, 2011
The Story behind White Skinned Malayalee People

Aryans tried to sneak in to South India during 9th Century BC. During that time Chola, Pallava and Pandya kingdoms were strong enough to protect their region – Now Tamil nadu

When chera kingdom were weak Aryans easily invaded and captured Cheranadu aka Kerala. As we know that Aryans are fair in colour and tall in height. Before the Aryan Invasion even kerala people were also dark skinned. Aryans started having sex with kerala women. Since there was no protest on the act they formed a system called Namboothiri System. Namboothiris are nothing but Aryans who always claim that they are the messengers of God and created 4 vedas.. The system is, if a non-namboothiri girl is getting married, the girl’s father has to get approval from the namboothri’s family who is the chief of their village. After getting the approval, Bride’s father and mother has to invite namboothiris younger son to bless her daughter??? on her marriage. Marriage will be held at bride’s home. After the marriage is over Bride-groom will be sent to his home. Namboothiri will stay for a week at Bride’s house and bless the girl??? in all the possible ways. In return bride also reciprocate the same to namboothri. After getting confirmed that namboothiris sperm is fertilized, he will leave the house. After a week her original husband will be called to her house and he continue to live with her in-order to avoid initial problem for the child.

Namboothiris brain-washed all kerala people that fairness is the colour of divinity and darkness is the colour of satanity.“We can only reform you if you engage sex with us you will get the same thejus and colour”.

This is the story behind Kerala People how they are fairer than Tamilians

Till 1930s the Nambuthiris system was existed in kerala. All the malayalees followed this system religiously and they were not aware that their wives are being fucked by other males till our reformist Periyar raised voiced to eradicate the system from kerala.

1. I agree that Tamil girls are dark, because we are born to our father sperm who are dark skinned. But all Malayalees are fair because they are born to Namboothiris Sperm who are fair skinned.

2.Malayalee girls are always neat and clean but Tamil girls are not that much clean. Ofcourse Prostitute has to keep herself clean always to attract more customers.

3. Malayalees are every where like mosquitos and Tamils are like Tigers they live in appropriate places where they have to struggle for rights, food shelter etc…
Tigers are hardworking in nature it will hunt his own prey. It won’t eat dead animals and will not eat other animal’s hunted prey. Where as mosquitos are blood sucking insects and lazy and hated creature where ever they exist.

4.Kerala is 100% literate state and top in Suicide rate. Tamilnadu is only 70% literate but 100% in self determination 100% in humanity.

Vandharai Valavaikum Tamilagam. Tamilnadu welcomes all state people. That is why you bloody mallus are living in tamilnadu without any problem.
only sane person here

Laurel, MD

#57 Dec 16, 2011
Wow all you guys here need to stop hating. I don't care if this is started by Pakistani's or whoever but these people are you country men. why do you hate them so much? this is one of the most vitriolic and utterly retarded racist threads ever. You guys with all your racist views are the scum of the earth and the true reason indian people will never be respected in the world. educate yourselves i feel sorry for all of you even you tamils who respond with racist comments

Since: Dec 11

Location hidden

#58 Dec 16, 2011
Why i invite Brahmins to embrace Islam and lead Muslims?:

As a nation, India is facing some severe challenges.

1. Overpopulation
2. China's supremacy.

Overpopulation is killing INDIA:

We are 1.2 billion and growing at the rate of 30 million per year.

Our brilliant youth and able manpower is standing in long ques under the hot sun in front of Christian and Muslim Arab nations for jobs and immigration visas. Every youth wants to quit India. Most of them say openly that there is no future in India, even though they love India.

We are seriously overpopulated and we will NEVER be able to grow with this huge burden. It's a threat for our survival. We need to evacuate atleast 25% of our population, 30 crores, and push them out before 2020.

Otherwise the ship will sink.

China Federation coming:

We don't have friends in our neighborhood. All are enemies, including China. Our neighbors are weak and they want a powerful BIG BROTHER to survive. They do not see any value in us. We know very well that they love to hate us as much as we love to hate them.

