Why do Germans hate Turks ?

Istanbul, Turkey

#1267 Mar 20, 2013
You don't know us. We are the real Turks. We are who thinks like Atatürk.
Here, some sentences from Atatürk.
"Our great ideal is to raise our nation to highest standars of civilization and porsperity. "
"Peace at home, peace in the world."
"To see me does not necessarily mean to see my face. To understand my thoughts is to have seen me."
"Culture is the foundation of the Turkish Republic. "
"Following the military triumph we accomplished by bayonets, weapons and blood, we shall strive to win victories in such fields as culture, scholarship, science and economics. "
"Victory is for those who can say "Victory is mine". Success is for those who can begin saying "I will succeed" and say "I have succeeded" in the end. "
"Our true mentor in life is science."
"Authority, without any condition and reservation, belongs to the nation. "
"There are two Mustafa Kemals; one is flesh-and-bone Mustafa Kemal who now stands before you and will pass away. The other one is you, all of you who will go to the far corners of our land to speand the ideals which must be defended with your lives if necessary. I stand for the nation's dreams, and my life's work is to make them come true."
If you understand him, and read Turk's history, then you'll learn who are Real Turks.
Maybe you're calling us nations who became inhuman. But we know who we are.
thekidfromyester day

Manisa, Turkey

#1268 Mar 21, 2013
are you crazy "clear wiew"? Turkey is not Kurdish country... Alpin is right.. Turkey is the most honorable country! the country had washed with Turkish women's, kids' and young soldiers' blood... Turkey never colonized, such as your country did... and you will never know it.. cuz You will not have a hero like Atatürk. That honor belongs to my country

Bernau, Germany

#1269 Mar 22, 2013
If you don't like to intermix with other ethnica, that's okay, but if you tell every family member not to do so that is just racist garbage and should not be allowed to join a different country. I mean, seriously, if I would go to the US and would fall in love with a non-german girl I would still love and maybe marry her. Where is the problem if some of your family members, especially women, do like non-turkish guys? It's not your live and you have to assume that if you go into a different country, that there are different and also maybe non-ugly people in this countries. You know that germans do not have as much against assimilated foreigners as turkish people have, they often see people you call bastards (@Alpin Turk) like germans if they have at least one german parent. That's the big difference between germans and (many) turks and why we have problems. As one german in my cyricle of friends had a date with a very western non-kurdish turkish girl her father was just calling him the next day why he was going out with her and man, he has got a teint that he could also be from the south (like many germans have). There are two types of people that hate turks like you (not turkish people as a whole): German neo-nazis with your world view that want you back in your country - people you should like very much as they hate international relationships as much as you do and on the other hand there are germans that hate this nationalist world view as much as I do and so they hate grey wolfes (turkish neo-nazis) like they hate their own ultra-conservative low-minded people. That is the reason why I like american or canadian (also argentinian, brasilian ....) societies: They are of mixed ethnicity and many of them know about it and deal with it. That's what we all should do as history tells us that we are not 100% genetically clean and even if some countries don't have a big immigration then they still have different tribes as their forefathers. Get rid of it and accept it - we live in one world and national borders aren't and shouldn't be cages.

Bernau, Germany

#1270 Mar 22, 2013
And don't count german internet-neo's around the net as representatives of the nation.

Istanbul, Turkey

#1271 Mar 29, 2013
what kind of ****ing racist ****hole is this place?

Athens, Greece

#1272 Mar 29, 2013
Jai shankar singh

Ashburn, VA

#1273 Mar 30, 2013
Turks deserve death.

Since: Mar 13

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#1274 Mar 30, 2013
Turk obsessed Gyreek gypsies end up under every thread related to Turks.

Dont get fooled by the posts of Gyreek baboons and fabricated Wikipedia links.

They are the real barbarians who promote every war they lost and the massacres they committed against Turks as the massacres happened to them.

