So captain america made sure that mother Haiti keep pendulum in democracy. Looked at her watch of time,decades had passed since she was our caribbean beauty queen. Yeah,this is how her barn
democracy-Poof,most of her beauty and wealth gone before she was even wholly aware of what she meant to do. Her sacrifice to the presumably so called great hope of democracy. Her children and herself as a little something to propitiate the noble capitalistic cause. Unfortunately her sorry softballs dirty shirt politician children couldn't save her from the barn democracy coup de grace. So she was left looking at her watch through what was becoming a blured future. Apparently she wasn't quite as ready to wean the democratic arsenic potent as she thought she was. Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing to know,either. As they say-what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. But we her commie children-don't think mother Haiti knows who she is talking to.Read,and read good the rest of you,if you are reading this,and we think you are,you read too mother Haiti-We want you to take your freaking thumb out of your mouth- We want your freaking consideration- we want you to acknowledge that we are the only true political party here that do not need head examination-so we are ordering-You-You,and you to turn about face.Did you read us mother Haiti? From now on-it's payback time-The exploitation of the strong by the weak.

"Viva Castro"*****