Ethiopia vs Egypt (Who would win?)
Henock Haile


#3450 Jun 10, 2013
At z first place, we Ethiopians are not greedy as some egyptian think. We feel their suffer, we feel what they feel. Egyptians r our brothers. We never & ever want to see their trouble. We Ethiopians highly advocate panafricanism. We need unity. So how could we hurt them by the dam? Z dam has bilateral benifit. So please, you some egyptian politicians & citizens don't be blind, don't be selfish. As Ethiopian, when i am saying this it doesn't mean that we afraid the war. You know us very well. Bravery is with our blood! Remember how many times we defeat you! Let me remind those greedy egyptian, if you try any obstacle on the dam, you will lose the nile forever. Down with your stupid idea.

Cairo, Egypt

#3451 Jun 10, 2013
Egypt rapes Ethiopia any day, lol.
Peter Oquiny


#3452 Jun 10, 2013
Arthur wrote:
Egypt rapes Ethiopia any day, lol.
how come you dumb arab; how a thirsty and dried up people rape the people living in an ever green and blessed land?

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

#3453 Jun 10, 2013
yaya wrote:
egypt will win without even moving its has one of the most powerfull airforce in all of africa it will just bombard ethiopia to the egypt can invade ethiopia in less than a week..2 weeks if its
when mongosto threatened egypt when ethiopia was at its peak by cutting down the nile flow the egyption responded by saying they will wipe ethiopia of the face of the earth,lol mongosto shit himself and said "i didnt say that",the reason was i think egypt support for eritrea and somalia.ETHIOPIAN CAN'T EVEN HANDLE SOMALIA EGYPT ARE NO JOKE THEY WILL WIPE THIS FAKE ETHIOPIA OF THE FACE OF THE EARTH IF PROVOKED PLUS ERITREA GOT EGYPT BACKTHEY CAN USE OUR LAND,PORTS AND BASES TO LAUNCH ATTACK AS MUCH AS THEY WANT.
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk how can egypt invade ethiopia . however u are powerfull we are blessed and dont ever think that
u know see histroy

Mississauga, Canada

#3454 Jun 10, 2013
Ethiopian wrote:
<quoted text>
That is true - Ethiopia should not count on help from anyone. But we are defending our land so even if it is hard and bitter we have no choice but to win. Egypt wants to enslave us and impose their will on us. Imagine Egypt wanting to do that. Well with all due respect to Egypt you can not do it. If you come to our country to make us do what is against our interest then you will loose pure and simple. So stop acting racist and stop demanding how we should develop ourselves as if we Ethiopians owe you anything. We do not owe you anything. We have as much right to use the Nile as anybody.
Come to the negotiating table with reason and win win proposal. If you come to negotiating with us with this empty bravado and idiotic talk of we are strong they are weak. Like these idiots of yours that you call politicians, You might as well prepare for a war. I must say there is nor war you have won for 100 years. You have pile of weapons but no victory to show for it.
No one in Ethiopia wants to harm Egypt or Egyptian interest but you can not secure your interest by threats and intimidation as far as Ethiopia is concerned. So take your threats to the desert where it belongs with all your weapons and come with reason and logic.
There is no rain in Egypt. It's desert. No other source of fresh water other River Nile. Egypt's 90+ million population depends on the waters of the Nile for everything. It has been so as far as recorded history goes.
On the other hand, Ethiopia has plentiful rain, a number of rivers and lakes. For example, it would have been much easier and less expensive to generate electricity from the waters of lake Tana. Ethiopia's choice to dam the Nile, knowing very well the lives of 40 million Sudanese and 90 million Egyptians is malicious, mean and at best problematic to justify.
However, Ethiopia has the right to dam the Nile if it doesn't to be considerate to lives that would be endangered in Sudan and Egypt. But, it should dam the river with the consent of nations that share the Nile River. According to the International Waters Agreement, a UN Charter, agreement has to be reached on the 'equitable use', taking into consideration the needs of each of the river nations before dams could be constructed.
Why Ethiopia did not seek the agreement of Sudan and Egypt in particular and other riparian nations before secretly beginning to build dam is not clear to me.
Ramses II

