Ha! 11 prison officers, who regularly organized inhuman tortures in notorious Gldani prison number 8, are arrested, and that is all as Saakashvili can do now?!
The scenes, when prisoners were raped with various implements, such as brooms, light bulbs and mops, I saw with my own eyes during my former stay in this prison. Fortunately, my friends have gained my quick release from this horrible place. But until my death I cannot forget of that terrible indignity, which I passed through when one of the prison officers put me a cigarette in the anus and then forced me to take out and light it! I always hear the shout of numerous prisoners, "Do not hit me!" It cannot be forgotten!
And I'm glad that Saakashvili's friends from the USA and democratic Europe have had a chance to see with their own eyes at last that they are supporting not young democratic, but fascist regime in this country!