There is a greater possibility that our neighbors (Pak+BD+SL+Afghan) may form a federation with China very soon. If that happens, all 55 OIC Muslim nations will join hands with China, we will be left all alone and all our dreams will come to a halt.

Leadership crisis for 650 million Muslims of the subcontinent:

There are 650 million Muslims living in "India+Pak+BDesh+Afghanis tan" region alone. Every Muslims in this region has got his umbilical cord connected with India for one or the other reason.

Today subcontinent Muslims are desperately looking for leadership. Ordinary Muslims are looking at Brahmins and secretly wish they could have intellectuals like Brahmins to lead them.

Despite very high intellectual prowess, 80 million Brahmins are facing a serious survival crisis because 85% non-Brahmin population has started openly blaming Brahmins for the failures of India. Every qualified Brahmin wants to quit India and settle in USA or Gulf.

Why NOT these noble Brahmins say Shahadha, embrace Islam and become leaders for 650 million Muslims of the subcontinent?. Every Muslim will burst into joy and welcome them with open arms. This will make India a TRUE Superpower and mighty China will bow and submit to the will of India.

It will NOT happen overnight. If 250 million Muslims tell the example of Kaaba Brahmins and invite them continuously, at one point they will realize the power of "Islamic empire" and come.

I am inviting Brahmins to Islam in the national interest of 1.2 billion Indians.
tamil brain is weak

Alappuzha, India

#59 Dec 17, 2011
Did people of kerala start protesting after our politicans asked us to?

Its we people in Kerala, who demanded the politicos to wake up and assure or safety.

But, what the reverse happened in TN! Morons like Vaiko & Paiko! informed people about our raw demands and made them to fight against us for a matter that won't never ever affect 'em, after all of us here, promised the same amount of water to TN!

Then as a next step, those morons came up with a claim to take one of our districts! WTH??

Then, again another fantastic claim that the treasure in tvm temple belongs to Tamils!

thamizhan enru sollada moolai valarchi illatha nimirndu nillada...talibani pashtuns and tamilians..where is the difference? both are badla-giri medieval maggots.

Bangalore, India

#60 Dec 17, 2011
Very Interesting post about white skinned mallus. Today only i came to know about the hidden truth of Namboothiri system in kereala. If his wife is being intercoused by a namboothiri guy how he could live with the same girl. Thank god only these bloody mallu men can answer this question.
If we face any such situation we will kill both. In Hydrebad we also hate mallus, they are so cunning and will not hestitate to do back stabbing even with their close friends. Non-Mallu cannot be close friend to a mallu. but they will pretend and make you beleive.
So mallus are accepting that they all born to Nambuthir's white penis hence they get the white skin...
But how these Mallus claim that kerala is Gods own country when devils are living there. They should change the name "Devils Own Country"
Why these Mallus get every thing from Tamilnadu (Milk, Rice, fruits, Vegetable, beef) when they have plently of water available in kerala. Then what the fuck they are doing in kerala without producing for their own needs. Only fucking with neighbour aunties, and doing black magic.
In india every where only low caste people only eat beef. But in kerala all mallus eat beef. But they claim that they are superior people than anyone in India. They are beef eating scavengers.
Mallu people are not hardworking. They are too lazy that is why they are not even cultivating anything even for their needs.
Mallu men are even more lazy. They are very lazy to mate even with their wife. Mallu wives mate with their husbands. They proudly claim that mating style is called Kerala mating style.

United States

#61 Dec 18, 2011
karnatakadalli iro ella bere rajyadaravanna oddu odisi.

United States

#62 Dec 18, 2011
in karnataka who ever comes to our land and try to settle here mainly north indians we will kick their bladey fat ass and beat them like hell.if they think they can settle in our bengaluru and other main cities they will see the hell.

United States

#63 Dec 30, 2011
There is no descrimination between tamils and malayalees....we are indians....

