#649 Jun 21, 2012
I like to ridicule Germany because at least they are high up enough to make it worth while and fun. But Poland are a million mules below britain and Germany so its unfair on you for me to compare the greatness of britain with the nothingness of Poland so I think ill go back to dissing Germans, its more fun. Your to far below us to make it interesting to me so goodbye

Since: Jun 12

Brewster, NY

#650 Jun 21, 2012
straa wrote:
Who should we believe, you or the truth, you have Google so you and everyone else knows the truth, slavs have never achieved !nything ever, not even a little, tthey have achieved so little that I never even hears of them. You cannot try to claim credit for British inventions just because your backward slavic nations don't have ant of there own hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahajajahahahahahahshahaha ha
Russians only put the first man into space with the space flying rocket & first space suit.
Russians only put the invented the first satelite & put the first satelite into space.
Russians only put the first space station into space.

That is achieving nothing of course.

That is far beyond what your Britain did in the past century.

Yes because of course wealth is the only acheivement.

I think it shows British people at best are a destuctive chimp like loot crazy greedy people.

White Brits so desperately destroy, loot & shot the world.

Now White Brits so desperately help Black people destroy, loot, shoot & burn British cities.

British people are kind of like Africans. You can see it in their features & often frizzy hair.
You can see it in all of their riots, destruction etc

Zwickau, Germany

#651 Jul 2, 2012
Question back to you:

Do Russians still hate Germans for raping russian women in 100x bigger dimensions than Russians did during WW2?


#652 Jul 2, 2012
In the last century britain invented cloning. World wide web, Embryonic stem cells, sonar,Radar,torpedoes,submarin es,tanks,evolution theory,television,telephone Vaccinations,anti biotics,penecillin, plastic,plasticine,text messages, Ivf babies, artificial organs and much much more a lot more than Russia or any other country


#653 Jul 2, 2012
Why is slavic people and countries do car behind. Why have western countries created great civilizations, advancements and inventions but slavics have not, why does the west controlls the world but the slavics never have, you have to come to the west for work and a better life because slavic east European countries are so poor with no jobs and poor quality of life. India and China and Brazil are now ahead of east European and slavic monkeys. Slavs are the very bottom of society, even Africa have had greater civilizations than slavs. And it was Germans that put Russia in space


#654 Jul 2, 2012
Compared to britain Germany have not achieved much, but compared to the world average Germany have achieved a lot more than most others, its only compared to britain that they look less because of how great and how much britain has achieved, its impossible for any country to match britain, but Germany have done a lot compared to other places like slavics, and east Europeans, Germans are way ahead of east European slavics

Melvindale, MI

#655 Jul 3, 2012
Kozak wrote:
<quoted text>
And Slavs considered Germans to be non-human with the language of animals ... nemtsy!

Köln, Germany

#656 Jul 12, 2012
Russian Guy wrote:
<quoted text>
I have no idea what that mean but you are a moron German scum who should be sent off to jail you nazi bastard!!!
Hurenkind = Child of a w-h-o-r-e

Köln, Germany

#657 Jul 12, 2012
Harry wrote:
<quoted text>
yeah, Hurenkind - you are not russian, because they are more brave than you. Sieg Heil
Harry you austrians are the most pathetic group of child-f(_)cking perverts the world has seen. The Russians occuppied austria after WWII and we all know that they lined up all of the austrian women to serve as barracks-w-h-o-r-e-s are the Ruskies got a belly full of vodka. Nastravia! Kum frau!

Catonsville, MD

#658 Jul 16, 2012
ich mich mir wrote:
What happened during ww2 was tragic yes. For all nations innocent lives were taken. What happened after Germany surrenderd in Berlin was terrible. Rape by the Russians of German civilians was part of Stalins 'Warfare Strategy' he advocated the rapes of German women and young girls to 'punish' the German soldiers for their war actions.
Stalin felt this would cause the German men to lose their pride by 'proving to them,(German men) they could not even protect their women in their 'Fatherland''.
War is ugly - yet when one surrenders, all acts of violence should stop.
Do I hate the Russians because of this? No - past is past. But how many have already posted displaying hatred for us Germans today?
All countries have ugliness in their pasts - we all need to move on, and prevent such from happening in our world today and in the future.
You people are pathetic! To talk so casually about the Russian rapes as if it is just an act of the war. No it is not! War is used as an excuse. Russians then and now are evil. They are godless communists which explains the wholesale rape and murder of innocent women and children. They would do it again if the ability was there.

