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Since: Jun 07

Rochester, MN

#1 Jun 9, 2007
Is anybody else waiting for their Honduran spouse to return to the US with their visa after filing an I601? We just had our interview at the embassy in tegucigalpa at the end of May and I'm wondering about how long it is actually taking right now? They're saying 6-8months, so I'm expecting the worst. But 8 months is soooooo long. Also, does anyone know of any special deals for airfare to Honduras? Especially from Minneapolis area to Tegucigalpa?

El Paso, TX

#2 Jun 13, 2007
IT DOES TAKE 6 MONTHS OR EVEN MORE SOMETIMES TO GET APPROVED, you have to be patient. I know it is hard since I did it myself but at the end it is worthy if you love each other.

Bloomer, WI

#3 Jun 18, 2007
Amelia, thanks for responding. How extensive was your letter of hardship? I wrote mine while I was still in Honduras and now that I'm home and reading about it, I'm afraid I didn't include enough evidence. I'm doing this without a lawyer, so I'm looking for any advice I can get from people who've been through this. Also, I know some countries approve the waiver more easily than others. Anyone know about Honduras?
Shawn McAllen Texas

Mabank, TX

#4 Jun 20, 2007
I am waiting for my wife's I601 to be approved in Guatemala. They said it would take exactly six months for a decision. Your letter of hardship needs to emphesis the emotional, physical, and psychological distress and hardship you are experiencing. Financial hardship is not considered enough by the Department of Homeland Security.

Since: Jun 07

McAllen, TX

#5 Jun 20, 2007
You are much more likely to have your I601 approved if you and your spouse have never been convicted of crimes of moral pertitude. Basically, if you have a clean criminal history, she may get her VISA in six to eight months after you filed the waiver.

Tampa, FL

#6 Jun 21, 2007
My husband (from Honduras) and I will soon be facing a similar situation. We're in the process now of filling the paperwork and I know we'll be returning to Honoduras (with my now 2yr old daughter and any others we might have in the process). How long did it take you from when you filed the original application for alien relative (in my case my illegal husband and I married 4/05 and filed in 1/07) to when you had your consular interview??

Do you have any idea what percentage of the I601 waivers are approved in Honduras?

Since: Jun 07

Rochester, MN

#7 Jun 21, 2007
We started the application process in 01/06 with the I130 (petition). He just had his appointment in Honduras in May 07. We did wait a couple months during that time to get his passport, so it probably would have been 2 months less otherwise.

For those of you who have been through this already, what are some specific examples of evidence of hardship? I know letters from my doctor would help, but how else do I prove that I'm suffering here without my husband? How do I prove that I cry myself to sleep every night without him?

Since: Jun 07

McAllen, TX

#8 Jun 22, 2007
Proof of Hardship comes in many forms. Family photos, leters from family members in suport of you, a letter from yourself, and a letter from a licensed pyschologist about your extreme psycological hardhsip. Yes, this will cost you 200 dollars or so, but it is great evidence of your hardship. I highly advise that people who have married people who are ineligible for the VISA, CONSULT AN ATTORNEY. They will assist you all the additional information you may need to file with your form I601.

You don't have to have an attorney; however, I would have never been able to do this by myself.

Most cases are approved with significant evidence that the US Citizen or Resident is suffering extreme hardship. Also, remember, the federal government does this to weed out possible fake marriages that are trying to scam the law. Plenty of photos of you and your spouse helps the Department of Homeland Security accomplish this task.

Clean criminal histories are a must for this process!!! If your spouse has a felony convition on his or her record, the process is much more difficult.

When my wife from Guatemala filed the I601 waiver in February, the American Embessy infromed us that it would be exactly six months, no more no less.

Since: Jun 07

McAllen, TX

#9 Jun 22, 2007
The entire immigration process for me and my wife has taken now almost two years since I filed my I130 (Petition for spouse)back in August 2005. I should expect to hear a decision about my I601 Waiver in late August.

However, I did miss my first interview at the Guatemalan embessy. This interview took 4 months to reschedule. The mail service in Central America is terrible. I highly recomend emailing the the consulate periodically for information concerning your case. Every US embassy has its own website.

Hope all this information helps ya'll


United States

#10 Jul 4, 2007
Can anyone tell me approximately how long the wait is in Ciudad Juarez after filing the I-601. We have been waiting 5 1/2 months. They told us approximately 6 months and I received an e-mail from the consulate yesterday that it takes about 10-12 months. Please can someone give me better hope we have been separated for 4 months now.


Fort Collins, CO

#11 Jul 9, 2007
what is the process for the I-601? My husband is from honduras and I am confused as to how the I-601 works, is it just a waiver? how does he get a visa to come back? Please help

Birmingham, AL

#12 Jul 16, 2007
I received the exact same information. First, 6 months, then 10-12 months. However, my 12 month wait will be on August 22, 2007. What do you do at this point?
Crystal wrote:
Can anyone tell me approximately how long the wait is in Ciudad Juarez after filing the I-601. We have been waiting 5 1/2 months. They told us approximately 6 months and I received an e-mail from the consulate yesterday that it takes about 10-12 months. Please can someone give me better hope we have been separated for 4 months now.


