Mother Haiti are you appreciating your commie children plain writing? Even your commie children with lips with no teeth to back you up-We hope you do. Perhaps some plain writing of our own is in order-We took our commie decisions and began to wipe them on your murky democratic eyes an action which we thought would only leave you more smeared than before. We are simply trying to extrapulate the dirty stain from your political shirt. your small-minded practical joking democratic children-small minded. Hell,yeah.They let you down there, known as-never mind, you don't want to know. Except it no time for you to let by gones be by gones. If Stalin and Roosevelt could see you now from their graves. Only us your commie children believe that Stalin from air of grievances would of administered to Roosevelt a hard nosebleed punch. So mother Haiti-Let your commie children brushed sullenly at your democratic dirty shirt politican children,so they can occasionally disfavored themselves with an almost commielike expression of dislike.

"Viva Castro"*****