Why do Ethiopians eat Raw Meat

Why do Ethiopians eat Raw Meat

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Gezagew Temyalow

London, UK

#1 Jan 30, 2013
I always wanted to find out, pls some body should explain


#2 Feb 1, 2013
Gezagew Temyalow wrote:
I always wanted to find out, pls some body should explain
Maybe they like the test of blood specially Eritrean blood and meat

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#3 Feb 1, 2013
Gezagew Temyalow wrote:
I always wanted to find out, pls some body should explain
Bad habit.

Arlington, VA

#4 Feb 1, 2013
They haven't discovered fire yet

Arlington, VA

#5 Feb 1, 2013
Like wild animal, just tackle their prey and eat right there, blood dripping from their fangs, like hyena


#6 Feb 1, 2013
We have lion DNA.


#7 Feb 1, 2013
Melvin wrote:
<quoted text>
Maybe they like the test of blood specially Eritrean blood and meat
they have no raw meat.they are tin and skiny.they have only pisses of raw meat on there ass,specialy the women.

Since: Dec 12

Location hidden

#8 Feb 1, 2013
My crocodile eats raw-meat.

Chesapeake, OH

#9 Feb 1, 2013
Nothing wring eating raw meat.. People eat raw fish every were calling it sushi.. Quistion should be why eriterians eat anbeta?? Or why eriterians eat flies??

Asosa, Ethiopia

#10 Feb 1, 2013
eritreans eat RAW LOCUST..they like raw locust as doro wet. hungry donkey

Axum, Ethiopia

#11 Feb 2, 2013
b/c we are a lion
please my country guys do not insult Eritreans they are our brothers. please please.
Haile Salase I


#12 Feb 3, 2013
I heard that they did not wanted to light a fire, because they were scared of enemy to find out their presence.
Resolved Question: Ethiopia: RAW MEAT!! HOW?
i was watching an episode on travel channel and the went to Ethiopia and ate some of there famous food...most of the food looked good but how do they eat RAW meat with out getting sick (beef, goat & Camel)(of course not Pork)
i understand that Meat is expensive in other nations out side of USA and that i can be a rare treat (no pun intended) and that they rarely eat it but wouldn't that just make it easy er to get sick ???
the story behind it goes: during time of war soldiers didn't want to give away there position by starting up a fire so they ate there meat RAW
Asked by SeanBetter 4 years ago Report Abuse
Additional Details
its a poor country so i imagine they cant afford meat to eat to the point that there bodys are amune
Added 4 years ago
Best Answer
you can only get sick from raw meat if it is contaminated with something and raw meat isn't automatically contaminated. here in this country lots of raw meats are eaten, sushi for one, something called steak tar'tar(spelling?) or an appetizer called tiger meat which is a highly seasoned raw ground beef eaten with crackers. Keep in mind that the e.coli bacteria, which most people get sick from, is only in the intestines of the animal and only gets on the meat from poor butchering techniques where the guts are clumsily cut into. Commercial butchering plants are not careful and use washing to remove any feces that got on the meat. Home butchering is rarely done that sloppily.
Answer by ckngbbbls 4 years ago Report Abuse
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you had the best answer still very odd considering it is a poor nation..i understand what you mean by technique but the place was filthy and covered with flys
Other Answers (5)
perhaps its first marinated in an acid sauce,lots of dishes are "cooked" this way,the acid just draws out the water content and its a very healthy alternative to "hot" cooking
Answer by THOMAS H 4 years ago Report Abuse
People from other countries are raised eating raw foods or non refrigerated items like eggs. Their bodies naturally build an immunity to the bacteria and illnesses associated with raw products and therefor dont get sick. Dont think however you can just start doing that to or go there and do the same, it takes years and it helps to begin when you are a baby just starting to develop
Answer by misslady233 4 years ago Report Abuse
There is a dish from Ethiopia called "Kifta" a steak tartar type dish and can be made with any of the above mentioned meat, it is a mix of meat, spices, onions and the spice butter they use for other dishes and is serve with "Injera" a flat bread made with Teff flour and a selection of Ethiopian pickled veg, as a main course or appetizer
Answer by The Unknown Chef 4 years ago Report Abuse
if they take their time in cleaning the animal.
like in america taking out the organs is done in a factory, where workers must work fast
this leads to ecoli. ecoli occurs when feces from the intestine ends up in the ground meat. most likely because a worker ripped them out, and feces squirted on the dead cow.
if ethiopians take their time in cleaning out the animal, they do reduce the potential for catching things like ecoli
Answer by u<3me 4 years ago Report Abuse
when we were in Japan, we were told that some people there ate raw chicken (chicken sashimi) which we would never dream of doing here. We were told that chickens raised for sashimi are raised differently (different food, different housing, etc) so a lot of it may depend on how each country raises their food.
Haile Salase I