#13 Jul 19, 2007
i filed the 1601 and 1212 in vienna on december 2006,me and my husband that same day had the intervew and they told us that he has no visa and would have to file these forms do to the fact that he enterd usa illigaly.I coulnd leave my husband all alone so i decided to stay with him.After 5 months of waiting i came back to the states since there i had no money to make copys do anything i hired a laweyr with my parents help and she told me i would have to send in my extreme hardship i thoight she knew what she was doing unfortinatly for me she didnt i was denied. Now im left with refiling the forms and coming up with extreme hardship im sorry to say i dont have cancer at this point im down on my luck.. and my parents arent elderly the only extreme hardship that i currently have is dipression and plenty of medication for it im so dipressed i fall asleep at work so im currently unembloyeed missing my hsuband trying to figur out what to do how do i prove extreme hardship

Detroit, MI

#14 Jul 21, 2007
I filed I601 for my husband about 5 months ago, and and hopefully he will be approved soon to come back in United States, my question is: the visa that will be provided to him is for how long? and does he get a 2 year limit green card after he gets to the states, so that we go back in the interview to prove that we are really married? after that two year period?


#15 Jul 26, 2007
Please can someone tell me if they think i will be approved i did not send any documents as evidence of hardship with my i601 application as i was told at the embassy i only needed to write out an expanation

Since: Jun 07

Rochester, MN

#16 Jul 27, 2007
I only handed in a short 1 page letter of hardship originally with our I601. After returning to the states, I realized that I might need more, so I just finished a 7 page letter and have a bunch of "evidence" to go with it. I had some family and friends write letters attesting to my family history of depression and how I'm already suffering without my husband here. I got info off the internet about his country's statistics regarding poverty, unemployment, safety issues. I printed info about the kind of cancer my dad has. I looked for anything and everything I could use as evidence because I don't want to take the chance of getting denied. You can send more evidence as an addendum to your spouse's waiver. Their file is just sitting there waiting for someone to get to it anyway. We had our interview in Honduras 5/29, handed in I601 and original letter 6/1, Homeland Security received approximately 6/15. I will be going to see hubby 8/22 and will hand it it to the embassy then because I have no faith in the postal system.

So, to answer your question, it depends on where your husband is from. If it hasn't been too long since you handed in your first letter, I would send in a longer letter with some evidence. I read a bunch of sample letters on , which basically just scared me more. Those letters seem to be all written by the same lawyer, not by the people who are actually going through this, which could and has worked as a disadvantage at some embassies. Hope this info is helpful.

Since: Jun 07

Rochester, MN

#17 Jul 27, 2007
Oh, I also got a letter from my Dr. about any and every little thing that I've had going on health-wise lately. Also, one from my daughter's dr about a health problem she is at risk for and one from my dad's cancer dr. Just some more ideas . . .


#18 Aug 5, 2007
Shawn McAllen Texas wrote:
I am waiting for my wife's I601 to be approved in Guatemala. They said it would take exactly six months for a decision. Your letter of hardship needs to emphesis the emotional, physical, and psychological distress and hardship you are experiencing. Financial hardship is not considered enough by the Department of Homeland Security.
My husband presented the waiver packet to the Consulate in Cuidad Juarez Mexico on December 26th and we are still waiitng to be reunited. Our immigration Lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri said most of his cases have been processed in 4-8 months, but he does have 2 cases in their 11 month of waiting for the waiver approval. This wait has raised my blood pressure to dangerous levels and if I have a stroke or heart attack I will be able to file a medical emeergncy to bring my husband home sooner while we await the answer. Why does this take so long and is there a website where we can check the procssing dates of waivers at particular consulate sites? God b with us all!


#19 Aug 5, 2007
I have been waiting for my husband to return to the U.S since he turned in our waiver packet on December 26th, 2006. I was not allowed into the consulate building in Cuidad Juarez Mexico with my husband for our final marriage interview which was on December 5th, 2006. We have been separated for so long now and it is so painful. Our immigration lawyer in Kansas City, MO said our waiver answer should come in 4-8 months. The end of this month of August 2007 will be our estimated 8 months! However, my lawyer also has 2 cases that are in their 11th month of waiting. I am going to call my lawyer to find out what happens after the 601 waiver expires in 12 months. I am wondering if there is a website that lists the dates of filed waivers and the processing times that are currently getting done for each of the different consulate sites. Does anyone know of a website that posts the processing times of the 601 waiver? I wrote my hardship letter in one and a half typed pages that explained in detail what hardship would befall me(the US citizen spouse)for each area mentioned on the hardship directions. My doctor wrote two different letters one in 2005 and one in 2006 that documented the increase in my blood pressure medications and depression medications due to the impending deportation of my husband and our separation after our final marriage interview. My doctor also included her opinion that with the heart disease history of my mother that it is doubtful I could receive the quality of cardio health care in Mexico. I documented loss of my own income, limitations to my own further education and choice of worship/religious opportunities if I were denied to live with my husband in the U.S. and had to reside in Mexico. I asserted the hardship I would endure with the language barrier that would cause me personal hardship in continuing my own education in another country with limited opportunities for me in my field of English Education and the ostracism I would feel in an unfamiliar culture that is much less diverse than my own culture. I also asserted the loss of my retirement savings that is matched if I retire from the district I teach in and without the waiver I would probably live a life of poverty in Mexico.( sorry for the run-on sentence)I hope this helps those writing their hardship letter.

San Francisco, CA

#20 Aug 8, 2007
Hi Ann
I also have a husband who is in Mexico and has been there since Oct 2006. We are in our 10th month of waitinf and from waht I hear it is taking 10-12 months for them to say yes or no. If you like you can email me and we can chat let me know.

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