Stuttgart, Germany

#659 Jul 16, 2012
Germany and Russia had a longer history of friendship than of hate. I must say that while the Russians and Germans where dragged into WWI against each other for reasons of existing alliances, they still managed to become allies again. In WWII it was us Germans who turned against Russia. Too bad. The hate especially of Russians towards Germans is still evident today. I think it's transported through generations. I sometimes think how the world would be like with Germany and Russia being the main block for central and Eastern Europe. Germany should stick to its Western Friends but should always stay more open to Russia than the others As it already does. There should be a true German-Russian friendship

Moscow, Russia

#661 Oct 14, 2012
You people are morons! There were a lot of sexual crimes commited by German soldiers in Russia, also a lot of sexual crimes commited by Amercian and French soldiers in Germany and also crimes commited by Frecnh-Arab soldiers in Italy. Russias had a great literature (I believe second to French). I think the majority of modern Germans are cool guys, so I was shocked to fiund such nasty comments.
And remember^ It was your Hitler who began the war against Russia. You elected this maniac. Russinas did not elect Stalin. But you ELECTED Hitler (ok. there were falsifications, but still you had elections). So, it you fault that you elected that silly maniac. Even Mussolini did not support the idea of war against Russia. The full idea of that war was quite idiotical.

Moscow, Russia

#662 Oct 14, 2012
I agree with Valid: Russia and Germany should be partners and friends. I believe most younger Russians do not have any prejudices against Germans. Besides, some Germans (especially in Bavaria) look like Russians even anthropologically.

Philadelphia, PA

#663 Oct 14, 2012
no kangaroo wrote:
<quoted text>
We won the war! USA - sounds funny -
but our kuk. limericks were better:
Serbien muss sterbien
Jeder Tritt a Brit
Jeder Stoss a Franzos
Jeder Schuss a Russ
und da Du Wunderliche eh kein Deutsch verstehst, wars ungefähr wie Perlen vor die Säue werfen.
naja - trotzdem Gruss an die "supreme power" hahaha
Your crazy


#664 Oct 22, 2012
MilkDwit wrote:
<quoted text>
Your crazy
No, thats were the war1 limericks in Austria -


Auch wir Ö waren einmal beinhart teutsch - bei "USA we won the war", steigts mir ein bißchen sauer auf.

Plano, TX

#667 Nov 26, 2012
I can't help how I feel about the German people my family was in that war . They came back thank god .but they where emoitionaly scared .while the hitler youth are still around the nazism is still around .my option Germany is they still believe they are superior


#668 Nov 26, 2012
Rus wrote:
And remember^ It was your Hitler who began the war against Russia. You elected this maniac.
In some pre-election speeches you could not recognize that he was a maniac. I heard at least two speeches which where pretty normal for that time. And as we know, some people vote for parties because the neighbor votes for them...

It is pretty interesting to listen to such things, because if you do you can analyze it and recognize the usage of propaganda today. A skill which will never be trained in public schools...
No Respect for Jews Huh

East Hartford, CT

#669 Nov 26, 2012
Gedanke wrote:
It was awful how many german and austrian women were raped and slaughtered after WW2
You Germany didn't give a CRAP u killed off 1/3 of the entire Jewish population & shoved Jewish women & girls stark naked into Gas Chambers & falsely told them they were about to take a shower, not be MURDERED!
See you Germans R still backyards bastards!
History teacher

Nalbach, Germany

#670 Nov 26, 2012
No Respect for Jews Huh wrote:
<quoted text>
You Germany didn't give a CRAP u killed off 1/3 of the entire Jewish population & shoved Jewish women & girls stark naked into Gas Chambers & falsely told them they were about to take a shower, not be MURDERED!
See you Germans R still backyards bastards!
Go back to kindergarten (german word, because you are to dumb to find one of your own), your lack of education is mindblowing.


#671 Nov 27, 2012
No Respect for Jews Huh wrote:
<quoted text>
You Germany didn't give a CRAP u killed off 1/3 of the entire Jewish population & shoved Jewish women & girls stark naked into Gas Chambers & falsely told them they were about to take a shower, not be MURDERED!
See you Germans R still backyards bastards!
You are Jewish. Easy to recognize, because you are still complaining about the past, but you do the same in Palestine. How pathetic.

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