Propaganda machine Gyreek baboons killed more than 1 million Turks alone during their invasion of Western Anatolia between 1919-1922.

Dont get fooled by the Gyreek baboon propaganda.

Because Gyreek baboons learn history at the zoo.

Since: Mar 13

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#1275 Mar 30, 2013
The [email protected] called Marie Luise in first page talking about genocide.Her grandfather was propbably stabbing babies in Auschwitz 70 years ago.

Since: Mar 13

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#1276 Mar 30, 2013
Dont get fooled by the posts of Germans and British and the rest of the racist Westerners.
Genocides and assimilation is part of their culture and history.

They know that well enough thats what they are upset about.According to their rotten history point of view, nobody did anything to Turks.

They spent decades with one sided history fabrications and slander campaigns against Turks.
A German or a British or a French can not talk about Turkish history.

The genocides which you try to find in Turkish history exist in your own past.

The paid employees of Armenian diaspora and their hate propaganda is nothing new.They exist to bark under every thread about Turks with their genocide fairy tale.

Real history clearly states who genocided whom under what kind of conditions.If you are looking for genocides, look for what Gyreeks did to Turks in Balkans, Western Anatolia, Cyprus and Aegean Peninsula.

Main stream history wont tell the Turk genocide committed by Armenian and Gyreek barbarians.They were designed to play the victim all the time.

Since: Mar 13

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#1277 Mar 30, 2013
Turks Murdered by Armenians in Anatolia between 1914-1922 (The ones that their names and numbers were possible to identify according to offical sources.)

Place, Adana, Antep, Maras, Urfa
Date, 1919-1920
Number of Dead, 708

Place, Agri
Date, 1916
Number of Dead, 14.000

Place, Bayburt
Date, 1920-1921
Number of Dead, 1.967

Place, Diyarbakir, Bitlis
Date, 1915-1916
Number of Dead, 66.566

Place, Erzincan
Date, 1916-1918
Number of Dead, 1.143

Place, Erzurum
Date, 1919-1921
Number of Dead, 35.717

Place, Gumru
Date, 1920
Number of Dead, 500

Place, Kars
Date, 1914-1921
Number of Dead, 82.756

Place, Mus
Date, 1915-1917
Number of Dead, 21.329

Place, Nahcivan
Date, 1919-1920
Number of Dead, 73.919

Place, Trabzon-Ordu
Date, 1916
Number of Dead, 2.103

Place, Van
Date, 1915-1916
Number of Dead, 217.217

Place, Artvin, Izmit, Sakarya, Sivas, Yozgat
Number of Dead, 459


At least 50.000 Turks murdered by Armenians when Kars was under Russian invasion between 1878-1918 is not included to the list.

Starting from 1870s, Armenian Tashnak and Hinchak gangs organized countless village raids in Eastern Anatolia.Hundreds of Turkish villages were targeted in these raids and the exact number of casualties as a result of these attacks are unknown.Thats why the number is not included to the list.

It is estimated that Armenians killed around 15.000 Turks during Adana rebellion in 1909.

Dozens of Turks lost their lives in attacks organized by Tashnak and Hinchak between 1880-1910 in Istanbul, Izmit and Bursa.

Since: Mar 13

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#1278 Mar 30, 2013
-Armenian Liar population worldwide-

What a genocide.More than 1.5 million Armenian liars died just 90 years ago but around 5 million Armenian liars only Armenia and Russia combined are alive.

