Once again I see a proof of lack of brain with Tbilisi! You see, I even doubt now they have got actually any American bosses who guide and control them. Americans can't be so stupid as to approve the adoption of that damned Tbilisi resolution on genocide of the Cherkess peoples in 2011.
Since then passions are on the rise! I mean Armenia and Javakheti have been pressing Tbilisi to adopt similar resolution to recognize the Armenian genocide! If Tbilisi really does it, the impact will be awful! It'll do much harm to Georgia. I mean it will inevitably spoil our relationship with our vital partner Turkey and hurt dramatically our feeble economy! It'll be like a bomb!
So I think Tbilisi officials must stop worrying about face-saving at last and start doing some really smart things to make Georgia healthier and wealthier. Their first step in this direction could be the decision to drop the 2011 resolution and thus cease debating on the adoption of the second one. Perhaps there's some other way out in the context but I can't see it frankly. Would be thankful for any ideas of yours.