#13 Feb 3, 2013
In Ethiopia, it is considered a delicacy to eat fresh raw beef, goat or camel meat. They kill the animal, and eat the meat right away dipped in a spicy sauce. This began centuries ago when bushmen couldn’t start fires to cook the meat to keep from being seen by enemies.

Eritreans dont eat raww


#15 Feb 3, 2013
I prefer tirre Kitfo than tirre siga. Well, any how it just make me home sick.
Abba giragn motte ye libe wodaji,
Yemiyabelagne choma yemiyatetagne teji;
"Taken from the first Ethiopian technicolor movie GUMMA"
01/17/13 @ 21:15
Comment from: Bereket [Visitor]
Finalize the two topics that affects our fates:
-Ethiopia: A Time to Heal, A Time to Reconcile
-Ethiopia sentences 10 for "Al-Qaeda links"
01/17/13 @ 21:22
Comment from: George [Visitor]
We don't want to be unique or any different from the rest of the world. All the world cooks its raw meat before consuming it. One might argue there are pros and cons of eating raw and cooked meat, but the fact is the rest of the world is consuming all raw meats cooked after the discovery of the fire. The world might see us people living in the long past.
I suggest we should educate/inform our people the health and cultural implication of eating the raw beef. It will take a long time but people will eventually stop eating raw beef. The Japanese, a highly sophisticated community on the other hand consume raw fish on daily basis, but one may argue eating raw fish may have less risk of contracting a disease than eating raw beef. Japanese claim eating raw fish is particularly good for the development of the brain, and we are not sure if consumption of raw beef have a similar advantage.
By the way for those who are not Ethiopians only raw beef is consumed in the country and other meet sources including fish are consumed only cooked. Also only selected special parts of the cow's meet are consumed raw while most parts are cooked and consumed.
01/17/13 @ 21:41
Eritreans dont eat raww


#16 Feb 3, 2013
CoComment from: Observer [Visitor]
Agasses Women is a health expert now?
01/18/13 @ 17:48
Comment from: kirar [Visitor]
..And they wonder why most Ethiopians walk around with all types of worms swarming inside their belly.
We have enough health problems, such as lack of clean water, lack of refregetor,poor hygiene,insect infestations ( flies come to mind), etc, etc. So the last thing we need is ingesting another animal and become a host to all of it's exotic parasites.
01/18/13 @ 18:13
Comment from: tsuyoi [Visitor]
i did eat raw fish in japan, raw tartar in germany (this kind has been from porc) and raw beef in ethiopia.
i did like most of them, maybe most the raw beef on our wedding, cut originally from a huge peace of fresh slaughted beef.
however, all of them, japanese, german, ethiopian are cited in medical books to have a risk of worm and other germ infection within.
01/18/13 @ 18:45
Comment from: Ayalew Mognu, Sew Amagnu [Visitor]
Ethiopia ena sétochewa läy yemaybereta yelem (allu)!
Gojéwoch, Gonderéwoch ena Guragéwoch mels aysetum? Kurt ena Kitfo läy eyewerdubet new?
Anyway, there is nothing wrong with eating raw beef as long as it is handled hygienically. However, if contaminated, there is the downside of tapeworm, typhoid, etc. Did anybody say a word about the French eating Crème Tartare (Tiré Kitfo topped with raw egg)? I don’t think so! When it is done by the French it is referred to as “French culinary delight,”“fine French cuisine,” bla bla bla bla…
Well, for your info, some cooked beef from high tech facilities in North America has killed hundreds and has shut down some plants. Just recently, the FDA traced US Salmonella infections to beef from a Canadian beef processing plant and the US stopped imports (I guess Canada shut the plant down).
Although I’m not in the Tiré Siga and Tiré Kitfo sefer, I have never heard of Ethiopian deaths related to eating raw beef while even the cooked beef in North America has killed people. I hope that will serve you as a post script.
So long!
01/18/13 @ 20:46
Comment from: Zurga [Visitor]
Not only Rusians and Germans but all Europeans munch raw pork.
Italians and French munch horse meat.The French even eat raw frogs and snails.
Italians can not live without Salami. Salami is made from horse and donkey meat. I know very well that German animal protectionists are always protesting against the slaughter of horses in Italy.
Ethiopian Christians and Muslims do not eat Pork. That is real good.
We are very proud and very healthy people on earth. So leave us alone.
Some so called Ethiopians are apes.
They imitate, echo and worship Wazungu, Europeans.
The real Ethiopians are Africans,
and thus do not at all mind what Yankees and Europeans do and say.
Ethiopians have also discovewred the medicine against intestinal parasitic worms.
Koso is the plant to kill the tapeworm.
About it you can read in pharmaceutical books.
I will enjoy my raw kitfo, Birindo,
Dulet, etc.
Let the Muzungu and stupid Ethiopians go hell.
the great
Jolee Sebeta
Son of Amon Raa
Eritreans dont eat raww


