So Bernardo Do Campo, Brazil

#182 Oct 3, 2011
sexiwhitekitten wrote:
is because most brazlian people always trys and wanna be europeans when their not that's why germans get annoyed with them!!
Who said that we consider ourselves Europeans? Who said this a lie to you? I'm not a bit surprised by this comment because I'm sure that many Americans love to create a false image of our country only with the intent to defame for not being like you. But you know what? I'm glad not to have been born in the U.S. because if I were, I would like to give me a shot in the head. You are the most unhappy people on earth. Selfish and arrogant who consider themselves better just because you are rich. You create fanciful war with the excuse to kill innocent civilians and stealing what is yours. We come from poor but at least we do not do half of the cruelties that you Americans do!


#183 Oct 13, 2011
hello :)

my parents are german , they don't hate Brazil
from Greece

Athens, Greece

#184 Oct 14, 2011
The germans hate everybody

Fort Collins, CO

#185 Oct 17, 2011
HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?????geezz, I am not brazilian ,but GOD! who doesn't know that Brazil is not socialist/communism???? Please, go read some articles before write shits like this HAHAHAH LMAO

Euskirchen, Germany

#186 Oct 19, 2011
Actually, i dont know any germans that hate brazil.
Why should we? Carnival, best soccer players in history, beatiful landscapes and not to forget carnival. Most of germans probably dont know much more about brazil, like me.
Oh, and "City Of God" was a great movie.

Heck i dont even get how you come up with that question. Mind explaining?

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

#187 Nov 1, 2011
Germans hate brazil?! hahaha
Its exatly the opposite! My wife is german, we live half year in Germany and half in Brazil and I never knew even a one german who has something against brazilians. Unlike that, they ever treated me well and ever show me curiousity about my country.
So, you dont have to look for 6 people's opinion about something.
Don't blame a hole country coz of some stupid ones.
Germans love Brazil, i love Germany.
und Basta!

Borborema, Brazil

#188 Jan 19, 2012
First of all
F*** off germans who hates brazil
i am from brazil and i'm not a f***n patriot i hate this s*** country
doe's not is all br who hates germans or all germans hate brazil and more thing
germans can't judge everyone because 1 son of *** of brazilian says " oh my country is soo awesome "
STFU and get a life.

Borborema, Brazil

#189 Jan 19, 2012
and oHH i dont hate anyone i don't hate germans,mexican,americans,russ ian,or whatever man.

Nrnberg, Germany

#190 Jan 21, 2012
We don't, nuff said.

Camaragibe, Brazil

#193 Feb 27, 2012
You must be VERY ignorant to say that.For your information,Brazil is one of the most diverse countries in the whole world.So if you really meant "Half-breeds",that's including you because most of the immigrants here are germans you idiot.

Camaragibe, Brazil

#194 Feb 27, 2012
I don't think they hate us that much.this is stereotype
Brazilian Girl

So Paulo, Brazil

#195 Feb 27, 2012
I am brazilian and I think you are totally right to hate us, we sucks.

Porto, Portugal

#196 Mar 13, 2012
i am german n cant stand seeing russians on the street with piece of paper in their hand begging for coins.. also .. there are lots of russian women offering HER BODY for cheap money.. one offered me.. and i gave her a 10 to USE HER in a square.. i m serious..
my friend is married to a brazilian girl and she s much better than german woman, she s beautiful, polite and clean.. she works a lot and help him too... so i think europeans hate more russians, polish, that live in 10 in a house and send money back to their countries MESSING with the whole european economy..they dont study, clean garbage cans or work in construction .. they are like vampires .. suck your blood to send money home..
shame on u, russians
Because German women are all ugly, right?! First it's shallow to judge a person by its looks! But it's a fact that most Brazilians that come to Europe do just the same and worse than the Russian woman you described. And in terms of culture and mentality they are beggars not (just) for money but for attention, typical of Latin cultures, but they take it to extremes! Arrogance is what they do best the moment you second guess their opinions or simply disagree with them! But seeing how you actually didn't mind "using" that Russian woman who you see as trash and inferior to you just shows how much of a piece of shit you're worth as well! In that case some Brazilians might be better than you!

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

#197 Mar 13, 2012
germany sucks

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

#199 Mar 13, 2012
Guest wrote:
<quoted text>
Because you people are arrogant and do not appreciate anything. All Brazilians say is how wonderful Brazil is and how crappy America is....go back...that is why this german does not like your breed. You are more arrogant than Hitler.
you disgust me...

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

#200 Mar 13, 2012
do not forget that Brazil has been a colony of Portugal, if we are stupid is the legacy of Europe!

Hessisch Oldendorf, Germany

#201 Mar 13, 2012
Germans definately don't hatte Brazilians... That's untrue... Germans are very pro South America and Brazil...
Chee-hun Chung

Alexandria, VA

#202 Mar 14, 2012
I know a lot of Brazilians. The men are universally metrosexual but generally chill to hang with. I don't know where the myth came from that their women are hot. They're pretty average as a whole, though I don't generally like the Latin look. They tend to play more head games than any girls from any other country. Not really a fan.

Brazil as a country though, whatever. It sucks but so does every other country. Went there once, never again. Still can't say that a country of almost 300 million can fit into any one stereotype.

Philadelphia, PA

#203 Apr 8, 2012
This sounds familiar. I had a Brazilian friend that kept referring to Spanish people as ghetto. Being American born with latin american backround i wanted to punch her in her face. She always needed to be the center of attention. She kept putting me and my kids down, i guess so she could feel better about herself. Do Brazilians in general think too much of themselves?

Lakewood, NJ

#205 May 1, 2012
Have to agree with this comment about Brazilians both on the internet and meeting them in person. From their leaders to jerks on the street they like to talk trash about the United States and make a poor argument about why Brazil is better or will be better than the U.S.

They think ad hominem attacks make for a persuasive argument too...

Brazil thinks it's in some competition with the U.S. as a rival, but the truth is that it can't compete on even our worst day. It's ridiculous. Why not live and let live, Brazilians?
"i don't think Germans hate Brazilians only most of the Americans really. If you want to know why most of Americans hate Brazilians I can tell you it's because Brazilians come to America and say things like "Soon the only countries that are going to last is India, China and Brazil" and that's disrespectful to not only to Americans, but to every other country in the world. Also, Brazilians come to America and expect to be treated like Gods and Goddesses when you just like everyone else in the world. Some Brazilians can also be rude and ignorant to the people who live in America just because they think they are better. Lastly most Americans hate Brazilians because how do you come to a foreign country and don't even try to learn our history or English. Yes, we don't have a official language but English is the most common language spoken here. I'm just saying if i was going to any other country i would learn about it and it's language first so i could know what was acceptable and what isn't in that country."

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