Turkey forces virginity tests to all females!

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Secaucus, NJ

#2 Feb 16, 2011
“We believe that acknowledgments of the Armenian Genocide are an important step toward ending the final stage of every genocide, denial, which continues to inflict suffering on the group that has been victimized – an inhuman assault on memory perpetrated by the Turkish government for more than 90 years.”

“The 94-year denial of the Armenian Genocide has emboldened perpetrators ever since.”

IAGS letter to President Barack Obama, 3.7.09

“Studies by genocide scholars prove that the single best predictor of future genocide is denial of a past genocide coupled with impunity for its perpetrators. Genocide Deniers are three times more likely to commit genocide again than other governments.”

Testimony to Congress by Dr. Gregory Stanton, President, IAGS, 4.23.08

“Denials of known events of genocide must be treated as acts of bitter and malevolent psychological aggression, certainly against the victims, but really against all of human society, for such denials literally celebrate genocidal violence and in the process suggestively call for renewed massacres – of the same people or of others.”

Dr. Israel Charny, Executive Director, Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide, Jerusalem, 7.17.01

“The black hole of forgetting is the negative force that results in future genocides. When Adolf Hitler was asked if his planned invasion of Poland was a violation of international law, he scoffed,‘Who ever heard of the extermination of the Armenians?’”

The 8 Stages of Genocide by Dr. Gregory Stanton, President, Genocide Watch, 1996

“We represent the major body of scholars who study genocide in North America and Europe. We are concerned that in calling for an impartial study of the Armenian Genocide, you may not be fully aware of the extent of the scholarly and intellectual record on the Armenian Genocide and how this event conforms to the definition of the United Nations Genocide Convention ... We note that there may be differing interpretations of genocide—how and why the Armenian Genocide happened—but to deny its factual and moral reality as genocide is not to engage in scholarship but in propaganda and efforts to absolve the perpetrator, blame the victims, and erase the ethical meaning of this history ... We would also note that scholars who advise your government and who are affiliated in other ways with your state-controlled institutions are not impartial. Such so-called “scholars” work to serve the agenda of historical and moral obfuscation when they advise you and the Turkish Parliament on how to deny the Armenian Genocide.

IAGS letter to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 6.13.05

“It is disingenuous of the government of Turkey to use the red herring of a ‘historians’ commission,’ half of whose members would be appointed by the Turkish government, to ‘study’ the facts of what occurred in 1915 ... A ‘commission of historians’ would only serve the interests of Turkish genocide deniers.”

IAGS letter to U.S. Representatives Tom Lantos and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, 10.5.07

“Turkey’s call for an ‘historical commission’ to study the events of 1915 is an attempt to put genocide deniers on an equal level with genuine scholars.”

IAGS letter to President Barack Obama, 3.7.09

“There is no more ‘other side’ to the truth about the Armenian genocide than there is about the Holocaust.”

Testimony to Congress by Dr. Gregory Stanton, President, IAGS, 4.23.08

“The government of Turkey has since continued to call for a ‘historian's commission’ of scholars to ‘study the facts of what happened in 1915-1923.’ The proposed committee is marketed as a high-minded quest for truth and reconciliation, a long overdue arbitration of disputed history, and a chance to finally give equal weight to both sides of the story. But as the saying goes, a lie isn't the other side of any story. It's just a lie.”

State of Denial, Summer 2008, Southern Poverty Law Center.

Secaucus, NJ

#3 Feb 18, 2011
http://www.youtube.com/watch ...
Turkish talent in massacring women kids and old!
But likes of OGUZ AZZ mfers can't face the truth because they are too much of cowards!
Just look at that idiot's avatar! Cowardly clown face.No balls to show his real scum face.

Germany, Turkey and the Armenian Genocide 1
http://www.youtube.com/watch ...

Secaucus, NJ

#4 Feb 19, 2011
Someone keep erasing my list of Turkish massacres

List of Turkiish betrayals and massacres

1822 Chios, Greeks 50 k

1823 Missolongi, Greeks 9k

1826 Constantinople, Jannisaries 25k

1850 Mosul, Assyrians 10k

1860 Lebanon, Maronites 12k

1876 Bulgaria, Bulgarians 15k

1877 Bayazid, Armenians 2k

1879 Alashguerd, Armenians 1.5k

1881 Alexandria, Christians 2k

1892 Mosul, Yezidies 3.5k

1894 Sassun, Armenians 12k

1895-96 Armenia, Armenians 150k

1896 Constantinople, Armenians 10k

1896 Van, Armenians 8k

1903-04 Macedonia, Macedonians 15k

1904 Sassun, Armenians 6k

1909 Adana , Armenians 30k

1914-15 Assyrians,Greeks,Armenians over 2 million

1937-38Kurds and Zazas of Dersim (now Tunceli) 70k

Total over 2.5 million killed by Turks
Pushed 2 the limit

Scranton, PA

#5 Sep 20, 2011
Supporting and protecting Israel and Cyprus we defend human values and we protect the countries and the people from the Neo Ottoman extremism denying Judeo-Christian culture and morals.
Captain H

Shanghai, China

#6 Sep 21, 2011
I m catholic, i m over intelligent, from france next to switzerland.
I can tell you the virginity topix it's dificult to explain it.
Sex : The positive side. Boys and girls socilize. They meet each other, talk to each other.
They get to know each others. That's very good.
The seduction things is very important. Girls must wear atractive clothes if they want the boys to go for her.
The same for boys, they must wear good clothes and make body buildings, and read intersetings stories so they will attract girls.
That's very positive.
Sex now, fucking or masturbating kill your energy ressources. During two days you feel very low.
Second people don't know that but : fucking or masturbating, reduce the inteligence and the beauty. like 30 percent go away during three weeks.
Then the solution it's to kiss, to caress, to massage, but no sex. you touch her pussy a bit if she ask.
So you get very happy when you caress and kiss this pretty girl, and you don't lose 30 percent of your memory, concentration intelligence and beauty.
I know some girls. They are virgin for the marriage, but before mariage they did it with the other hole.
Then virgin doesn't mean virgin. Husband think he was the first one. Wife laugh.
Turkish Dictatorship

Scranton, PA

#7 Sep 28, 2011
There are countless UN resolutions calling on Turkey to leave the part of Cyprus it occupies and to take with it the thousands of illegal settlers Turkey dumped there. Sanctions should be imposed on Turkey until it complies!

How about sanctions on Turkey until they withdraw from Occupied Cyprus??

Moreover, while they massacred civilians for their beliefs and in order to preserve their dictatorships, Israel killed terrorists in self defense. But of course, arabs killing arabs is part of their culture and should be respected, right?

Aurora, IL

#9 Sep 30, 2011
Turkey should be carved up by the EU and served to Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Kurdistan, and Syria.

The rump that is left of Anatolia can be renamed Alevia, and assume Turkey's NATO membership.

Then Alevia can aspire to the EU.

From the Kurdish Aspect:

Memory Refresher

Los Angeles, CA

#10 Oct 9, 2011
Mr. Erdogan can be considered a fanatic man who will stop at nothing. No apology would have ever helped, on the contrary he would have despised us even more. He is a megalomaniac who wants the be the "Kalife" of the Muslim world and restore the Otoman grandeur.Let us hope that the United States and the Western Europeans will open their eyes and understand who they are dealing with, before it is to late and he goes to war ande destroy’s Turkey for ever.

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