Secaucus, NJ

#3455 Jun 10, 2013
Upstream countries are interpreting Egypt's refusal to sign the CFA as an indication of its preparation for waging war and consider to give it an ultimatum to sign the CFA in 6 to 18 months.
If Egypt has not signed the agreement after 11/2 years they intend to adopt a "Nile Diversion Policy", a policy to divert the Nile in the event of a military conflict with Egypt.

Cairo, Egypt

#3456 Jun 10, 2013
I live in Egypt. It seems here like a vital issue. I mean you guys are trying to kill all these people by draining them to death. They will obviously fight for survival, and you guys are bring the aggressors here. They just want to live. It's gonna be a life or death battle. To be or not to be.

I did some homework researching both countries on the sides of military power, political influence, and strategic reach, and it seems to me that the leaders of Ethiopia have thrown their country / people in a battle whose odds are not in their favour at all. It's my fifth year in Egypt so far, and I confirm that the intended dam will destroy Egypt if it takes place. Ethiopian are tough fighters I have no doubt, but please guys come to think of it; do you really expect the Egyptians to stand still and watch their kids and land dying? Egypt is a very advanced country military-wise, so I'd expect them to utilize all their powers to protect their 'lives' and to 'survive'. Would you have done any less if you were in their shoes?

The aftermath looks to be sad anyway, but I figured as much that Egyptians don't hate the Ethiopians at all, and a few of them actually called them "The African Brothers", but the dam won't be tolerated with 'souls' on the line, and in my humble opinion Egypt 'can' invade Africa entirely if its defending its life and survival.


Portland, OR

#3457 Jun 10, 2013
Egypt would win by a landslide

Accra, Ghana

#3458 Jun 10, 2013
sabonis15 wrote:
It depends on how the war is fought. If it were a limited war, then Egypt cleans Ethiopia's clock, since it has received the second most ammount of military aid from the US after Israel since 1979. If either nation tried to invade the other, they would be repelled.
Mr.Yaya! u know what this means in Amharic"ya ahiya" tututut~~literary translating-'you belongs to donkey'. I have seen all ur comments and reply to the guy from Ethiopia. Yes, we don't even consider Eritrea as a country... where eating bread is expensive...much more than when it was under our COLONY! I said it we are the only African country who colonize another fake country called Eritrea.
Back to Egypt,IT IS GREAT COUNTRY ~~~ I know that they can hit the dam n TRY to eat you tried to say ...YET we even proud of being fighting with country not poor region on earth-like Eritrea!BUT, IF THEY WISH TO DO THAT THEY WILL CRY FOR EVER! THEY NOW US BETTER THAN YOU-EX-COLONY'.
YOU, state less poor toilet cleaner at Australia... leave politics and go back to your cleaning job!kkkkk~~~! ANY CHANGE WE WILL WATCH TOGETHER AND SEE WHO IS BETTER comparing TWO BIG COUNTRIES: EGYPT AND ETHIOPIA!
saw bela!
Ramses II

Secaucus, NJ

#3459 Jun 10, 2013
Dont forget the positive effect the dam will have on the volume of the Nile water. With the growing electrification in the region thanks to the dam less people need to cut trees, even there is a chance for afforestation to late 19th century levels, which results in more rain and more water in the Nile. Annual water discharge of the river could increase from present some 90 billion m3 to 100 or 120 billion m3.
One more reason to support the dam.

