Why do you Germans call yourselves Ar...
becuase they are


#352 Jul 19, 2013
It is true !

Etna, CA

#353 Sep 21, 2013
come Iranian aryans are white how come hindues backed Hitlers play in special forces,Jews control and hord the worlds wealth and do nothing to save endangered life to any value.this berkely dude is a mean spirited bigot like zionist,yes whites are stupid for following semectic bs i will agree on that this world is doomed time to let it go I have no power over this stupid world and gods and its crappy universe

Gurgaon, India

#355 Sep 26, 2013
I just don't get it, why you guys have to fight over things you don't relate to. There's nothing noble or honourable in it. And then you've got to name things like Swastika, Hindu, Sanatan,etc. May be you have studied a lot of wikipedia and similar stuff. But when will west understand its not what you know, its about what you feel. We are nothing , what real Indians used to be. Tortured and mutilated first by Mughals and then by Britishers, who had different concepts of glory and success, Bharatvarsh underwent some critical irreversible changes. But I believe there's still so much literature and some true 'sants' (unlikely to be found where you might be looking), from whom we still learn and reach out towards the path of spirituality and gracefulness. But surely German has no influence on Sanskrit, which might have been the oldest well scripted language of the world. Its called the mother of all languages for a reason.

Port Moody, Canada

#359 Oct 27, 2013
iranians are semites and they are NOT white.

Port Moody, Canada

#360 Oct 27, 2013
the lords name is not jesus its yeshua shows whites are even more full of shit!go under a rock and hide!!!! you are a sick pasty pig puke skinned disease which we hope you go away white limp dick piece of shiT!

Marysville, WA

#361 Oct 30, 2013
Hindu aryan wrote:
I will never go as far as to call a German, Brit or American as an enemy. On the contrary I see you as useful allies for us Hindus against Islam, the prime enemy. You people are alright, but don't ever try laying claim to our ancient noble Vedic heritage.
like I said, read Belgian Indologist Koenraad Elst, he lays down facts like it really is.
And Austrians or a Bavarian should shut the hell up. You are the worst type of Germans because the Nazi movement originated there. And you make shitty cars.
Ok, just because Hitler started the Nazi movement in Germany doesn't mean that all Germans/Austrians/Bavarians are bad. We get that you obviously don't like people that say they're Aryans when they "aren't", but you people don't have to constantly argue about this stupid and useless question.
Also, some of the "Nazi" SS troops didn't want to be there. I just met a Shoah survivor and she told us about a female SS Officer that gave her rations for the people in the ACTUAL ghettos. If I were you, I would probably shut up about this whole thing because you aren't making a very good impression to me or anyone else by being a complete bastard to other people that you don't like. Ever heard of 'Treat someone how you want to be treated'? If not, I would go look into that...

Marysville, WA

#362 Oct 30, 2013
Hindu Aryan wrote:
Germans CAN be Aryans. If they reform themselves culturaly. Ethnically they are Indo-Europeans like us Hindus and speak an Indo-European language. I believe if Germans shape up and actually be proud of their culture (without becoming Nazis) they can be Aryans. Ethnically, all Europeans are Aryans. But culturally? lol
I admire and respect many aspects of Germanic, Celtic, and Latin culture. The Germans, French, and the English have my utmost admiration
You just typed a PAGE ago that Germans specifically were not Aryan. I think that if you are trying to sound like the most intelligent race like you say you are, I think you're failing. You are really annoying me personally now. Making false accusations, contradictory remarks, and overused stereotypes. And guess what?
I'm a Christian and will be FOREVER. Suck on that for a while.

Clifton Forge, VA

#366 Nov 17, 2013
Aryans were actually nomads that traveled to the indus valley (india & pakistan). They were not german or any other european country. For some reason europeans began calling the aryan

Slough, UK

#367 Nov 18, 2013
The Aryans were semi-nomadic pastoral tribes engaged in endemic warfare amongst themselves and others.

As from where they are from originally, it's really quite simple. Russians are from Russia, Americans are from America, Aryans are from Aryana.


"Ariana, the Latinized form of the Ancient Greek Αρε ιαν ή Arianē,(inhabitants: Ariani (Ancient Greek: Αρε ιαν οί Arianoi), was a general geographical term used by some Greek and Roman authors of the ancient period for a district of wide extent between Central Asia and the Indus River, comprehending the eastern provinces of the Achaemenid Empire that covered the entire modern-day Afghanistan, eastern and southeastern Iran, northwestern Pakistan, most of Tajikistan, most of Turkmenistan and southern Uzbekistan."

Sanskrit's closest ancient relative is Avestan, Old Iranian, and it's closest living language is Pashto.

As for Sanskrit having German words, I burst out laughing. Germanic languages are younger than Indo-Aryan languages, by about 2000 fucking years! The influence is from east>west not west>east.

If you're haplotype is R you can claim Aryan descent. If that makes you happy - otherwise rather than calling yourelf Aryans, why not actually contribute something to the world? Not a single Japanese person is an Aryan, yet who gives a fuck, they have invented and made supreme contributions, that's what matters in the end, not cheerleading your genetics. No one cares.

PS: I'm Pashtun - the master race, so here are my orders - shut the fuck up and make yourself useful.

Port Moody, Canada

#368 Nov 21, 2013
white devils will never be hindu,whites are a JOKE to society!GET A LIFE!

