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Merkel:Visionary Plan to Safeguard Western Culture and Stave Off Western Decline

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Nick the Greek

Ilford, UK

#1 Aug 22, 2014
Political expediance cannot ride roughshod over accredited prefixed academic reference-points. FYRoM is case in point, prime example where politicians rushed to incorporate minor Slavic country into Euro-Atlantic economic and security structures, without giving due care and attention to the corosive effects integration would have on Western worlds cultural-historical foundations. Integrating FYRoM into the EU and NATO is not impossible though, what is impossible, is integrating FYRoM’s national history into the Western worlds long-established mainstream historical narrative. FYRoM’s ethnogenesis story makes Macedonians Proto-Slavs…this is the problem!

According to the West's cultural-historical narrative, Macedonians have always been a Centum Greek-speaking Hellenic-peoples…a regional historical people-group of ethnic-Greek stock. Keeping the Western worlds historical narrative intact, is something that has a taken on an importance never before seen, or heard of, in light of the current threats that seek to alter it. Preserving the Western worlds historical cohesion is now top priority for the West.

History has taught us that Paeonia changes name in accordance to the ruling authorities contesting it’s jurisdiction. From since the settlement of the Slavic-tribes on Greco-Roman soil, Slavdom renames Paeonia to ‘Peoples Republic of Macedonia’ for the first time, in 1945. Before 1945, there was never a ‘Macedonia’ in the Slavic world. FYRoM attempts to rewrite history but their version of it clashes and conflicts with the Western worlds long-established mainstream historical narrative. Historians Philologists and Demographers know, FYRoM is not Macedonia and the peoples there are Slavic…[ized] now! Historically and geographically FYRoM was Paeonia in antiquity, Dardania north from Skopje. FYRoM had many names in the past, all of them recorded for posterity. The first recorded name was Paeonia.

It was the latin-Romans that renamed Paeonia to Macedonia II Salutaris. Later, the Greco-Romans renamed Paeonia to Theme-Bulgaria when they recaptured lost Byzantine lands from an invading Avaro-Hunnic, Slavo-Bulgar, tribal-conglomorate. Theme-Macedonia was physically relocated to Thrace. You know when a name is yours, when you take it with you, wherever you go. Example is Theme-Macedonia.

Paeonia stayed inside Byzantium, the empire of Constantinople, Imperium Romanum, Romania, until the coming of the Eastern-Asiatic, Oriental-Musulman Turk.

The Turk renamed Paeonia to Vilayet-Monastir and Vilayet-Kosovo, until the Balkan Wars, when Paeonia became a province of South-Serbia, within the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

1943, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia becomes Democratic Federal Yugoslavia. Paeonia becomes Vardar-Banovina when in 1945, Comrade Tito rename the place to ‘Peoples Republic of Macedonia’, then to ‘Socialist Peoples Republic of Macedonia’ a short while afterwards.

FYRoM can trace it’s geographical, regional-historical name back to Paeonia, in backwards compatible fashion…in perfect synchronicity with the long established mainstream historical record.

Knowing these things, these accredited prefixed academic reference-points…FYRoM cannot exist like ‘Republic of Macedonia’ without distinction.

The Slavs of FYRoM believe they are Macedonians, so they fight hard to have the Macedonian name assigned to them exclusively. They covet the Macedonian name for country-name, sovereign state-name, nationality, language and ethnicity, when it is known, those Identity-factors do not bode well for South-Slavs – FYRoM’s answer to this anomoly is to deny that they are Slavs in the first place.

If the Satem Slavic-speaking peoples of FYRoM are not Slavs, then what are they ? Paeonians [Slavicized] maybe! If they were authentic-Macedonians, they would be speaking Centum-Greek…walking and talking Greek-style!
Nick the Greek

Ilford, UK

#2 Aug 24, 2014
FYRoM is six years into self-imposed quarantine, isolated from Western security structures and the EU family of nations it says, it has aspirations to join. FYRoM always says the right things, but never takes the appropriate actions to make them a reality.

Incorporating FYRoM into the Western world…into Euro-Atlantic economic and security structures is not impossible!

What is impossible, is integrating FYRoM’s national history into the Western worlds long-established mainstream cultural-historical narrative. In that narrative, Macedonians are Centum Greek-speakers with affilliations, blood-relations, and kinship-ties towards Hellenism and other Greeks.

FYRoM’s pseudo-historical revisionism makes a mockery of the Western worlds cultural-historical narrative.

The West was forced to choose between rewriting history, in order to integrate FYRoM, or isolate FYRoM in order to keep historical cohesion. The West chose the latter option, the rest is history! From since 2008, FYRoM is quarantined from the European family of nations…isolated from the West, for obvious reasons!

In the West, we cannot have a situation where one country teaches a historical narrative different to the rest.

Children pupils and students in FYRoM learn anti-Hellenic, anti-Western versions of history…Greece is creation of the West, the West created Greece in order to cheat the Slavic race from it’s true history and heritage in the Haemus [Greek] peninsula, which they equate to Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity. Officials there deny they teach these things but classroom maps, teaching material and internet chatter suggests otherwise. Young Slavic children in FYRoM hold on to the belief that it is they, who are the true Macedonians. Greece for them is the enemy, Greeks become Ethiopians and Hellenism becomes loaded word beyond hate.

The West did well to quarantine such addiction to racist, pseudo-historical revisionism. The West did well to isolate FYRoM. NATO and the EU did well to keep FYRoM at arms length, at a distance, until the ruling elite there do what they have been advised to do – reach a compromise with Greece over the use of the Macedonian name. The Onus is on FYRoM!
Nick the Greek

Dagenham, UK

#3 Aug 29, 2014
History cannot support 2 versions of the Macedonia story - one Slavic and Pseudo...the other one Hellenic and Mainstream.

I say preserve historical cohesion - FYRoM erodes Western worlds cultural historical narrative.
Macedonians is Greek

Thessaloníki, Greece

#4 Aug 30, 2014
The ideology of pseudomakedonisn of Fyrom,created by communist propaganda.
Fyrom Slavs are Bulgarians.
Nick the Greek

Ilford, UK

#5 Sep 5, 2014
Those who see FYRoM like Macedonia are anti-Hellenic.

Thos who see South-Slavs like Macedonians are anti-Western.

Ask me Why ?
Georgey Porgey

Regina, Canada

#6 Sep 7, 2014
Ask you why? you can continue this inane babbling infinitum?
Nick the Greek

Ilford, UK

#7 Sep 13, 2014
Western Civilization cannot move develop or go forward, with leaders blinkered on self-interest.

Merkel thrives on Hermannic self-interest. What is good for Germany is bad for large parts of Europe.

Visionary Plan Required.

Leader(s) wanted with Spatial Vision - Skills Required to see further than the interest rate 6 months from now!

Oh! and FYRoM is not Macedonia. The West must Preserve Historical Cohesion.


#8 Sep 13, 2014
There are all these western values: unemployment, growing poverty, addictions, foreign invasions and wars, capitalistic - liberal mess, no perspectives for people, growing dislike and hatred between many groups of people.
It is rather needed restoration of normal social, humanitarian values, job places, peace, country, which belongs to country and not to a few international capitalists. Die Left-Linke, it the only party, which take care of country and people, has normal, transparent progtamm and proposals and can bring improvement

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