Armenia - 3,145,354 (2001 census)

Russia - 1,182,388 (2010 census)

United States - 483,366 (2011 census)

France - 12,355 (2005 census)

Georgia - 248,929 (2002 census)

Nagorno Karabagh - 137,380 (2005 census)

Ukraine - 99,894 (2001 census)

Argentina - 1,227 (2001 census)

Canada - 50,500 (2006 census)

Turkey - 55,354 (1965 census)

Greece - 7,742 (2001 census)

Abkhazia - 41,907 (2011 census)

Bulgaria - 10,832 (2001 census)

Uzbekistan - 50,537 (1989 census)

Since: Mar 13

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#1279 Mar 30, 2013
Spain - 11,706 (2011 census)

Germany - 11,205 (2011 census)

Poland - 3,000 (2011 census)

Australia - 15,791 (2006 census)

Belarus - 8,512 (2009 census)

Turkmenistan - 31,829 (1989 Soviet census)

Kazakhstan - 11,031 (2010 census)

Belgium - 9,633 (2011 census)

Czech Republic - 2,100 (2011 census)

Sweden - 1,672 (2011 census)

Austria - 2,667 (2009 census)

Romania - 1,780 (2002 census)

Latvia - 2,742 (2008 census)

Estonia - 1,402 (2011 census)

Tajikistan - 5,651 (1989 Soviet census)

Moldova - 2,873 (1989 Soviet census)

Lithuania - 1,477 (2001 census)

Cyprus - 1,341 (2001 census)

Kyrgyzstan - 1,364 (1999 census)

Since: Mar 13

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#1282 Mar 30, 2013
Go and learn real history.Westerners are just barbarians wearing a suit.

-From British Foreign Policy Documents-

*** Page 629, Document Number 590, 4th of July, 1920 (Amiral Sir F.De Robeck to Lord Curzon)

I have talked to Mr Khatissian.He informed me that, they received 25.000 rifles, Armenian army has 30.000 Russian made rifles and one million bullets.When the Greek advance starts, Armenians will instantly join the attack.

*** Page 381, Document Number 429, 14th of December 1914 (Mr. Obeirne to Sir E. Grey)

Armenian rebellion is the best way to declare war on Turks.

*** Page 86, 12nd of July, 1919.Greeks spilled blood for nothing in Aydin province.

*** Page 138, Greeks are making a massacre in Izmir.

*** Page 723, Document Number 478, 9th of August, 1919

According to the reports given by Europeans, Greeks killed 20.000 Turks at first step in Izmir.They turned the entire region to ruins.They burned the villages, killed women and children and raped the women.

*** Page 745, Document Number 500-501, 31st of August, 1919 (Mr.Balfour to Lord Curzona)

The English residents of Izmir said the Greek administration of Izmir is very bad and cruel.The reason of this is Greeks have a very bad nature in creation.

*** Page 907, Document Number 609, 28th of Novemvber, 1919 (Mr Kitson to Sir E. Crow)

I have no doubts about the will of Armenians about killing their Muslim neighbours.Dashnaks are working with extra ordinary savagery.As much as we dont believe in Kurds, to use them is for our own benefit.

Since: Mar 13

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#1283 Mar 30, 2013
The Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Arizona wrote...

"Old men,unarmed and other unoffending civilian Turks were knocked down by the Greeks,killed by stabbing with knives and bayonets and then afterwards,having their valuables and clothing stripped off their bodies,were thrown into the sea.In one instance,the man was again shot after being thrown into the sea,this by Greek soldiers." (Death and Exile)

As Justin McCarthy put it in "Death and Exile"...

The Muslim mortality for Western Anatolia alone was 1.246.068 (1912-1922), and of this figure,640.000 died as a result of the Greco Turkish War.(Page 331 Death and Exile)

-Massacre of Turks by English Historian W. Allison Philips-

*** The massacre of Turks in Greece, was not an ordinary extermination that happened during war time.Entire Turkish population including women and children were taken and murdered by Greek guerillas.The only rare exception was very few women and children were enslaved.

*** For three days, defenseless Turkish settlers were the victims of savagery and brutality.No exception was made about sex or age.Even women and children were tortured before getting killed.The scale of the massacre was so massive that the leader of Greek guerilla forces Kolokotrones said "after I entered to town, my feet didnt touch the ground" regarding the corpses in Tripolitza.

*** The murders seemed systematic and planned more than just an explosion of hate against the Ottoman Empire.

Are you still barking genocide Gyreek and Armenian baboon barbarians?