#17 Feb 3, 2013
Comment from: zmichael [Visitor]
Agazzi woman anchi donkor , during the famine your tegre dying a child berhan woldu sucking on mother skeleton breast people dying next to them donkey standing why didnt they eat the donky and survive? your solution is ak47 nothing else your beles brain capable
01/18/13 @ 21:18
Comment from: Balcha [Visitor]
I think bigmac jankyfood far mor dengerous than rowmit. look at americans.
01/19/13 @ 07:02
Comment from: Markos Lemma [Visitor]
Dear Ethiopians of all walks of life. Please don't feel ashamed and or feel guilt for eating raw meat. Europeans and Americans eat raw Salmon fish and of course since it is a tradition of a powerful industrial country Japan, Europeans and Americans pay a very expensive price for a very small amount of Sushi which is also a Raw fish. Furthermore, particularly in Northern Europe but also in Germany, UK and other European countries a salted dried Raw Rendier meat is very popular. So what is the big deal about Ethiopians eating Raw meat? The only thing is that the government have to make an anti-worm disease fluids (Very cheap to produce locally by the way) for cattle owners so that they will treat their cattles periodically as do Europeans and Americans. I still eat Raw meat with Mitmitta and boy it not only great but I will get my B- Vitamins in abandunce when I eat once or twice a week. So Just continue Enjoying eating Raw meat. One day when Ethiopia will be Agriculturally and Industrially developed trust me they would love to pay expensive price for a small amount of Raw meat imported straight from Ethiopia.
01/19/13 @ 08:35
Comment from: PASTOR KWAME BOASIKO [Visitor]
Drinking Cow Urine and Eating Cow Dung?
Cow Urine Sales Skyrocket in India!
South Nadus


#19 Feb 3, 2013
Comment from: Sew lesew [Visitor]
We don't have to apologize for being what we are! We are Ethiopians and raw meat and Ethiopianess goes hand in hand as it is a culture we inherited from our worrier fathers who had to eat raw meat while fighting to defend Ethiopia from colonization...At least we don't pride ourselves on colony inherited knife and fork skill like our colonized neighbor north of Mereb most of whom are here on this site under pretense Ethiopian names..The truth is, they can not afford the pasta for their knife and fork skill let alone a lean raw steak such as what we saw on this video.......lemagn sidetegna hulaa..
01/18/13 @ 03:37
Comment from: Mesfin B
Comment from: Barbarella [Visitor]
There is nothing more savage than eating raw meat. Don't try to rationalise it by saying this country eats this or that. It is very unhealthy and you know it. The government should teach its people to cook their meat. Ethiopian restaurants in foreign countries shouldn't be part of such savagery by serving meat to the disgust of other guests. Don't hide behind culture and perpetuate such barbaric traits. In some cultures canibalism was their way of life but we don't hear them insisting to keep their culture of eating human flesh. Shame to all Ethiopians who still teach their children eat uncooked meat knowing its health hazards.
01/18/13 @ 07:56
South Nadus