Since: Dec 11

Location hidden

#64 Dec 30, 2011
cheraking wrote:
A stupid threat with not so interesting topic. If mallus hate tamil then dont watch tamil movies and eat idli and dosa from your neighbours home. If tamils hate mallus then dont eat puttu, idiyappam and paya from your neighbour's house and dont watch mallu actors. Let me see how long you can do this? I am sure you will feel bored and come back to your mixed life with idli and idiyappam.
And after few months you will again start fighting. How can mummy and son keep fighting and how long? Mallus and Tamils are NEVER a threat to each other, they always benefit from each others existence. Mallus respect nature and we Tamils should learn their non-money minded and people loving attitude from them. Similarly Tamils have great sense of humour, welcomeness to others (except arrogant hindi speakers who look down on us), great sense of art, spiritualism and humbleness.
Wait a min....
idli and dosai(not dosa) is now consumes everywhere in india be it extreme north, west or east. so you have no right to ask someone not to eat it.

now you guys can carry on with your fight. by the way, in end we all will be dissolved in the nature. So its useless to fight among ourselves. fight the corruption within ourselves.
v r humans

Chennai, India

#65 Jan 10, 2012
all the educated ppl here, the words v use, is this the integrity that v can show even after gaining these many degrees??
Some ppl for keeping up their political stunt, they do raise an issue...
let the illiterate run behind them & of course v can't blame them too..
but im wondering even NRI ppl do comments.. very frustrating..
itz the matter of survival.. when there was an issue in Australia, all Indians joined together irrespective of customs, culture, religion etc.. becoz v need survival..
but now, even now v r Indians.. the property v damage in our own country is "ours"
I respect the feelings of all.. But at least dont support the stupid politicians & news makers..
& dont make other countries to laugh on INDIA..

Chennai, India

#66 Jan 12, 2012
jappan wrote:
some fools say malayalam comes from tamil is that means tamil is superior. Then we can say greek are superior than english,french, and germans all this language derived from latin and greek if you say this hitler will reborn and kill you dirty tamils
Poorinde mone Jappan...Without Tamil no mayiru Malayalam. Till 12th Century you were using Tamil scrip. After 12th Century only your bloody people discovered malayalam script by borrowing alphabets from Tamil & Sanskrit. Kerala is 100% literate state only to make porn films. Try to learn your own history and try to accept the truth even if it does not bring any glory to your language and state.
sivalli tulu

Kochi, India

#67 Jan 12, 2012
Naara wrote:
<quoted text>
Poorinde mone Jappan...Without Tamil no mayiru Malayalam. Till 12th Century you were using Tamil scrip. After 12th Century only your bloody people discovered malayalam script by borrowing alphabets from Tamil & Sanskrit. Kerala is 100% literate state only to make porn films. Try to learn your own history and try to accept the truth even if it does not bring any glory to your language and state.
tamil people are australoids and more in common with north indians like orissa,bihari,mp than with Kerala. the biased revisionist tamil peanut brain wants to claim whole kerala as tamilnadu. no keralites wants to join tamilnadu. instead, we will recommend central government to secede tamilnadu. tamils,sinhalese,maldivians,ma dagaskari,andamanese tribes,papua new guinea people are all related.

leave keralites alone. we are fed up of this propaganda. we are superior people who are more aware of the tamil psyche which tamils cannot understand. for keralites, what tamils does is looked as what monkeys does in a zoo. that much stupidity we see in tamilians. rajanikanth is seen as a funny buffoon in kerala. your actors looks like somalians or andamanese. vadivelu is an example.

I know enough to claim that, tamilians have more in common with karnataka,andhra,orissa,bihar, mp than with kerala. hearing our language, the fatherless tamilians are excited to claim kerala to tamilnadu. fcuking bastids. purinchithaada punda mone kandaroli otha kena koothi. ethana thanthai irukkeda arivu ketta mundankalai?
tamil enru solluvum soothei kazhukuvom.. tamils,andhra,mysore are called "thotti" "paandi" in Kerala. your people here are beggers, toilet cleaners.

