Why German women love Italian and Ame...

Why German women love Italian and American men so much?

Created by lol on Jan 5, 2010

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they are sexy

they are great lovers

they are hot

i prefer german men


Lagos, Nigeria

#22 Sep 23, 2010
what are you people talking about . black men has the biggest cocks on the world.

San Antonio, TX

#23 Sep 28, 2010
when it comes to being a man,american men are just better, plain and simple.

Perrysburg, OH

#24 Oct 7, 2010
It does not matter the culture, class, sensitivity and smarts are what matters. I don't care if you are German or Italian, short or tall, The guy that knows how to care and respect a lady is the best.

oh and being good in bed is definately a bonus

United States

#25 Nov 20, 2010
Listening to everyone's opinion.....there is only one conclusion everyone has different taste......I am Italian-American and married to a german....I'm tall dark eyes, passionate been married for 12 yrs......only one thing true on here yes Americans don't have any culture but this country is the youngest one there is ....one other thing any euro would love to be an American cause we have morals ....freedom of speech .....so don't bad mouth America .....thanks 4 my thoughts ..

Calumet City, IL

#26 Nov 20, 2010
Italianbello wrote:
It's a matter of COCK SIZE. Italian men are bigger and thicker than German men and know how to use their huge weapons to give pleasure to women. Italian men are not short. Some of them are, but many of them, especially the new generations are very tall. I'm 1,85 cm. Many italian have olive skin, dark hair, but you can find much more blond and redhaired ones than you can think. Italian men tend to be more welldressed, not fat and we are more family-oriented. German men only think about drinking beer: they are gross..that's why their women are leaving them.
That's interesting considering the high number of German men dating or married to foriegn women I think it's the men who are leaving the women. LOL

“in the eye of the beholder”

Since: Aug 10

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#27 Nov 21, 2010

Treviso, Italy

#28 Nov 29, 2010
Dear DaMan,
I think what u said it's very uinfair...really...
I'm from Venice, Italy and I had a lot of German girls, especially during the summer...they always told me that, German men are very cold and drink a lot...actually we are not angels, but we know almost how to treat women, we teach them how to live as well...I was in love with a German girl, I went to her after few years, she was with a guy from Northern East Germany, I said, no worries, we are friends, as she loved me so much in the past and I would just to meet her, as I priomised her to... I talked to him , he said to me: Look, I don't like foreign countries...I started laughing...the day after, she left him and came to my bed to tell me "GOODMORNING" and u can imagine how this thing went..Actually, I would go to live to her or even nearby but she told me "I'm sure in 10 years, u gonna got back ur place, here is too cold and what would u expect when u live in the best country all over the World?".... anyway, we splitted up, but she always told me she has been never able to love so much somebody like she did to me..and it ois true, I know for sure..My parents lived in Germany as well, so I have a lot of German friends and Ich spreche Deustch auch mein Freund...Das ist wie Leben ist...ist das richtig?Berlin ist wuenderschoen so warum bist du so viel angst mit Italienern?Ich verstehe dich auch aber das ist nicht nett von dir...Start to respect people and other pèoint of wiev and if u wanna eat good spaghetti tell me!!!Ciao
Leon Panetta

Los Angeles, CA

#29 Jan 8, 2011
Friedericka wrote:
I am a German living in America. I do not like American men what so ever, I find them very shallow, superficial, materialistic, of bad education, no culture, no values, possessing little work ethic and a horrid understanding of politics. They are physically attractive, but that's not enough to make a relationship on.
Italian men share European culture and hence don't have as many of the problems American men have. Italians moreover are kind of exotic without crossing the line. They have nice dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin, which is different from Germanics enough to be exciting, but they are still Euros. That's how most of the fellow German Women I know see it.
We tend to dig Turkish men too. I'm in a relationship with a Turk and loving it!
Not all us guineas are dark and handsome. Robert Redford was seriously considered to play the role of Michael Corleone in the Godfather because many Italians have blonde blue-eyed looks. The Kelts, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Vandals, Lombards, and the Vikings who eventually ruled Sicilia, made sure of that. Roman legions were also quite horny when they got to Gaulia, Germania and Britain.
Ana Kasparian

Los Angeles, CA

#30 Jan 8, 2011
Hokr wrote:
Whatever you do, never love a Armenian men they look worser then rats and dogs.
I can not agree with you more!
The subject of cunnilingus and anilingus needs to be addressed in this forum. The tongue can make sex for a woman VERY pleasurable.
American Sicilian man

