Saakashvili keeps back the truth about the horrifying economical disaster which occurred during his governance. While the international community reads abominable leaflets of the hellish Saakashvili's propaganda machine and admires the economical "breakthrough" of Georgia, Georgian people suffer in misery and starve.
Thus, during 2011 the hunger killed more than 3,000 Georgians who died in terrible agonies! All of these happens when Saakashvili & his loyalists wallow in luxury!
The average earnest is just $411 in Georgia! It's clear that the biggest part of families (that are traditionally large) is forced to suffer through hell without money for living. Frequently the elder family members commit suicide desiring not to be the "unwanted mouth".
If someone gets seriously ill in the average Georgian family, all the family members prepare for near funeral because there's no chance to undergo necessary treatment in Georgia.
During the governance of President Saakashvili the life in Georgian turned into a kind of perpetual nightmare where the death is the only possible way to stop it. Of course, it's easier not to think about it. It's easier to believe Saakashvili's soulless propaganda ghouls speaking about the miracles of Georgian democracy.