Since: Oct 11

Palakkad, India

#68 Jan 16, 2012
Shut up thallevoli tulu thayoli pulayaadimone.Go suck your dick,so called 'Tulu' language is also from Tamil you f***ing piece of stinky shit.Go back to Afghanistan,Iran,Central Asia,Europe or stay with your idiot bhayya brothers or punjabis in the 'Great Land-Locked North India'who shamelessly claim Aryan heritage. The fact is that except a few castes,most of them look like dark ape like beings evolved continuously by invaders.Speaking of toilet cleaning, malayalees are the best toilet cleaners in the Arabian nations and USA. Everybody hates you people.You are shame for my good malayalee friends who love tamil.Ninte kochiyoru naariyanagaramanu, ninne polullavar irunaal engane naarathirikkum?

Since: Oct 11

Palakkad, India

#69 Jan 16, 2012
I know that this thread was started by a Suvar Kuttha 'PakisthaniPunjabi' or some fucking piece of 'ShitChingalese'.These idiots are also claiming Indo Aryan heritage.Balls to your Indo Aryan chauvinism.And stop wasting your time by making these stupid threads.Two southern states are enough to teach a lesson to your begger countries,which was once part of India.

Since: Oct 11

Palakkad, India

#70 Jan 16, 2012
And there is nothing wrong in toilet cleaning.Every job is a good job.We tamils do all kinds of jobs no matter what bloody caste is.Several tamils are joining the war against Tamil haters in India and Srilanka.Some non brahmin upper caste politicians of Tamil,Malayali,Kannada and Telugu origins have played enough games to divide Tamils in the base of race,accents,castes,tribes and religions.We will not allow this to happen once again.This Mysore Iyengar Vella Korangu Jayalalitha and Golti Vaiko are now playing games on Mullaperiyar dam.And this Naari Achaayan Oomban Chandy and Dummy Sardarji are afraid of them.I don't have any fear.We have to beat the crap out of those imbeciles and chase to their homelands."Achchamillai achchamillai accham enbathu illaye.Uchchiyilirunthu vaanidinthu veenapothilum achchamillai, achchamillai, achchamenbathillaye." Subramanya Bharathi.

Chennai, India

#73 Feb 9, 2012
Kerala was once described as “a mental asylum” by none other than swami Vivekananda. That was about sixty years back. Swamy Vivekananda while traveling through this state could understand the way in which people of Kerala were living. The great saint was shocked by the superstitions and archaic customs existed in this land. The word “mental asylum” he used, was in a sense quite a merciful enough from a saint. Considering the conditions prevailed here, much harsher words would have been more appropriate!
Those were the times of extreme madness. The whole population was graded in to thousands of castes, like the rungs of a ladder. While the Nampoothiris’(Malabar brahmins) occupied the top, the lowest rung was occupied by the most unfortunate people of that time- the original inhabitants of this land. It is funny to observe that even the tribals themselves were sub grouped in to thousands of categories based on their occupations, living places etc. Paraya, pulluva, vedars, ulladars, kani, mala-arayan etc. are just some of them. The caste by name nair (also spelt as nayar) comes about the middle of the rung.
At that time a person belonging to a higher caste could not even touch another of a lower caste. If by any way a body contact happened the upper caste person had to take bathe immediately, as he was supposed to be polluted. The lower caste being involved in this incidence had to face dire consequence! The numerous castes were graded from top to bottom. Grater the difference, the distance that had to be kept between them increased in proportion. There were even castes which were not even permitted to use roads which were used by upper castes. This form of un- touchability was known as “theendal”
Members of the nair caste having belonged to the middle rung had liberty to enter in to the house of upper caste and could do some menial jobs, but physical contacts were taboo! Male members of upper caste used to have illicit relations with low caste women, Of course there were exceptions for the sake of convenience!
The word “nair” was said to be derived from the word “nayakar”(troop leader) as the community was mainly serving as army peronnel of the then kings and local chieftains. The army of nairs was known as “nair pada”(pada means army). Even after India getting independence nairs have not fully left the tradition. They contribute a good percentage of the Indian army.

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