Morrison, IL

#31 Apr 8, 2011
Italian men are the bomb to all kinds of women. Ok..ok..Most Italian men are the bomb as all ethnics have their not so great looking individuals. I must agree that Sicilian men and women are great looking people especially the Americanized ones like myself!!! These facts of myself are true: 6' 225lbs (bodybuild) black hair hazel/golden eyes and my buddy down below is an honest 8". This is not bad and all very attractive to women. I do however have a pinch of german in my blood from my fathers side. 3/4 Sicilian and 1/4 German.
American Sicilian man

Morrison, IL

#32 Apr 8, 2011
I find German woman to be very attrative. Heck I find most european women atractive! Something about them that is magical, sexy, dirty but yet innocent. YUMMY!!!!!!! Talk to me in your native tongue baby....I love you!

Linden, NJ

#33 Apr 13, 2011
This post is really cool. My great grandfather immigrated to America in 1901 from the Piedmont province of Italy biella north region. But his wonderful wife my great grandmother immigrated from Hamburg Germany. But great Grampian was affectionatte enough for both of them. I miss them very much. My other great grandmother was born in duesseldorf. And I had a great great grandmother who's last name was Kamm I don't know the region possibly Bavaria? I'm proud of both heritages but I consider myself. German and look so as well. Their is a lot of rich and not rich German Americans in the us also English. And in smaller numbers everyone else.

United States

#34 Apr 14, 2011
American sicillian I have to disagree with your mathematics. I would not call 1/4 just a pinch of something. If your. Quarter German that's a good amount your grandfather or grandmother is a very significant and close relative. I like German American women but as for euros give me a tall strong fair blond blue or green or brown eyed Polish woman any day. They are so sexy. Also I live on the Canadian border and I find French woman to be slightly exotic as well. The German soldiers had a lot of fun with them when they occupied France and vice versa. German women are bitches for the most part French are feminine and soft like a woman is supposed to be. And I like our Roman women dude always did. My brother just married a woman that is 3/4 southern Italian 1/4 German like yourself and her aunt looks German only darker and it is a good combination I must say. Greek chicks are hot as hell to. Ciao! Pasano.

Toronto, Canada

#35 Apr 14, 2011
i'm a 57 year old italian and women still fall for me.

United States

#36 Apr 14, 2011
That's Roman charm sodium.

United States

#37 Apr 14, 2011
Sorry about that. Roman charm.

United States

#38 Apr 15, 2011

then this could happen?

Leeds, UK

#39 May 9, 2011
DaMan wrote:
Italian men IN EUROPE from ITALY are not attractive, I agree with the majority of the women on this forum... and No, German women dont even turn their head at them...
However, American men have a certain look to them and you can spot them (some think they are either Australian or American)... and German women can never resist the charm, good nature, good manners, confidence, good looks and sense of humor of the American guys... Ive seen it thousands of times... German men, like many men in Europe, are somewhat boring, lack personality and imagination, pessimistic and take themselves too seriously... they just dont know how get the women hot...
I m agree that mostly European men are boring, damn
Leon Go away immigrants

Shanghai, China

#40 May 19, 2011
I feel bad for german men soetimes.
German men 40 years old are strong. they have money, they have a good job in the industry.
They are world master in industry products machineries high tech.
German men like americans men are strong.

I think they should deserve a [reety chick.

And what their women wear ugly clothes. No style at all.
German women 40 years old stop wearing sex clothes.
And their is this fat issue like in USA.

Sincerly i think it's a national issue in your country.

Men deserve pretty chick when they built beautifull products reliable that the whole planet enjoy.

why are you so fat and badly dressed when you turn 35 40 years old.
New England Broski

Mansfield, MA

#42 Sep 15, 2011
Well, honestly I would have to agree that a lot of us get bad reputations due to the bad decisions 90% of our population makes. I'm speaking solely about the social characteristics of the typical American man, of course.I agree that a good majority of the typical stereotypes of the Americans are true. However, I don't believe that every single one of us deserves to be subjugated to insult. For example, we're not unintelligent. Some of our Universities are rated the best in the world, and the newer generations are college bound and they study hard. Secondly, we are not ignorant of the world around us. We're a country who constantly engages foreign affairs (which I personally don't agree with in the slightest). We get it. We're also a country melded from every culture around the world. Also, we put a lot of effort in the things we love the most. This includes relationships, family. work, etc. Every country and culture has ignoramuses.

-IS, 20

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