The Abay or Blue Nile River, the Hidase Dam and its location

&fe ature=youtube_gdata_player
Ramses II

Cairo, Egypt

#3460 Jun 10, 2013
Ramses II wrote:
Dont forget the positive effect the dam will have on the volume of the Nile water. With the growing electrification in the region thanks to the dam less people need to cut trees, even there is a chance for afforestation to late 19th century levels, which results in more rain and more water in the Nile. Annual water discharge of the river could increase from present some 90 billion m3 to 100 or 120 billion m3.
One more reason to support the dam.
The Abay or Blue Nile River, the Hidase Dam and its location =-3jCX8BdE-sXX&feature=you tube_gdata_player
LOL, why don't you use your real name: stinky Agame with 2 digits iq than thinks he can fool the Egyptians. There is one and only Ramses II and he is a great civilized Egyptian not a woyane thug getting paid to market a construction contract with big kickbacks for his corrupt TPLF masters


Since: Apr 13

McLean, VA

#3461 Jun 10, 2013
Ramses II wrote:
<quoted text>LOL, why don't you use your real name: stinky Agame with 2 digits iq than thinks he can fool the Egyptians. There is one and only Ramses II and he is a great civilized Egyptian not a woyane thug getting paid to market a construction contract with big kickbacks for his corrupt TPLF masters
Alex, so you think you could fool Ethiopians? Why don't you go wash your A$$ and stick your finger till you start to lough!!

Cairo, Egypt

#3462 Jun 10, 2013
Arthur wrote:
Egypt rapes Ethiopia any day, lol.
You can't rape the willing! They're 'asking for' it.:-)
The Egyptian military, being one of the most elite armies of the world (officially the 14th as of 2013)CAN eliminate Ethiopia and sabotage its infrastructure, but as one person here said, it's the dam Egypt is after not Ethiopia.
There are losses for both sides in every war, but sometimes the losses are bigger if there's no war. Ethiopia is trying to cut the 'source of life' off Egypt, which would result, obviously, in neutralizing the threat, and any extended damage if need be.
If a war happened, however, it will be over once the Egyptian Land Army with is most sophisticated equipment and elite fighters reach the Ethiopian borders. Ethiopia's defenses might be effective against some of the neighbor countries, but trust me they'd be so surprised to face entirely different weaponry in range, accuracy, and effect. The Egyptian tanks don't just completely outnumber the Ethiopian ones, but they belong to the most modern generation while the Ethiopian tank are relatively older in generation.
Now let's forget all the above...
The Egyptian Air Force, on its own, utilizing some of the most competent fighter jets and pilots in the world can and will smash the dam and smash, as the little bird told me in my dream, the military facilities of Ethiopia, exposing Ethiopia to its enemies with no army, and believe me there is a few people who might be interested then, Egypt is not included. ;-)
Once the dam is down this would end the Egyptian operation, but in the event the operation was effectively disturbed (which is way too hard for the Ethiopian technology, but in wars everything is possible)then the Egyptian army will have no choice but to utilize its full force, which WILL destroy the Ethiopian entity completely. Ethiopians on this forum are very, very patriotic and they love their country but they don't wanna see the 'real', official, and authenticated facts. Moreover Egypt would fight for the most honorable cause; life, while Ethiopia would fight for development!
I would not, personally speaking, blame the Egyptian army "even though some other countries may" if they used the Egyptian improved chemical weapons. They would be thrown over Ehiopians' heads via long range missiles and from the fighter jets / helicopters. It's a fight for life, for water to feed 90 million citizens. No I'm sorry we won't let them die so your excellence can enjoy a suspicious development project. This would result in the loss of my life.
Solution: I try every possible way to solve it amicably, otherwise I fight for my own life, and in the aftermath it's guaranteed that I will have losses, but in return the Ethiopian army / gangs would be exterminated, ruined, and the dam threat is over.

