do germans like turks?


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Hans Hillen


#30 Dec 31, 2010
MEHMED wrote:
Armanians spend all their time looking out of their windows and thinking up lies,and thinking how the can steal the Neighbour's gardens.Really sad, they need to build their little country's economy.and stop looking at their neigbours and getting jealouse.Nasty bunch to deal with as they like to backstab.
What Armenians have to do with anything here in this poll?

Secaucus, NJ

#32 Feb 16, 2011
“We believe that acknowledgments of the Armenian Genocide are an important step toward ending the final stage of every genocide, denial, which continues to inflict suffering on the group that has been victimized – an inhuman assault on memory perpetrated by the Turkish government for more than 90 years.”

“The 94-year denial of the Armenian Genocide has emboldened perpetrators ever since.”

IAGS letter to President Barack Obama, 3.7.09

“Studies by genocide scholars prove that the single best predictor of future genocide is denial of a past genocide coupled with impunity for its perpetrators. Genocide Deniers are three times more likely to commit genocide again than other governments.”

Testimony to Congress by Dr. Gregory Stanton, President, IAGS, 4.23.08

“Denials of known events of genocide must be treated as acts of bitter and malevolent psychological aggression, certainly against the victims, but really against all of human society, for such denials literally celebrate genocidal violence and in the process suggestively call for renewed massacres – of the same people or of others.”

Dr. Israel Charny, Executive Director, Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide, Jerusalem, 7.17.01

“The black hole of forgetting is the negative force that results in future genocides. When Adolf Hitler was asked if his planned invasion of Poland was a violation of international law, he scoffed,‘Who ever heard of the extermination of the Armenians?’”

The 8 Stages of Genocide by Dr. Gregory Stanton, President, Genocide Watch, 1996

“We represent the major body of scholars who study genocide in North America and Europe. We are concerned that in calling for an impartial study of the Armenian Genocide, you may not be fully aware of the extent of the scholarly and intellectual record on the Armenian Genocide and how this event conforms to the definition of the United Nations Genocide Convention ... We note that there may be differing interpretations of genocide—how and why the Armenian Genocide happened—but to deny its factual and moral reality as genocide is not to engage in scholarship but in propaganda and efforts to absolve the perpetrator, blame the victims, and erase the ethical meaning of this history ... We would also note that scholars who advise your government and who are affiliated in other ways with your state-controlled institutions are not impartial. Such so-called “scholars” work to serve the agenda of historical and moral obfuscation when they advise you and the Turkish Parliament on how to deny the Armenian Genocide.

IAGS letter to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 6.13.05

“It is disingenuous of the government of Turkey to use the red herring of a ‘historians’ commission,’ half of whose members would be appointed by the Turkish government, to ‘study’ the facts of what occurred in 1915 ... A ‘commission of historians’ would only serve the interests of Turkish genocide deniers.”

IAGS letter to U.S. Representatives Tom Lantos and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, 10.5.07

“Turkey’s call for an ‘historical commission’ to study the events of 1915 is an attempt to put genocide deniers on an equal level with genuine scholars.”

IAGS letter to President Barack Obama, 3.7.09

“There is no more ‘other side’ to the truth about the Armenian genocide than there is about the Holocaust.”

Testimony to Congress by Dr. Gregory Stanton, President, IAGS, 4.23.08

“The government of Turkey has since continued to call for a ‘historian's commission’ of scholars to ‘study the facts of what happened in 1915-1923.’ The proposed committee is marketed as a high-minded quest for truth and reconciliation, a long overdue arbitration of disputed history, and a chance to finally give equal weight to both sides of the story. But as the saying goes, a lie isn't the other side of any story. It's just a lie.”

State of Denial, Summer 2008, Southern Poverty Law Center.

Secaucus, NJ

#33 Feb 19, 2011 ...
Turkish talent in massacring women kids and old!
But likes of OGUZ AZZ mfers can't face the truth because they are too much of cowards!
Just look at that idiot's avatar! Cowardly clown face.No balls to show his real scum face.

Germany, Turkey and the Armenian Genocide 1 ...

Eger, Hungary

#35 Jan 28, 2013
Germans don't like anybody for that matter...But on the other hand they are liked by many others....Because they are hard-working and disciplined people....And why non-Turks are bothered here I don't know! Get a life losers....Lazy ass Armenians have posted this thread to spread hatred against the Turks
holding that beach strip


#36 Jan 30, 2013
Firstly, thanks to the Turks for all the Armenians I've been close to while growing up in California. We wound up with a ton of them in the Valley excaping by the droves the non-existent purge that never happened.

I love 'em. Love the food, the cranky old timers, the crazy middle aged guys, the seriously sexy young women, and the warm and loving grandma's.

Just wanted to say I've always appreciated you guys for not killing off all of them. The ones you missed are fantastic people I'd never have had the pleasure of knowing without your grandpa's efforts way back when.

You're tops.

Thing is, I can't really tell an Armenian from a Turk, except in that the Armenians aren't interested in making rugs or selling hash. Or in arresting someone for smoking the hash you make. Other than that, it's pretty much same-same.

Los Angeles, CA

#37 Jan 31, 2013
Jaden Your The Man

Balikesir, Turkey

#38 Oct 17, 2013
MEHMED wrote:
The Azerbaigani Genocide was an extremely tragic event in which Armenians butchered, massacred, and killed the Azeri. The Azerbaigani Genocide was carried out by the Armenians government with the help of Russians in 1915-1916 (with subsidiaries to 1922-23). two half million Azerbaigani persons were killed, out of a total of two and a half million Azerbaigani in the north of Ottoman Empire.All credit to the Turks who saved millios more from death by fighting off the Armenians and Russians.
Most Azerbaigani people in America are children or grandchildren of the survivors, although there are still many survivors amongst us.
Azerbaigani people all over the world commemorate this great tragedy on March 31, because it was on that day in 1915 when 300 Azerbaigani leaders, writers, thinkers and professionals were rounded up, deported and killed. Also on that day in , 5,000 of the poorest Azerbaigani were butchered in their villages and in their homes.
The Azerbaigani Genocide was masterminded by the Central Committee of Armenians who whated independence They were a racist group who made a deal with the Russians to steal Ottoman land in the north of the country and betray fellow Ottomans, Any common Turks who protected Armenians who wished to remain Ottoman were called traitors and were killed.
First the Azerbaigani and turks in villages were disarmed, placed into labor battalions, and then killed.
Then the Azerbaigani political and intellectual leaders were rounded up on March 31, 1915, and then killed.
Finally, the remaining Azerbaigani were called from their homes, told they would be relocated, and then marched off to The enclaves of Karki, Yukhary Askipara, Barkhudarly and Sofulu and burned alive.The Armenians ever now ,still remain in The enclaves of Karki, Yukhary Askipara, Barkhudarly and Sofulu.The UN NEED TO TAKE ACTION AND I PUBILISH THEIR EVIDENCE OF GENOCIDE, I call on all Azerbaiganians to lobby THE EU and UNITED NATIONS FOR JUSTICE AND THEIR LAND GIVEN BACK.Long live Azerbaigan.
Why should it be about religion? Where is humanity? Where is tolerance?


#39 Oct 22, 2013
Rainbow wrote:
<quoted text>
Why should it be about religion? Where is humanity? Where is tolerance?
Get lost re subhuman.


#40 Oct 22, 2013
Meanwhile,nobody like the monster turks.

Since: Nov 13

Location hidden

#41 Dec 27, 2013
Of course not.

Moers, Germany

#42 Feb 6, 2015
Germans adore turks. They would like to be like them!

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