#20 Feb 3, 2013
Have you seen a lion ever cook his meat. Never, and it is always healthy. We Ethiopians are a natural born lions!
Do you've any problem

nothing wrong with raw meat as long as no disease on it, whiteman eats pink meat when you cut into the meat cooked by whiteman you see blood running out of it, infact if the inside is not pink enough they complain overcooked. when cooking invented the whole idea was to make it simple to chew, not to kill germs anything like that, but as time went realized good to kill bugs and nutrients with it. soomalis eat camel dried meat just like our quantta, nomadic life easy to carry dried meat in hot desert, and yet they say habasha raw meat eater coming to get you bla bla, life is survival, whether in siberia frozen land or sahara desert people always find ways of survival.
I’ll just be brief. I have successfully resisted posting comments on this or any other Ethiopian blog for a while, especially if the topic is of any political nature.
We Ethiopians are not the only ones who eat row beef. In fact, have you ever heard of ‘steak tartare?’ It is a delicacy in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe. It is row, ground beef, GET THIS! eaten with row egg. Google it and you’ll get more information. Or if you have a friend who lives or has lived in Europe especially Eastern Europe ask them they will tell you about it, some actually love it. They probably might have it here in the US in some high end restaurants, go and try it.
South Nadus


#21 Feb 3, 2013
What you said about the East Asian delicacy, Sushi, being more healthy, is probably not right, actually the parasitic and other infectious diseases that you might get from consuming raw fish is probably deadlier than the diseases you would get eating raw beef.
The fact of the matter is that if you are poor or considered a low-lifer everything you do, your way of life your culture, your diet, is considered inferior and subhuman. They get disgusted when they hear we Ethiopians eat raw meat but their mouth waters when they hear about Sushi, steak tartare

"I suggest we should educate/inform"
Can you be specific about what is that you want to educate/inform the people.
I think it is you need to be educated. I read your comment in depth and reflect it seriously to capture your mind set, YOU ARE A KIND OF PERSON

Comment from: john john [Visitor]
This is true we love to eat raw meat it's in our DNA we doing this for millions years. Kurte Siga is my favor with spicy hot pepper "Mitemita" or AWAZE is mmmmm delicious.
01/17/13 @ 23:36
Comment from: Tewodros [Visitor]
You are what you eat.
South Nadus


#22 Feb 3, 2013
U are an idiot! Don't u eat a raw-PUSSeeeeee? Don't tell us what to do. if we hungry we will eat DEKAMA-FERNJI like u without AWAZE. I was worrying the daily price increase of meat by greedy GURAGES and LEBA-WEYANES until this fake-fernji bla!bla!bla!bla me my 5000 years custom. ANTEN ASRO BEBEREW KOLET NEBER MEGREF!

Comment from: Shiromeda [Visitor]
Every civilization product or all civilized people life style is not necessarily good or beneficiary. I do not eat raw meat but the culture of eating raw meat is good from most angle of the nutritional advantage. Eating raw fish more dangerous than beef but still the protein in raw fish is in natural form (not denatured) and it is the healthiest way of consuming the fish protein. Since Majority of the west world considered the Asian life style as a healthy life style, therefore, the expensive sushi (raw fish) widely consumed in west. Some European like France has a similar culture of uncooked like raw meat but not like us, still the raw beef meat is the healthier protein which we get in natural form than the cooked one except some side effect from the hygienic effect when the livestock’s farm managed. The new paradigm of healthy nutrition is consuming food without fire and the fire advantage is only for hygienic or enhances the taste flavor. We have to be proud for having this kind of unique food tradition and if we were Japan or Chinese , raw meat dishes will be everywhere in the west restaurants but from their bias, the west does not want to open their eyes to look the good things from Africa.

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