Burke, VA

#3463 Jun 10, 2013
damtew wrote:
<quoted text>
as far as egypt,i don't want to say either ethiopia or egypt wins or even something about egypt b/se the thread is creat by you floosh eritreans not egyptation. as far as your country/ eritrea give its land or port for any attack by enemy what ever it is egypt or any other country, our first aim is to wipe you out of the world map. to wipe out any body ethiopia or eritrea who has sympathy to wards eritrea then freely we can defend our motherland and breakdown the enemy force in a way that it can never think to invade ethiopia again for the next 150 yrs.
this is the definition of ethiopia and ethiopians.
I dont get why ethiopian's 'think' they can detect an eritrian via the internet especially on a forum. What if its another ethiopian? wtf is this non-sense? don't spew hatred by assuming somthing that can be the other.

Burke, VA

#3464 Jun 10, 2013
solomonic wrote:
...ethiopia would win because the ethiopian army has more practice...they fought wars in eritrea, somalia etc...while the egyptians have a good equipped army but fout no wars the last 40 years...
what good is an army without proper leadership, training, equipment and structure? ethiopian officers today SUCK compared to the officers in Selassies time. Ethiopian army is nothing but numbers (manpower) and that alone won't win a war

Burke, VA

#3465 Jun 10, 2013
kilt-terrorist wrote:
Ethiopia would whoop Egypt's a$$ back to the stone ages!
obviously sabonis doesn't have pride in Ethiopia becuase he is not Ethiopian, he is not Black, he is not African...
sabonis is a White guy who wants to tell Ethiopians, "They can't defeat Egypt"!
well sabo, thanks for your opinion but its not welcome go fk off Cracker!
HA! again, another ethiopian that allows 'pride' to compromise his/her ability to reason! I am ethiopian but I am not stupid enough to let national pride infect the way I think. Ethiopia WILL GET ITS BUTT HANDED TOO BY EGYPT IN THE EVENT AN ALL OUT WAR STARTED. The Egyptian military is the strongest of Africa and the most well developed as far as leadership goes. Now if you want to go ahead and say that Ethiopia will defeat Egypt because of Ethiopia's history in defeating colonization I want you to understand that although Ethiopia fought her heart out (which she should be admired for) Ethiopia still needed some modernized weaponry; mind you Great Britain played a role. Cuba played a role in Ogaden War as well! Ethiopia cannot take on Egypt by herself lol simply put it will seem like an 'unfair' war

Burke, VA

#3466 Jun 10, 2013
kilt-terrorist wrote:
ETHIOPIA will WIN against Egypt!
if you don't agree sabonis, its because you don't want Ethiopia to defeat Egypt!
Save me the trouble of all your statistics in the end statistics don't win, Ethiopia wins!
Get your sorry ass outta this forum buddy. There is no possible way. If you really think Ethiopia would win try save ethiopia by stopping the beef between the two nations so somthing could be done for ethiopias military. The country is also landlocked

Burke, VA

#3467 Jun 10, 2013
sabonis15 wrote:
<quoted text>
That's why the venue matters. If there is a traditional front line battle between two armies, i thinkyou get domination. If you get an occupation of ethiopia, fourth generation warefare dictates that the army of ethiopia melts into the mountains, and harasses egypt out of the country.
I think if there actually was a battle between the 2 countries, it would be limited, and I think it would by egypt attacking over the water issue raised above(extra dams). I don't think you get a war in the realm of plausable scenerio's.
ha! homefield advantage?lol thats a little over-rated I think when it comes to warfare. The military with better intel would win that

Burke, VA

#3468 Jun 10, 2013
kill_terrorist wrote:
<quoted text>Was the Bible written in that year too ? I know the province eritrea used to be called Bahr Negash. But I read many times the name Ethiopia in the Bible .
I was never known as "ethiopia" though

Burke, VA

#3469 Jun 10, 2013
Amhara wrote:
Ethiopia wins ofcourse. Egypt belongs to ethiopians. We might start the war ourselvs. All those Nubians are Ethiopians and Arabs came and took their land.
Don't use your limited knowledge backed by pride to make a conclusion. Ethiopia will suffer a HUGE loss

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