Since: Mar 13

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#1284 Mar 30, 2013
-From "History Of The Greek Revolution" by George Finlay, Published in 1864-

*** During April of 1821, there was 20.000 Muslims living in Greece and their main source of income was agriculture.In less than 2 months, most of them were massacred after the uprising started.Men, women, children were murdered with-out mercy and regret.

*** It is estimated that from 26th of March until Sunday, 22nd of April which was Easter, 1821, 15.000 Muslims were murdered and 3000 Turkish farm houses and residences were damaged and burned.

*** The slogan of the uprising with the words of Greek, Patras Archbishop Germanos was "Peace for Christians, respect for ambassadors, death to Turks."

*** "There wont be any Turk left in the world and in Peloponnese", became the slogan of the act of extermination.The Muslim population was 25.000.In the next 3 weeks after the start of the uprising, majority of Muslims didnt manage to survive.

Are you still barking for genocide Gyreek and Westerner uneducated baboons?

Turks are easy to blame for you but real history destroys your lies and propaganda and one sided history fabrications.

Since: Mar 13

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#1285 Mar 31, 2013
Alpin Turk wrote:
I think any German browsing here has a certain reason to hate Turkish Nation. We can see it from Skinheads of German ppl burning my ppl when they're sleeping, or insulting my ppl by perversity (Oh Ali! don't look - I think you remember this) whereas Turks are peaceful ppl living in their quarters, without troubling German society.
Could you enumarate reason of your hate ?
I think
1) we're german, so, it's normal :)
there is not a turdish nation

"The concept of the turdish nation is new. This is a concept that was introduced after 1923, a new nation created by the Muslim nations and tribes in the East and rallied to form the turdish nation."
Birgul Ayman Guler (turd)

Since: Mar 13

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#1286 Mar 31, 2013
who likes germans anyway?
who cares if germans like turks or not anyway?

grand children of nazis will lecture turks about civilization and humanity?
turk nation is only nation that lived in anatolia for 1000 years.

1071 is the 3rd and the last wave of turkic migration to anatolia.
thats why gyreeks have no reason to claim rights on anatolia and istanbul.

because they never had an empire and they never ruled anatolia and istanbul.
gyreeks cry because turks dont have a fake history like them.

their fake identity was created by western imperialism in 18th century.
turk nation is the most genocided nation in history.in balkans, aegean peninsula, cyprus, anatolia.

go and learn real history.

you cant find genocides in turk history because genocide, assimilation is part of western mentality and history.
thats why the so-called genocides blamed on turk nation are one sided western imperialist version of history fabricated based on political reasons.

there is a genocide yes, but turk genocide committed by gyreeks and armenians.
real history clearly shows who genocided whom under what kind of conditions.

now keep crying gyreek and armenian barbarians.

Nürnberg, Germany

#1287 Mar 31, 2013
You weren't influenced by nationalistic gray wolf propaganda, no you weren't.

I can only speak for myself: I don't care about the regular turk, just about those who over value-add their nation like you.
They are really annoying.... and of course the honor killings and race-oriented marriage-system. I know it's often kurds to do that, but you could also just live those people their own way, in Kurdistan. As long as you don't want that you have to accept that they are called turks, too.

Nethertheless: blah blah blah blah.

That's the content of your comment.

Since: Mar 13

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#1288 Mar 31, 2013
I wonder what would you do if you didnt learn the word "gray wolf".Its the favorite word of fools with limited knowledge.
they use it when they want to say something anti-turkish and try to seem intelligent with their limited brains.

I dont really care about what an average "kraut" thinks about turks and there is nothing nationalistic in my comment.there is only knowledge which main stream history doesnt offer.

its not my fault if western version of history dont teach grand children of nazis a fair, objective version of history in their schools.
propaganda is something which your nazi ancesstors were good at, like joseph goebbels.

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