Whittier, CA

#370 Nov 24, 2013
Michelle its so funny to me that you call yourself educated but you dont seem to be able to spell in english at all. Its so hard to read what you wrote because almost every other word is mispelled on purpose or not but it really makes someone look completely ignorant and dumb especially a person thats suppose to be college educated to spell dravidian (drividine). That aside you make some good points but so does the nasty (drividine). Truthfully though I dont give a shit who the true aryans are seeing as though and this has been proven again and again all mankinds (and that means you I and everybody else on this planet) DNA traces back to the same origin a (african )women not a aryan not a indian not a persian not a german a asian a jew a viking a roman a greek an american indian but a black woman from africa. So when you a supposed educated and enlightened person as you present yourself to be spews all hatred dirty black this and dirty black that why would you hate on your ancestors the ones who gave you life so much? Do some research watch the real eve on discovery channel and find out who's your daddy. You are all my children ORIGINALMAN

Whittier, CA

#371 Nov 24, 2013
White people (europeans) have stolen and have tried to steal everything they've ever laid their hands eyes or ears on (North and South America Central America Carribean Africa India Austrailia New Zealand Hawaii American Samoa Tahiti Japan China India Iraq Afghanastan etc etc etc

Christianity from the original jewish christians who they wiped out and erased Egypt from the original black african egyptians nubians and ethiopians (greeks romans arabs british french american etc etc etc) And they still to this day wont give the black africans the credit they deserve for creating the greatest civilization none to man

Music Jazz Rock and Roll Blues R and B Soul Reggae Hip Hop (still in progress) eminems all time highest selling rap artist (discraceful) Elvis wonder where he got his style from?(black people)
Where did he learn to move like that? From years of watching blacks dancing in the juke joints

Jerry Lee Lewis that cousin fucker was a ripoff of Little Richard

They destroyed rock n roll only thing they did was make it suck heavy metal punk rock acid rock glam rock grunge alternative rock pop rock that's why black people left rock alone back in the sixties because they were ruining it so we had to move on
Cultural and identity thief whitening up of history and total distortion if historical facts

New kids on the block a ripoff of New edition

Rock n roll was called jungle music because black people created it case closed!!!

They can have classic and blue grass and country seeing as though their the only ones who listen to that shit

Its funny how people that hate us so much love to copy everything we fucking do

Get your own shit why you riding mine

Your nothing but a copycat hater with a false sense of superiority

I never took anyting from you you stole from me

So bowdown to your cultural icons we are your gods!!!

Port Moody, Canada

#375 Dec 15, 2013
there is no such thing as Indo-European as the word Europe is only 500 years old.

Port Moody, Canada

#377 Dec 15, 2013
Caucasian does NOT mean white originally.

Port Moody, Canada

#378 Dec 15, 2013
as for Christianity the lords name was never jesus Christ his true name was yeshua messiach.whites will try to make anyone believe the jews killed the lord but it was Pontius pillates and the roman soldiers and yes they were white. real jews are not white and those people in Israel right now are not real jews,they are Europeans stealing Palestinian lands and building apartments there.the lord was not white.whites are going to hell they are all sinners!

Port Moody, Canada

#381 Dec 15, 2013
RomanCenturion16 wrote:
I bet that original poster reeks of curry, and the stinker probably got rejected by a Nordic looking female. So now the gypsy-with-a-pedigree (the hindu) hates us whites.
don't flatter yourself there you melanoma hemophilia disease of pigshit scum you people are fucken gross and your history proves you genetic rejects are a 5th class race . stinky wetdog smelling swine have fun dying of cancer you kemo therapy victim!east Indians population speaks in volumes idiot they stick to their own race . as for white scourge you all envy us or why did whites come to pester india? why did you filthy white birdshit have nothing? why did you steal from nopn whites? truth is places like india was a rich monarchy when you whites were wiping your ass in the Neanderthal caves with your barehands remember that! truth hurts you recessive reject race!

Port Moody, Canada

#382 Dec 15, 2013
non typo I see whites love cultivating their own ignorance ,these are the low level mentalities which push non whites into harming you scavengers .I would control my impulse if I was you,such behavior will wind up having your race missing.

Port Moody, Canada

#386 Dec 15, 2013
RomanCenturion16 wrote:
<quoted text>
Are you threatening us, gypsy-with-a-pedigree?
You know, we all see your feral relatives -the gypsies, roaming our European cities. They steal everything like rats, eat poo like rats, breed like rats, carry diseases like rats, are ugly like rats,[are] hairy like rats... Yeah, yeah, real Aryan LOL
Now go dance to some shitty bollycrap musical, dumb bastard.
don't make me laugh you white gutter rats stole from non whites 90% of the globe learn your real history douche bag!

Port Moody, Canada

#387 Dec 15, 2013
RomanCenturion16 wrote:
<quoted text>
Are you threatening us, gypsy-with-a-pedigree?
You know, we all see your feral relatives -the gypsies, roaming our European cities. They steal everything like rats, eat poo like rats, breed like rats, carry diseases like rats, are ugly like rats,[are] hairy like rats... Yeah, yeah, real Aryan LOL
Now go dance to some shitty bollycrap musical, dumb bastard.
go kill yourself white devil stinky wetdog pice of shit! the world is 2 thirds non white. we should wipe you out right now I don't see why we are holding back we would destroy you! and india has the second biggest population to china which is the biggest army in the world. china and india will be the future superpower you fucken ugly white wanker.you should stop freebassing!

“Proud German Male Witch ”

Since: Dec 13


#389 Dec 15, 2013
Mmh. A lot Ausländer around our neat Deutsches net. How get you in here? Anyway.
Listen to the Geschichte of the German Arier. The history of the Deutsche aryan.
Especially all of you small little Indians, you are sooo cute, Wisst ihr?
Our great Vorfahren, our weisen ancestors were a noble and pure Stamm, an edler tribe who lived some place, you call India, heute.
Their first home on earth was in a verstecktem Gebirge, a hidden rock mass. No Indian from nowadays is
related to our blessed Stamm, but the Hyperboreans are!
So the real Arier are relatives of Außerirdische. So we are some kind of aliens.
Ja. So ist das.
Thats it.

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